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on 1 September 2013
This is a brilliant book. I really like Stuart Wilde and his no-nonsense approach! I wanted a book that looked at the ascension, without all the fluffiness of some of the books written around the subject. This book definitely ticks loads of boxes and covers some of the nitty gritty of the ascension subject. I can understand why the book has low scorings, as one review says, it's NOT for the faint-hearted!! I totally agree that you can't ascend unless you have faced your dark stuff, and by learning about your dark stuff you can utilise it when you need it. I also agree with Stuart Wilde that there are only 94% of the population who don't operate with ghouls within them! After reading the book, I do see them everywhere! But I believe that forewarned is forearmed and by being aware you're then equipped to do something about it! I also believe that if your vibration is high enough that even if you do attract ghouls and dark stuff (within reason) that they dissolve as soon as they are near you or become aware of you! Hence, the title of the book having the word 'Grace' within it! I have a crystal grid around my house that holds the house & gardens vibration high, so ANYTHING that comes into my space gets zapped and transmuted. I had this in place before I read the book and already felt it's effect, but now can feel it's effect even more. It means I can have the tv on and any ghouls that may be coming thru it are transmuted on there way in!!

The reason I've put 4 stars rather than 5 is because I don't agree with Stuart that the ascension is about going into another dimension. I've not actually tried ayahuasca, but in my early years of finding spirituality I've used lots of other hallucinogenics to open doorways to access the other realms. I personally feel that everyone should try them in a safe place and open yourselves up to see the other realms, so that an experience of more than the physical realm can be achieved. I've lots of friends who have tried ayahuasca and I personally feel that they have all become to cosmic for their own good! Fair play to Stuart Wilde for taking soooo much of the stuff and still being fairly grounded and being able to inform us of what he's found and seen. In recent years I've found that I prefer to be more grounded and after years of smoking (not just tobacco), working in the party/festival scene and taking mind enhancing drugs, I like to keep my feet on the floor. I personally feel that the ascension is about bringing Heaven to Earth, which means raising your vibration enough whilst remaining grounded and operating with total grace and compassion while on the Earth. I do not agree that we are supposed to go off planet and leave the Earth.

In recent years I've truly been living a heavenly existence after many years of HARD work clearing the dross of lifetimes of negative programming, Stuart was right, 'Life was Never meant to be a struggle'! This book has been sooooo useful to me to realise what was inside/around me personally (as well as around others) and slowing down the process of co-creating my reality into a positive heavenly life, that is smooth and free of blips that these negative beings cause. I believe that the people who have put negative reviews don't actually understand what this book is actually saying and are full of fears and still have ghouls within and around them that have control of their lives and psyches! I truly believe that we are meant to be spiritual warriors NOT spiritual wimps!! And if you choose to work with the light and avoid even knowing what the darkness is, then your a bit of a naive, simpleton in the other realms! I don't think that being aware of these beings is dwelling on them, I think Stuart was trying to say, that by being in fear you will draw them to you. Yes, ignorance is bliss but it also means that your psyche is oblivious to the puppet masters that can control your lives. It is a fine line between fear/drawing the ghouls into your life and being aware and sending love to transmute them. Get your love guns out with the firmness of a matron nurse and free yourself of this darkness that is running your lives and psyches!!!

So all in all fair play Stuie Wilde for daring to go where no other men (or very few!) dare to travel!! Keep up the good work!!
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on 27 June 2011
This is one book of Stuart Wilde's I just cannot recommend, i found it so difficult to understand why anyone would want to meet all these entities,surely they are all in your own mind. Thought Winds of Change brilliant ,has Stuart moved on from those books to this, sorry don't want to know.Where is he these days.???
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on 9 May 2009
"Grace, Gaia and the End of Days" is awe-inspiring... It should be required reading but that would somewhat go against the author's beliefs!

If you take on board everything here, then it's an instruction manual to see you safely and warmly through the future - calm, safe, warm & loving in a world otherwise going mad.

There are some incredibly tough truths to take on board, and if you can get through chapter 2 understanding that what follows can take you out of the global karma, and understand that here is a road map that if followed diligently, with grit & determination, if the concepts are applied - then what's written here will begin to set you free.

If you like a philosophy where you don't have to work, where you are sold platitudes and warm fuzzy feelings, this is not for you. If you are committed to becoming warmer, addressing your darkness and are prepared to accept what's here, then this book can help you begin to have some real worth, and can ultimately help you make it. And you get the impression that the alternative (not making it) is really not an option.

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on 20 April 2009
This book can only be described as visionary. Not for the faint hearted, it is challenging on every level. The author has clearly and courageously scripted very personal insights which will leave many genuine readers somewhat shell-shocked. The book reveals a deep and genuine care for the fate of humanity but holds up a mirror to the truth of it. Frank and concisely written, it reveals an explanatory framework for the spiritual journey which beckons realisation through direct personal experience. The remit of the book is huge and as such incomplete, but it attempts to illuminate both the light and the dark of the human spiritual experience, the matrix of control, the fate of religion, the second coming and the end of days. Ultimately it is an exposé of the author's truth as revealed by dialogue with other visionaries and spiritual beings. As such, many readers will find a great deal of value, but the book in its entirety will push the buttons and boundaries of 'self' comfort; for some it will open new doorways for growth and the realisation of new personal revelations.
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on 24 June 2010
It is about 6 months since I read this book and I've only just recovered ! I find it hard to believe that it's the same book referred to by the 5 star review readers. As a believer in a positive approach to life, I found this book most disturbing and it knocked all the joy out of me for a while. Senstitve people, if they can believe this material, may never get another night's sleep again for fear of the myriad of evil entities waiting to prey on us all... I'm sure, the author's intentions were not dishonourable but creating negative emotions is, in my opinion, the last thing the world needs right now - hence this review. I would not recommend this book to anyone who has a shred of hope in their lives and I truly regret having read it. However, if you love horror, then it's great! I hope this helps.
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on 7 April 2009
A wonderful book full of very practical information on how to live an authentic life ,essentially a normal life,but one of less dogma more liberated and free!highly recommended.
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on 31 March 2010
I admire Stuart for writing so candidly about his experiences and the truth as he sees it... but I'm afraid I don't really buy into much of what he states. Living a life of Grace makes a lot of sense, but I'm afraid I do not buy into his truth that we're surrounded by demons and entities that just pull us down and cause us ultimately to end up like them. Quite disappointing really given his other material which I've quite enjoyed. I wouldn't recommend reading this to be honest, but that's just my view.
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on 22 September 2009
Following the recent death of my young son (age 25), I have again found that Stuart Wilde's wit and humour in reading Grace, Gaia and the End of Days, really pulls me out of a downward spiral of grief, into a more uplifting, understanding of how life doesn't end with the death of a mortal body. We are much more than that. This book was hard work at first and I found many of his ideas and beliefs difficult to comprehend. But SW's chirpy text and good analgies by way of explanation, he has again come up with plenty of "food for thought" about what is happening in this world. As an artist, I have learned the ability to "see" with more than my eyes, from reading his books. What spooked me most though, was that many of the thoughts, visions and observations he writes about are one and the same as my disabled and autistic son's during his short life-time. On the day of his death, I was compelled to write a poem entitled "message from David", in which some of the lines read: "In 2012 the earth will end and Yellowstone will blow/F5 winds and crazy things will mean you'll have to go.//I'm on the bus to pave the way for global warming fate/I've not gone away too early, it's you lot - you're late!"
A good read if you can persevere at the beginning but a little knowledge of meaning of Gaia would be helpful before you start.

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on 5 June 2010
I have read nearly every book Stuart has written, I am always left waiting for the gentler side of looking at things. I found this just the same, nothing new just more scare predictions, very interesting though, hope he's not making himself ill!

As is known, what one dwells on, one creates
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on 14 June 2016
Stuart Wilde can do no wrong every book is a masterpiece this is no exception fascinating book
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