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on 5 April 2017
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on 3 September 2013
Messages from the Fairies, my fourth set of cards by Doreen virtue. I am absolutely loving them and they are rapidly becoming my favourite set.
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on 2 May 2013
Good starter pack.
These Fairies card pack would make a wonderful first pack to get you started. As I have my own packs of Angel cards and my daughter wanted one for herself so I got these. They are well designed with friendly loving pictures that adults or children will find easy on the eye. The messages are easy to read and follow with basic wording for anyone to understand. I only do one reading a month and she has had 3 different cards giving her the same basic meaning, so to me that means that they work!

For anyone who wants Angel cards but are unsure then these are very gentle and great for younger ages. If you are new to these sort or cards then I would say just pick one card, sit and look at the picture before reading its meaning and then compare your feelings to the meaning. The guidebook is only a suggestion, so just sit and feel and take note of what comes into your mind. I hope this may of help someone!
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on 10 May 2013
I brought this deck as a gift for a friend who has never owned or used an oracle/tarot deck before. I now have several decks of my own and this friend has had readings from me over the years.
With that in mind, I opted for this deck for it's cheerful and light-hearted art work - I find that the more serious decks can be intimidating for new readers. I own another Doreen Virtue deck - healing with the fairies - which was a gift to me and I have always loved that deck and had very good readings with it.
Therefore I knew from experience that Virtues decks are very easy to use. I was hoping that these would be even more easy to use as they have actual phrases written on the cards and can be used without the accompanying book. This is true - it is very easy to grasp the meaning of the cards.
However, I find that the specific meaning of the cards really limits some of the interpretations! I chose an oracle deck over a tarot deck because on whole, the meanings are far less metaphorical. But some of the cards in this deck I find to be far too much of the opposite and completely literal. Such as the 'Daughter' card which suggests that your daughter is the answer. But what if you have no daughter?! Or any children at all? There is a 'Son' card also in the deck, but honestly - I felt that these were far too narrow a description to assign a whole card to. 'Parent-child relations' would have been a better idea in my opinion.
But nevertheless, a lot of work with oracle and tarot cards IS interpreting on a broader scale than what is initially offered so it doesn't detract too much from the deck.
The artwork isn't as nice as with the healing with the faries deck either in my opinion, and the phrases on the cards (which led me to choose this deck for my friend) reduces the overall image size.
But the back of the cards are gorgeous and the edges are gilded which adds a lovely sparkle to the whole deck. It did causes the whole deck to stick together though! I had to carefully pry apart each card to separate out the deck. That was probably as it was brought new, but I like to buy new decks! So be careful when opening them, you wouldn't want to miss any cards! Check with the guidebook to make sure you have them all and none are still stuck together.
On the whole, the deck still resonates the meaningful and positive messages from Doreen Virtue that I loved with my previous deck and it is very attractive. I still think it was a good choice as a beginners deck.
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on 15 May 2008
These are my latest 'best buy' from Doreen Virtue - they are the most beautiful cards in my quite large collection, so far..
They have a lovely, rather special feel to them, and as I read Tarot and other Oracle Cards for people, this particular set have always had the most relevant and poignant messages. They have a lovely golden gilted edge to each card, and the rear of the cards are a calming mixture of purple and gold - very nice!! - The images too are all very nice, I get the feeling that they are more connected to Nature Spirits, lovely if you are a fan of the great outdoors. Overall, they are a lovely set of cards, that almost anyone, young or old could use with much pleasure.
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on 30 March 2015
These are truly beautiful, magical cards.I am a classical Tarots reader and it takes a little time to become familiar with a different way of receiving messages from a source that is not symbolic but intuitive...but it's a very special discovery and a new way of listening to your intuition. I find that these cards truly have a character of their own even though I sometimes feel the intention of Doreen through them.If you feel the call of the Fairies you will love them.
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on 22 November 2011
Beautiful and perfect cards and easy to follow book highly recommend for new users, these are my 1st choice of cards and i've given some lovely readings from them to others and myself :)
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on 17 September 2012
I have many of Doreens angel cards but have never really been a believer in fairies. My friend although she was aware of this bought me these cards for a birthday present. The morning before she gave me the cards I read a passage in a book I had at home for many months without really looking at it. The passage spoke about a lilac fairy that works for Archangel Metatron, I was amazed when I opened the present to see a lilac fairy sitting on the front cover. Over the summer I have used the cards with amazing specific messages that have been unbelievably true. Because they are so specific I have been overwhelmed by their accuracy. I would highly recommend these cards, the pictures are so pretty and moving.
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VINE VOICEon 24 January 2012
These are an absolutely exquisite deck of quality Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue. Each of the 44 cards has a different but equally beautiful picture of a fairy on it and each one is edged in gold. The box they come in is nice and sturdy and house both the cards and guide book neatly in the one place. The book itself is very easy to follow.

It is explained in simple steps how to clear and prepare your deck for readings and you can be ready to start within a few minutes. I found the cards very easy to use immediately and, like all Doreen's cards, extremely accurate. These would be quite good for beginners, and yet there is much detail in the cards to satisfy more seasoned readers. I always try to deduce what I can from the cards before referring to the book. It's amazing how much insight you can get that way, with practise.

A delightful way to connect with the Fairy Realm.

Highly recommended :)
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on 9 September 2013
this is a nice deck of oracle cards with beautiful pictures. However, I do prefer other decks to this one. I find that this one can be quite specific and for inexperienced readers it might be harder to work with. Although, it makes a great addition to add to a current deck and mix them all up.
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