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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
Ask Your Guides: How to Contact your Angels and Spirit Helpers
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on 3 April 2008
Sonia Choquette: Ask Your Guides

In this book, Sonia not only discusses the various angelic influences on our lives, but also goes into detail regarding the different roles that spirit guides can play in our lives, from "runners" who help us with practical details (yes, like finding a parking space!) to those who help us in a teaching capacity to transcend our egos and become more consciously aware.

I bought Sonia's book about a year ago after a psychic reading in which I was introduced briefly to one of my guides, and it was extremely useful in helping me meet and interact with the various spirits who form my guide team. I would certainly recommend it as an excellent overview of this subject. However, I'd also recommend that you read a variety of sources in this regard. This is mainly because interacting with spirit guides can be like interacting with people on the physical plane - we all have different ways of communicating with others, and what works for one person may not work for another. I certainly found it helpful to read about the different approaches that others have used, and to integrate these into a system that works for me. Ultimately, what matters is developing a strong and clear connection with your guides, and this can be achieved in multiple ways. Apart from Sonia's work in this regard, I've also benefited from the wisdom of Andrea Hess, Slade Roberson and Erin Pavlina. Currently, only Andrea has a book available, but I would encourage you to also visit her blog, as well as those of Slade and Erin.

When it comes to making the decision to buy a book like Sonia's and invest the time and effort into making a connection with your guides, possibly the most important questions needing answering are: Does it "work"? And is it worth it? The answers are: yes. And yes. It may feel strange at first to attempt to connect to your guides, especially since many people worry when they start whether they are really connecting or just making it all up. It is important to remember here that, because our minds bridge the physical and spiritual worlds, our guides use our thoughts and imaginations to connect with us. We have also been used to our guides presence since they've been communicating with us all along - we've just called it "a feeling", or "intuition". At the start it can then definitely feel like we are making it up because it seems so "normal" to us - there are no big booming voices from above! As you persevere, though, you will be able to tell the difference between communication from your guides and your own thoughts as they do have different energy signatures. As you learn more about guides from books like Sonia's, you'll have personal experience that convinces you that it "works". And in terms of it being worth the effort... well, the proof is in the pudding! Your life will be enriched by having access to a group of spiritual beings who love you, support you and guide you towards your highest path and purpose.
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on 19 February 2014
While this volume gives much useful information about contacting one's spirit guides, it fails to deal with the problem that I have with my own guide. For some time now, I have been in contact with Dripping Tap, the spirit of a Native American. Old Leaky, as I affectionately refer to him, is a splendid chap and I thoroughly enjoy his company when he drops through from the other side, but his advice has little relevance to daily life in Penge. Herds of bison are rarely seen in our locality, so his words of wisdom about the etiquette of the bison hunt are somewhat less than useful. Likewise his thoughts on tepee interior decoration. Very pertinent on the Great Plains I'm sure, but I can't see Mrs Daz going along with them. I have also consulted him concerning future Conservative Party policy, but his advice about the best way to educate our youth would appear to be a tad bizarre even for Mr Gove, while his views on protecting tribal identity sounded not unlike those coming from the wilder fringes of UKIP. On the plus side, however, he did come up with three winning numbers on last week's National Lottery, so our conversations have not been entirely wasted.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 April 2015
This is the first book I've read by Sonia Choquette, and it will hopefully not be the last.

It is written simply and clearly and is easy-to-read. Sonia tells us of her own guides and experiences with them and those of her clients.

Sonia was lucky to be born to a mother who talked to her guides constantly and informed her of the many guides who were assigned to watch over, help, protect, and teach her throughout her lifetime.

The first important thing to do is leave a free period of perhaps 20 minutes open every week, and perhaps later every day, where you answer to no-one but yourself. During this time you should allow yourself to pursue a beloved interest such as playing the piano, spending time in the garden, or simply daydreaming. When you do this, your spirit will guide you to more and more of what nurtures and feeds you.

There's a chapter about guardian angels - our personal bodyguards, and how we should talk out loud to them when we can and ask them to do various things for us.

We're told how to invoke the Archangels by chanting their names in a songlike manner. Sonia tells us about the seven Archangels - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Sariel, and Remiel (though actually I have heard elsewhere that there are more).

Michael, archangel number one, is the patron of protection and love. Gabriel, No, 2, calms your doubts and boosts your confidence, Raphael is in charge of healing and also inspires your creativity. Uriel has a grounded vibration, is the messenger that brings warnings, and is the patron of music. Raguel is a sort of police officer, and can help you to get your children to behave! Sariel keeps things in order, and Remiel is the angel of hope, and also greets us at death's door and escorts us to heaven. When he shows up, "the vibrations of fear, stress and drams that come with facing death give way to absolute peace and calm".

We may call for help on the Ministry of Angels, which has infinite departments, such as parking, computers, shopping, healing and so forth. We can put them on whatever assignment we undertake. Just believe and call for help.

We can call on our spirit guides when we need them. They can't serve us without our permission. Most have lived at least one life on Earth; Sonia tells us that people generally have access to up to 33 guides at any given time!

A good way of connecting to our guides is writing to them at a specific quiet time of your day. State your problem and ask for guidance.

This book contains many exciting chapters. A "negative" feature of it for me was the apparently infinite numbers of guides and angels of various sorts available, so I have difficulty in distinguishing between them.

We are introduced to the various types of nature spirits and a group of spirit guides known as "runners". I'd never heard of the latter before, but they are "handy guides for all situations", and the first ones you may want to invoke for help.

Sonia recounts various stories of how she and others are helped in miraculous ways by these runners. They find lost things, save seats in planes, and turn up parking spaces, etc. It's important to thank your runners.

There are helpers, healer guides, teacher guides, animal guides, joy guides and light beings.

We also learn about contacting our guides through oracles, such as tarot cards. We must not repeat. a question just because we didn't like the first answer. If we're spiritually immature and don't take the answers we get seriously, the cards will be "possessed by low-level energies that mock you".

Different oracles tend to attract different types of guides.

There is an important chapter about negative entities. You may pick these up in a public place, or if you have a weak aura owing to addiction of any sort. High-vibration guides are calm and loving and don't tell you what to do. Low-vibration guides are pushy, bossy and negative and harass you into doing what they want, Really, they have no power, and can be easily dismissed by firmly asking them to leave and sending them into the light.

I have been trying to contact with my guides for years with no success, but after reading this delightful book, I feel much more confident about linking to my guides and angels. Now I've met with a hermit-like guide who wears a hood and says his name is "Eremit" (a Danish word for "hermit") - I'm a bit of a hermit, myself. Also, when giving a Reiki healing, I contacted a healing guide called Michael, who advised me to flow water through the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) of the person I was healing. I had never ever done this before, and would never have thought of it, so I know I must have had contact with a guide.

Even before I had read this book, I had often had help from angels on journeys, for instance, when I'd asked them to accompany me on these. Also, I'm frequently assisted by may "household deva" It has helped me with opening difficult tins and packages, coconuts, etc; sometimes I have struggled for an hour or so, before asking for help, whereupon the matter is solved instantly.

Also, I am assisted by a computer deva or devas, sometimes with miraculous results. Once I worked for hours to change the picture on my computer screen, following various sets of complicated instructions which never worked, until exasperation set in, and I shouted for help. Then I suddenly saw a link that said "change computer screen", or the like, and pressed it, whereupon my screen changed to the desired picture, which I still have.

But, as regards this book, it is easy-to read, inspiring, and will help you, above all, trust and know that you have not only access to the angels, but all these various helping guides. I now KNOW that I have guides and can alwys get help.

I absolutely recommend that you purchase this book, You will not regret it. I will now be ordering other books by this inspiring author.
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on 10 March 2011
Sonia Choquette's "Ask Your Guides" book is very powerful and healing. This book has been very helpful to me. I say this because I use to think that you had to be perfect and the societal version of a saintly person to recieve spiritual blessings and help before discovering her book. When I discovered "Ask Your Guides" by Sonia Choquette an awareness came on within me that everyone is worthy of spiritual blessings and beneficial universal resources regardless of how they lived their life. I admit that I happen to be a heart-centered person who is a mixture of a free spirit blended with a compassionate personality. Reading Sonia Choquette's "Ask Your Guides" book is very healing because it contains information on how everyone can attract the assistance from powerful and benevolent universal helpers and resources if they ask, believe, and listen to any intuitive promptings. Sonia Choquette is also one of the authors that I respectfully give credit to that helped me open my eyes to being aware of help from my higher self. The following is some of the life-changing information contained in this book.

1) How to prepare to meet your spirit guides. (I really enjoy that she lists some answers to frequently asked questions such as the number of spirit guides someone has, in addition to who they are and where they come from.
2) Information on steps to take regarding how to write to your guides and other members of your divine support system.
3) How to know if you are dealing with negative entities, setting clear boundaries, and some powerful information on what to do in order to send them away, and be a clear channel for celestial and positive energies.
4) Sonia includes beneficial data on speaking to your guides through oracles.
5) All of the chapters in the book are very informative and soul nourishing. However, I confess that my favorite chapter of this book is titled: Your Higher Self:The Greatest Guide of All. Sonia includes enlightening details on connecting with your higher self, and she builds a persuasive case on why connecting with your higher self is one of the most important goals that a person can have.

"Ask Your Guides" by Sonia Choquette is a magnificent book that contains life changing and helpful information that is in the same spirit as "Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self" by Sanaya Roman. I really enjoy and cherish the "Ask Your Guides" book by Sonia Qhoquette because I am always able to reference and apply the illuminating information contained within through the challenging times as well as the good times in my life. "Ask Your Guides" by Sonia Choquette is very helpful to have handy if you believe and/or you experience an abundance of miracles in your life, and you desire a handbook that assists in tapping into this positive energy.
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on 9 December 2009
Absolutely brillant book. One of the best out there on Guides and Angels. Sonia has a simplistic and engaging style of writing. She really connects with her audience. I loved this, learnt alot.
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on 10 December 2015
This is one of the best books I've read in a while! (And I am always reading something!). All the information is guiding you to a better, more hopeful, more determined, more creative and more fulfiling life, and I recommend it to anyone who has the slightest interest in spirituality, or even the most enormous interest as well! ;) Definitely worth a read, I will be keeping it close so that I can have random reads of passages at any time. It pours out love and compassion, and what better feeling than that.
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on 5 October 2017
Having a great interest in all things spiritual wanted to know about Angels etc. This book is lovely it has numerous accounts of angel interventions and explains how Angels can help in you day to day life.
Very well written and a good go to book when you are feeling a little lost or just want a boost. Would recommend
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on 10 May 2016
I love this book, I've read it several times now and I always dip into it whenever needed. I also have it on audio book and listen to it often too. It's inspired me so much and it is beautifully written. You'll raise your vibration and open yourself up to a whole new world by following the guidance and exercises in this book. It has changed my life and I now work with my guides on a daily basis.
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on 12 February 2013
This is not the first book I have bought to try and contact my Spirit Guide, and this one proves to be the best of all. It is neither too complex or requiring much experience with spiritual matters, nor is it too basic or useless.
I started on my spiritual path nearly 15 years ago from being a total skeptic and, despite having moved on a lot, I still prefer practical, concrete and direct ways to get where/what I want. Sonia Choquette takes a simple, down-to-earth and realistic approach, making it perfectly accessible to anyone who is ready to receive positive guidance. And it works.
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on 9 March 2014
I have read a number of books and articles on this subject and never get too far because they are so badly written I get bored trying to decipher the vocabulary! This book was given to a friend by a mutual friend and was recommended to me.
It is very well written. It gives you simple exercises to do. The author gives clear examples of what has happened to her and others but it doesn't detract from what she is reaching you.
I would recommend it to others
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