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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 January 2013
I bought this as paperback several years ago and recently bought it for my Kindle devices so that I could carry it anywhere, should I need reminding of its contents (as I often do!)
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on 6 May 2010
I'm reviewing the CD rather than the book, and I assume the contents are the same. It says 'unabridged' on it, anyhow.

I agree with the three previous reviewers in saying that this is a little cracker of a book/CD. It's not my first encounter with the key ideas of Advaita, and I'm not sure how it would have struck me if it had been. I think I would have been more wowed than baffled.

It does challenge, and that's one of its strengths. Another is that it goes with one good central metaphor (I'll not say which, though the title gives a fair clue) and that metaphor works for everything he is saying, without seeming to break down or mislead. And in case you're wondering whether the exercise is merely cerebral, I felt more gripped emotionally by the end of it than I am by Hollywood's best.
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on 23 August 2016
[Review of the book]

This book has inspired me to want to know more about lucid living. Tim Freke introduces what I would call 'the core beliefs' of such a perspective. His approach is welcoming, inviting and encouraging. I love his writing style, and I was touched by his words.

But I feel this he doesn't explain lucid living in as much detail as I'd have liked: for example, I was confused for a while about what he meant by the state of dreaming. I'm a day dreamer, always have been, but the way he described it was different, and difficult to make sense of. Then there was how he doesn't really differentiate between being asleep and being in a dream like state. Small details, I know, which is why I have given this book three stars.

Also, the principles Tim puts forward were similar to a Buddhist's way of thinking, really I couldn't tell the difference. Then there was how we weren't told of the bigger picture in living lucidly, or the advantages, and research, behind it.

It was obvious he knew what he was talking about, I just wish he had shared more with his eager readers- considering just how interesting the topic was.

I received this book through NetGalley.
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on 24 July 2010
Tim's excellent little book (or CD, the contents are the same) really challenges everything you think is real. It is a great introduction to some of the more 'weighty' books out there, and is utterly readable.

PS: Tim is a truly lovely man.
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on 21 April 2008
This wonderful little book is perfect little gem. Mr Freke - what a name! - takes you on a magical journey to your own deeper nature, where you come face to face with an amazing, most unexpected, but truly delightful surprise. A must read for everyone interested in life and what it means and what it could become for all of us.
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on 10 February 2012
This little book is an absolute 'must read'. Although i have read hundreds of excellent books this is the first review I have written on Amazon and that shows the energy that this short book has generated. This book is an absolute gem in the world of non duality/oneness writings. It gives a really clear analogy to relate to whilst reading the different insights. This can help you get a feel for what is being said with your whole being rather than becoming too analytical and trying to understand it with your mind. Thank you for the dream character who is Tim for his skill and the love behind it.
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on 10 August 2006
Along with Peter Gandy, Timothy Freake has written extensively on Gnostic interpretations of the Christian message, and presumably this little book is the distillation of the wisdom he has re-discovered. The message expounded here turns out to be identical with the central message of Advaita Vedanta, some aspects of Buddhism - notably Dzogchen - Taoism and others. All well and good, since the 'perenial teaching' is presumed to be at the heart of all religions and 'spiritual' teachings. The messages in this book, pointers, or as he calls them 'insights' will resonate with anyone familiar with the dialogues and writings of Tony Parsons, Douglas Harding and others but for this reader at least, the message is dulled on 2 counts: 1) an overly sentimental last chapter that dilutes the strength of the direct pointing of the earlier chapters, and 2) the attempt to 'organise' the freedom to which his book is pointing with his so-called 'Alliance for Lucid Living (ALL)'. Otherwise, this is a good starter pack, but for those with a real thirst, this book is unlikely to do the job it claims.
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on 28 December 2009
If you are new to whats being conveyed here, it may not make much sense to you at all. However if you are someone who is searching for some truth of who we are, this little book sums it up in a nutshell...that said the answer is not in the words, but rather the essence they point to....as Tim says it's a bit like falling in love you never know how or when it might happen...this is all part of the mystery.
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on 24 May 2011
Wake up you're dreaming , I think this book is the Author trying to answer his own question about life while on an LSD trip , I am fairly open minded about everything and this book did take an hour to read but the only thing it has changed is that I will never get that hour back , assuming that I am actually me and not just an awareness of a perceived idea or dream operating outside of time in a dream world that makes us all one but totally unique at the same time, if indeed anyone can actually answer who exactly the "I" is in the saying of "I am". But if you are reading this you are probably actually me anyway so go have a look around the house and you probably have this book already if indeed it was actually ever written in the first place or maybe more the question is if it ever need to be. This guy obviously watches to much of the Martix , actually thats not fair on the the Matrix which was a great film , but he obviously has his own star gate or worm hole or something , if you think this review is confusing and makes no sence you should read the book , put your address up here and I will post you my copy.

Having said all that we would probably all go insane without a little madness.
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on 4 January 2007
I have been a searcher for a meaning to life outside organised religion for some time now.I have read many books and digested many seemingly differing ideas---sometimes i have suffered from indigestion!! I started with the "Power Of Now" by Echart Tolle. It has been a roller coaster ride since then as whether we have dismissed the conventional concept of God or not our earlier indoctronation by parents,society etc leaves many scars.

Timothy's "Laughing Jesus" was another high point on my journey(and i think an essential companion to this book)---particular the "Religious detox" section which performed"plastic surgery on many of the scars.The ideas of Gnostism (the word doesn't appear in"Lucid Living")are fundamental and as a pocket reference this book(Lucid Living) is something to be treasured.

It is not the whole answer to life but the start of living life with your eyes open.Read all of timohy's books but especially 'The Laughing jesus'

There are many books around now which eventually will lead you to the same conclusions and -- unlike religion-- NONE will give you a roadmap to live your life!! What they WILL do is sart you on a very real and tortuous journey which may not always be comfortable but which is real life.There is no comforting priest or teacher to turn to in times of trouble on this journey,no dogma to fall back on.It is all down to you and how awake you can remain.

For those who DO have a belief in one relgion or another read this and the "laughing Jesus" with an open mind and i think you will find your Faith and understanding DEEPENED rather than DEMOLISHED!!!
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