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on 25 April 2013
I was so looking forward to reading this and helping a friend with chronic pain and health problems. I intended to read and pass it on to her.
I won't be doing that..life is just too short to read this book...no magic healing here... like the hype would have you believe.
Better spend your money on a relaxing meditation tape...or better still get one free on the internet. You Tube for example.
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on 30 March 2013
I was looking forward to reading this book. However, this is not book about healing. This is an introduction brochure for attending pricey seminars where 'your hands will be activated'... It is a book about Eric Pearl, in many places emphasises how special and unique he is. Quite an oxymoron, since he claims that ego should not get in the way- therefore I find it interesting that the quote on the book covers states 'that Eric is an amazing man'...Not the healing process, not the reconnection- but it is important for reader to know how amazing Eric is, even before they open the book. Reconnection is explained in last few pages of the book. Oh, and when I saw those 'TM' letters- it was clear that this meant money business.
Unfortunately, I got so put off by the writers ego trip and mocking writing style in first 2/3 of the book, that I didn't connect to what was said in part of the book that talks about reconnection. I read so many books on healing, and many authors have told their journeys in subtle, inspiring ways...but Eric was too annoying for me. I questioned if writing style perhaps didn't resonate with me, if I was making judgement on his writing style. So I went to youtube, watched all interviews, videos with Eric Pearl...my gut feeling was proven correct- found him even more annoying in videos. If you are looking for a book that will teach you and guide you through healing- this is not the one.
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on 31 December 2011
Eric Pearl is acclaimed to do great work and he certainly does !
But not with this book...

Typically of that sort of book and literature you get through most of it reading about the author's life
and experiences and in helterskelter miscellaneous fashion leading you through the motions of the weirdest hocus pocus experiences...
with don't come into play in the due course of the point he's trying to make 'Heal Others, Heal Yourself'.

Eric Pearl forgets the main part of the book he offers (ie to learn to treat) and that material isn't there if he sometimes touches and goes...

If you're seeking to learn to treat and heal move along this is NOT THE BOOK you want.
At best I would suggest the book to people who don't know the first thing about strange phenomena.

As a Reiki & Quantum Touch practitioner & healer I would most certainly recommend any other book on healing.
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on 26 October 2010
Here's a tale from the Amazon.com reviews that might be helpful to know about: Having heard "Dr." Pearl interviewed several times on Coast to Coast A.M. [US radio show], I decided to attend a local L.A. appearance, one of his (free) introductory presentations.

For an hour before the good doctor's arrival onstage, a "barker" came out and in a quite convincing style championed the star attraction's gifts and the effect the man had had on his life.

Then Pearl arrived and explained his gifts and how they work. After that, he asked for a volunteer who needed healing. A somewhat grizzled man shot up from the audience. He explained that he'd had an arm disorder for many years and that raising it past a certain level (demonstrated) was essentially impossible and painful beyond belief. Pearl busied himself with hands over and around him for several minutes. At the end of the performance (might as well call a spade a spade), he asked the man to now raise his arm.

Now, wouldn't you think a person who'd felt excruciating pain for years would be tentative about this...take a little precaution...feel it out with a soupçon of fear that maybe this hadn't worked...and if it hadn't, he might experience wrenching agony? For a long moment, this grizzled character surveyed the audience...creating an atmosphere of tension, anticipation, and suspense...then up SHOT that arm like an 8-year-old boy's when asked "Who wants out of school for the rest of the day to go to the Dodger game?"

That guy played his part WELL!! The auditorium was filled with MANY audible gasps! Gasps of wonderment! Absolute proof before their eyes. You can imagine the line at the back of the auditorium afterwards to sign up for further seminars, now the expensive ones, and to buy books and tapes. Boy, did the good doctor make a killing THAT day.

And the shill? That guy kept wandering around the table of items and the doctor, as if he were a part of the organisation. As I studied him to try to pick up on more clues relevant to his honesty or lack thereof, he gave me a hard, piercing look, as if he'd recognised the enemy. He seemed to know my thought was, "I'll bet you turn up in the audience of Pearl's next introductory seminar...in Orlando."

Of course, despite my telling you these observations were objective, they must be, scientifically, actually subjective. But...that's the way I saw it. [thank you, Terrell Rodefer]
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on 26 October 2010
I am interested in all types of healing and have investigated dozens, maybe hundreds, over the last 25 years. The first part of the book emphasises how very special the author is. Almost one-third of the book repeats this. He is not just special; he is very special.

So much for the first part of the book, the personality. The second half of the book is entirely different. It contains many nuggets. He provides many guidelines and pearls (please forgive the unintended pun) that can be invaluable for anyone seriously interested in this path.

The author's advice on dealing with clients, length of time, follow-up visits, mind states of the practitioner, and beliefs associated with such work are spot on. It takes many years to learn much of this on your own. On the other hand, the book (and the presentation I attended) had a marked lack of respect for the ways of other healing practices. Much of it is well deserved as so much of "new age" beliefs are rank superstition but Pearl's casual dismissal of all other time-tested healing modalities as passe and low-rent is suspicious: apparently only his newly discovered system has any value.

Shortly after reading the book, two years ago, I attended an introductory presentation by Pearl, who is intelligent and amusing, and who demonstrated his method. Whilst it did not seem very different from other spiritual/energy healing methods, it did appear to be worth pursuing.

The Reconnection website has a section marked "take your practice and prosperity to the next level". I have no objection to prosperity and am myself not on the breadline, as so many "new age" people seem to be. What put me off Reconnection is the cost to be "connected" (or "activated" or maybe it should be "anointed"?). What none of the gushing reviewers here seem willing to tell you is the cost of a session for The Reconnection®: 333.00 Euros (and, you are assured, "The price of the Reconnection® has been set by Dr Eric Pearl, so the amount charged is the same for all practitioners worldwide.").

One "practitioner's" website states "The healings occur outside of the constraints of time and space, so more time is not better." Despite this, it goes on: "The Reconnection® consists of two sessions, generally 40-50 mins in length, and ideally on consecutive or alternate days." Anyone else notice the contradiction here?

Just one month later I met a couple (we were all at a different weekend workshop) who were into this Reconnection lark and who advised that payment is considered part of the healing! The man (an unskilled manual worker) had been "activated" first, via the seminars (not cheap - $900 in Europe/$550 in the US for "level I/II" weekend and $750 in the US/$1250 in Europe for "level III" weekend), and his girlfriend (a virtually unemployed single mother) had actually paid him the full "Reconnection" charge to "activate" her! It seems that Pearl "sells" life force energy...and basically uses a pyramid scheme to market it at his seminars.

What became clear, having then contacted several other "practitioners" of Reconnection, was that they were all unskilled (at least the ones I was able to get in touch with) and would have trouble getting any job paying more than minimum wage. (While this is not PC, it is reality.) So, how does just taking two 2-day workshops and an "activation" enable anyone to start charging 150 Euros per hour? Nice work, if you can get it.

You need not attend any class, seminar or even read any book to heal. You are a healer whether you consciously know this or not. Your hands are already activated. You need not seek out anyone to activate them. There is no right or wrong way but, if you want to learn more about energy healing, the most genuine group would seem to be the The Healing Trust (the new working name of NFSH).
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