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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 March 2015
The City of Owls picks up where Volume 1 left off, the Talons have been released onto Gotham and the Court of Owls are up to no good. It's a shame that the best fight scene is at the start of the book, Batman fights off Talons in the Bat Cave and even has to use some tech to get the upper hand. There is another fight at the conclusion of the story but it leaves something to be desired as there is no real end to the story, it just kind of stops...

But then something annoying happens. DC decided to lump two tie-ins with this story. So as soon as you've finished reading the actual story you wanted to read, which ends as a tease, you then get a story about Harper (she helped Batman in Volume 1) and one about Mr. Freeze. One goes on too long and the other is too short so the book ends on a bit of a dud.

So decent ending to the Owls story-line which leaves things open but then hangs about too long with two tie-ins which are worth a read once but you'll probably forget them within a day...
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on 2 March 2016
A lacklustre end to story that started so strongly. Snyder refined tales he's written for Batman before (Black Mirror and Gates of Gotham), remixing them into this Court of Owls story. It's all going well till the ending, which eschews the antiquity aesthetic in favour of "yet another big bad guy in a super suit". Shame.
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on 22 August 2014
This story line is fantastic, Loved Vol 1. (Court of owls), so far my favourite batman story to date. The follow up doesn't disappoint. Won't say much else other than that. If you liked Court of owls, you'll love this too. Capullo is a terrific storyteller and is after Morrison's crown as far as I can tell! He may just get it if he keeps up books like this.
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on 26 March 2013
This comic collects Batman 8-12 and Batman Annual 1, all of which except 10,11 and 12 appeared in the Night of Owls crossover collection. I didn't know this beforehand so I basically paid full price just to read three issues. Of course for collectors it's probably worth buying too.

So That was just a caution, now onto reviewing the book. The finale to the epic Night Of Owls story is surprisingly a bit flat. The artwork courtesy of Greg Capullo still delivers, however I was let down by this conclusion to a brilliant story arc. The reveal of the big bad is quite interesting and adds some more troubling depth to the Wayne family (as if they needed more) and will shock you. But the villain is far too talky and throughout the climactic battle, he talks way too much and it dulls the action. Afterwards, the ending feels like a bit of a cop out, a Bit too typical and like Snyder was trying too hard to tie everything up, but it was by no means a bad story and I am very excited for what's to come of Batman under his and Capullo's direction.

The Harper Row story was quite a nice read, elaborating further on the character who was introduced early on the story arc. She is set to play a big role in the future, but what the role is exactly is uncertain. She is written well with character depth, something Snyder excels at and one of the reasons his work is a joy to read.
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on 20 October 2015
My partner really enjoys these comics, the way they go into so much detail and keep you so focused is amazing! You really get into the story and become a part of it, they tell a story the villains like never before. They are really worth the read and a must have for any batman or batman villain fan like me.
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This story runs through issues #8-12, and into Annual #1 of the New 52 Batman comic, all collected as Batman Volume 2: The City of Owls HC (The New 52). It is continued from the previous volume Batman Volume 1: The Court of Owls TP (The New 52), which collected issues #1-7. It is a direct continuation of the first volume, as the Court of Owls unleashes their army of zombie ninjas on Gotham, hitting Wayne Manor and the Batcave with one force, while another goes off to assassinate the City's top officials. Luckily, the Bat-family are available to handle the assassins, while Batman and Alfred hold the fort at home. Did you ever wonder what the big dinosaur trophy was for?

Now, this crusade against the Owls is interrupted by Mr Freeze's escape from Arkham - I'm not sure exactly why (the interruption that is, not Mr Freeze's reason for escaping) - but soon Batman is on the trail of the Court of Owls, only to find someone has beaten him to the kill, and that someone turns out to be both the person we all assumed would be the baddie as soon as we set eyes on him (well, I did), and who turns out to be Bruce Wayne's long lost secret [spoiler] - and its not his dog either, that's over in Batman and Robin volume 1... Anyway there is a big climactic showdown that reveals deep, dark secrets before it all ends in big explosions.

As a follow-up, we also get a look at Alfred's father, Jarvis's career with the Waynes, and his part in the secret history.

This story didn't really work for me, probably because the first volume didn't work, and seemed to be rehashing old ideas and stories. However, that might just have been me having a bad day.
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on 14 September 2015
Loved volume 1! Volume 2 is just brilliant as well. Such an engaging read with fantastic writing (some of the best out there) and truly gorgeous artwork. Perfect way to escape and drive into the world of Gotham, The Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne. Just a fantastic series. Grab a copy now. You won't regret it.
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on 26 March 2013
I think the one star review that has been posted is very harsh and slightly unfair. I realize that if you have the city of owls collection then you're not getting much for your money, but if you understand what you're buying (look first) then this cannot be faulted. This second volume rounds off the story from volume one nicely, although I do think it is slightly less gripping. The story arch explaining the resurrection of the talons felt slightly rushed and I would have liked to have seen that expanded slightly. The only reason I haven't given this 5 stars is the previous volume had more 'extra features', such as draft art work, This contains the annual and variant covers, and maybe it's just me being greedy, but I would have liked slightly more in the way of extras.


Great book, good story, Batman fans should purchase!
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on 20 February 2014
It opens with the conclusion to the court of owls and first half is a fantastic and seriously awesome read but then it cuts off into some side story about Alfred's dad which sucked and has a side story about a punk girl which was kinda cool, I enjoyed it and glad I bought it but I wish that they would of kept it to focused on Bruce/ Batman.
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on 10 April 2015
A great sequel and ending to the hit Batman story: The Court of Owls by Scott Snyder. Like the first volume this novel has great artwork and a great storyline. I personally think it was a great conclusion to the Court of Owls story as this sequel ties up all loose ends as Batman uncovers the conspiracies surrounding him with the Court of Owls. Story wraps up with a great unexpected twist. However if you are a true detective you will see it coming. At the end of the volume there was also a brief origin story of Mr Freeze as well as an encounter of him and Batman which was ok, we see how Mr Freeze was also involved with the Court of Owls which I thought was cool. So all-in-all this is another great Batman graphic novel that every fan should have, especially if you own or have previously read the first volume: Court of Owls
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