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on 16 April 2017
Having been loving the recent rebirth superman titles and discovering that this superman was also part of the original pre-flashpoint superman (See Superman Rebirth: Reborn) I thought I would go back and read these stories. I'm glad I have, its pretty good. Not as good as rebirth but still worth a read.
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on 13 April 2017
Very good
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on 12 August 2013
The story running through issues #1-6 of the New 52’s Superman is collected as Superman Volume 1: What Price Tomorrow? TP (The New 52). Apart from Superman’s new costume and Clark Kent not wearing a suit, this could easily have been mistaken for a 1970s Superman comic book – and that is not a malicious comment, as I was there and I liked that period of Superman stories. I have read the first two volumes of the New 52’s Action Comics, and this story came as a bewildering surprise by its – relative – simplicity, though as Grant Morrison is writing Action Comics, most stories will be bewilderingly simple by comparison. Now, it did have its own bewildering points, as there are references to previous stories involving Titano the Super Ape, the Sky Raiders, and the Fleischer robots. Now, I’m sure everyone knows what the Fleischer robots are, but because of the prominence of the Sky Raiders and Titano later in the story, I wasn’t sure if they were just “made up” for back-story, and by “made up”, I mean lifted from pre-New 52 stories as opposed to have appeared in a New 52 story somewhere, such as Issue 0.

However, if you pretend that you haven’t read the new Action Comics (or consider them to be Earth 1.5 or something), you can read this story as a ‘modernised’ traditional Superman story, which does a great job of (re)introducing the supporting cast of Clark Kent’s world, from the brand new Daily Planet building, now owned by Morgan Edge’s Galaxy Communications, with a few new characters thrown in to the mix, along with lot of old ones, and other New 52 cast members, including the reintroduced Kryptonian-speaking Supergirl. No Krypto yet though (and that had better not have been his skeleton in General Lane’s collection over in Action Comics).

This is an excellent introductory story, with superb scripting and artwork – but read it before Action Comics, if it is not too late, and it might be a 5-star story.
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on 24 July 2013
Superman Volume 1 is part of DC's "The New 52", which partially reboots the DC Universe for new readers. This is very handy for people who want to get into comic without requiring knowledge of 70+ years of continuity. Anything from past works are explained very well.

In the curiously titled "What Price Tomorrow?", the Daily Planet is bought out by a major corporation, leaving the Man of Steel mourning what it once was. He is attacked by a group of cosmic monsters who desperately want to take over the earth or something, it's quite confusing so I'd best not explain. Meanwhile, there's a decent look into Clark Kent's relationships with others.

The comic is confusing and inconsistent, but not a bad comic at all. There's some realism and drama, with convincing character interaction and dialogue, but Superman's inner monologue (and other characters' descriptions of occurring events) are somewhat more similar to classic comics. I enjoy this kind of melodrama, but it's awkward when the comic is attempting to modernize the DC Universe and make it accessible to new readers. The plot is pretty stable and back-stories are explained easily. The winning element of this comic is the artwork. It's cinematic, violent and exciting. While Superman causes far less mess than in the film Man of Steel, this is definitely a great read in the age of DC's film universe.
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on 13 February 2013
I'm someone who has only JUST got into the comic book thing so I'm starting with the New 52 series and therefor cannot compare them to the original stories from DC. I really enjoyed Superman Vol 1 WPT? The story consists of action and mystery that kept me glued to the pages and I'm looking forward to seeing what Vol 2 has to offer.
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on 8 December 2013
I always remember 70s comic books being a bit 'trippy' and this tale follows in that tradition for its conclusion. A great follow on from the recent man of steel movie.
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on 18 June 2013
It's not a bad comic book, I've read far worst, but it's not good either I rate it as average superhero fare.

The best thing about the tale is that it follows a complete plot line, like a TV show, indeed that's what it felt like an American TV show. The human interactions are the best things about this adventure, Superman's adversaries and his own adventures are what makes this a mere average tale.
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on 7 May 2015
I've always thought Superman was quite a boring character with interesting storylines but I'm glad I've been proven wrong. Instead of wheeling out Clarks origin story, the New 52 really cuts to the chase and it was interesting to have a story where Superman is responsible for the damage. However, the explanation of who the "villain" is was somewhat rushed and feels like I should maybe have read Action Comics Volume 1 first.

That said, it is a well written and well drawn book which contains all the Superman prerequisites even if Lex Luthor is absent (what's he up to?). I'd recommend this for people who are trying to get into comics. It puts together a good storyline, not major complaints here!
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on 4 July 2014
Absolutely brilliant, saying no more as will give away story.
But its definitely a purchase to be made! Amazing artwork and story.its a great fresher for the supes!
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on 21 August 2016
Been away from my boy superman for along time he was the super hero I grew up with then I drifted away from dc and started reading marvel. My favourite being x men they are awesome and I love marvel comics big time however I think deep down superman is my favourite of all time so I bought a superman and Batman comic not sure what to expect I went for the new 52 comics and I wasn't disappointed still feels like superman and Batman really good read
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