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on 30 March 2015
Great artwork, great story. This is everything a comic should be, I loved this story and I am not even a Green Lantern fan. A friend of mine showsed one of the comics in this series, so I got this one. If like me no do not have the greatest knowledge of the Green Lanterns everything you need to know is in the self contained volume.

This story is the return of the greatest of the GLC Hal Jorden, but it is also a new lease on life for the whole GLC itself. The great thing is as much as this is a return story done right it does also give the series a great future to look forward to.

Hal raised his status to greatest member of the GLC, then ultimately became one of the most infamous member, killing and essentially shattering the Corps. Then as an act of redemption, saved the world at the cost of his own life, snd allowed his soul to be bonded to the Septor, DC's spirit of vengence. However could the cause of Hal's fall have been more that met the eye, and with other GL's acting out of the ordinary, could the threat have resurfaced. I especially loved the confrontations between GL snd Batman. Great story, scripting, and art work it is hard to find any fault with this at all.
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on 1 September 2015
To be fair I picked this up as I wanted to read the Sinestro Corps Wars and Blackest night story arcs, but figured a bit of a history lesson would be important, and other readers suggest this is a good starting point. I would humbly disagree! Not the easiest read as it tries to clear up a lot of history in one go. There is a whole back story with Spectre/Parallax thing going on which I had no previous on. Gets better towards the end but there must be something else out there which sets up the GL series better!
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on 18 May 2009
After hearing all of the praise that Green Lantern has been getting for the past few years, I finally got around to picking up the first book of Geoff John's now classic run of the character.

This story details the return of the true Green Lantern Hal Jordan. The story is excellent and provides a great deal of insight into the character and also details his history and the characters that surround him. The artwork is outstanding and captures the character and universe perfectly.

I was told before buying this book that it was the perfect place to start with the Green Lantern and I can confirm that is definitely the case. This book is prefect for newcomers as it explains previous events, details all of the characters involved and is also the start of a new run for the Green Lantern.

The praise I had been hearing from fans and critics alike was also accurate and in my opinion well deserved. After reading this I continued to read the Green Lantern up to it's current run and it keeps getting better and better.

For those that have never read the Green Lantern, I urge you to pick up this book- you will not be disappointed.
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VINE VOICEon 17 January 2006
I'll start by saying that this is an exciting, well-written well-drawn tale. Geoff Johns shows a genuine love of the characters and a flair for staging action pieces and showing us characters without filling pages with characters just chatting. Ethan Van Sciver draws finely detailed pages of fantastic images as the Green Lanterns, cosmic policemen who have rings that transform will power into energy (the perfect metaphor for what a hero is), battle their greatest foe, Parallax. But Parallax was Hal Jordan, the greatest Green Lantern, who turned to darkness when his home city was bombed out of existence by alien invaders. And this is where I'm not sure how much of a buzz newcomers to the mythology will get out of this book.
This is a great story. But it is the continuation of a number of stories, those of the Green Lanterns, whose forces were decimated by Hal's betrayal and have only recently begun to grow again, and of Hal himself, who was transformed into the human host for the Spectre, another oldtime DC character, who represents the Wrath of God. Basically, Geoff's remit in this story is to fix things, to explain plausibly how you would bring Hal back to life and redeem him of the crimes he committed as Parallax (these aren't spoilers, by the way, if you consider the title of the story, it's clear that Hal comes back but that's only the smallest part of the story). In that way, he's playing to a preexisting audience. New readers may be a little baffled about all the fuss, but stick with it, because the ideas that are thrown around are great. There are several iconic moments in this where you want to shout out with joy. And hey, you may find that you want to check out some of the earlier stories to find out what it's all about...
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on 6 September 2010
I wasn't totally sure what to expect when I decided to get Green Lantern: Rebirth. I was wondering whether I would fully understand it as this was the very first Green Lantern book I had ever picked up. Having read the previous reviews saying that this does not matter I decided to give it a try.

I was very pleased that I did, at no point did I need to question what was happening as the quality of writing was so good. The few questions I did have were swiftly answered. A top novel with amazing artwork throughout.

Highly recommend this to either people like me who have never read a Green Lantern novel before or people that are fans already. Enjoyable from start to finish, my first Green Lantern novel and certainly not my last.
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VINE VOICEon 5 June 2011
Name the greatest, most famous superheroes of all time, and you'll turn to DC Comics. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman; EVERYONE knows who they are. Turn to Marvel Comics, and you'll get Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man etc.

Turn back to DC Comics and you'd probably struggle to name more legendary heroes. The Flash comes to mind, and maybe does Aquaman. But the Green Lantern is another of DC's most famous - and overlooked - champions.

For those who are unfamiliar, Green Lantern is the name given to an intergalactic guardian. Many of whom form the Green Lantern Corps, founded by the immortal Guardians of the planet Oa. Charged with incredibly powerful rings that can turn imagination into total reality, the Green Lanterns uphold peace throughout the galaxy.

There have been several beings (human and extraterrestrial) to wield power as the Green Lantern i.e. Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kilowog, but the man who has the distinction of being the greatest Green Lantern of them all...was one Hal Jordan.

A U.S. Air Force Pilot, Jordan was essentially a man without fear (before Daredevil even!). Created by Gil Kane, this version of Green Lantern was revered and loved, until 1994 when DC Comics decided to turn Hal Jordan into the cosmic, genocidal villain Parallax (starting in the controversial Emerald Twilight), went on a mad, killing spree, destroyed several of his fellows, the Guardians, arch-nemesis Sinestro, tried to remake all of reality in the "Zero Hour" crossover, before ultimately choosing to sacrifice himself to save reality and achieve redemption as the Spectre, the spirit of vengeance.

Confusing? Tarnishing? Just plain stupid? That's what virtually the entire (outraged) Green Lantern fan-base thought, and that is what THIS - Green Lantern: Rebirth - is all about. Trying to undo all that mess from the nineties, restore Hal Jordan back to where he belongs in a blaze of glory and redemption, make sense of key plot-points and also breathe some much-needed new life into the character.

Rebirth was a miniseries that had huge success. It was critically acclaimed, sold-out hundreds of thousands of copies, went through multiple printings...and was regarded as a downright classic. Having read it, I completely understand why. Geoff Johns writes all the essential components for a must-read story. Character, plot, high-stakes, script, drama; everything's here, and it's all done with a degree of intelligence and a desire to be faithful to the Green Lantern mythos.

Johns corrects all the mistakes that were made with Hal Jordan, and does so in ingenious fashion. The explanations behind Parallax, Sinestro's involvement then and now, the revival of the Guardians and the Corps etc, now all make perfect sense, and when Hal Jordan returns to his original role (redeeming himself and abandoning the Spectre), you truly believe that the real Green Lantern is back.

But Rebirth isn't just about redemption. It's about starting over for a new generation of readers, and also introducing the new wave of fans to who the Green Lantern is, and what it all means. Hal Jordan's origins and downfall are recapped in beautiful fashion, and the writer does so in a way that doesn't distract from present events. And Johns also gives time for the other Lanterns to shine, showcasing their distinctive characters, their differing methods with a the power ring. It's all so multi-layered, and rich in...well, just about everything.

Guest-appearances from the Justice League (watch out for Hal going toe-to-toe with Batman!), the fantastic artwork of Ethan Van Sciver, a great foreword from Brad Meltzer (from Identity Crisis and JLA: Tornado's Path) and some extra sketches and explanations from Geoff Johns complete the circle in superb style.

Green Lantern: Rebirth is simply one of the greatest graphic novels I've ever purchased. I've had my eye on it for a while, and I'm so glad I finally decided to check it out. For it to be THIS good and to redeem what's gone before is a rare thing, and one that should be appreciated even more. For fans of Green Lantern AND comics in general, Rebirth NEEDS to be on your shelves.
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on 2 May 2010
After seeing 'Rebirth' appear in a DC Top 30 somewhere on-line, I was curious as I had never once before read a Lantern novel... As a starting point, I have to say, this is perfect in every way... The story is excellent, Geoff John excels here. Ethan Van Sciver also does an excellent job on the artwork and the colouring is also of a very high standard. All the history and information you require to understand the universe is right there in front of your eyes... Overall, this is of epic proportions and pure class...

During my first read through, I had to back track a few times, as certain dialogue or events confused me, but by the end of the book I felt I had a genuine good understanding of the main characters and everything eventually either tied up or became clear.....I was hooked and ordered 'The Sinestro Corps War' the very next day...

If you want to start somewhere with The Green Lantern, you really cannot go wrong by starting here...

Heads up! Geoff John and Ethan Van Sciver have also worked on 'The Flash: Rebirth'... This will be my next purchase I have no doubt..
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on 10 February 2007
This title was one of the first Green Lantern stories I read, I've not been into the DC Universe for very long and mostly I'm a Flash fan. But I got this (embarassingly) because I thought the cover looked cool.

It only took about four pages before my mouth dropped straight open with the skill and depth of the storytelling and the sheer brilliance of the artwork. For any comic fan of any kind, this is one of THE must-have volumes in my opinion. Also, any fan of the DCU is sure to fall in love with this title, as the characters, cameo's and friends that appear are not just thrown in, but sewn into the rich and imaginative story.

Absolutely Brilliant!
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on 18 February 2014
I'm not going to say a thing about the plot as I hate spoilers. I'm just going to say buy it. Even if you think you hate these characters (Like I used too), you won't here.

I usually do have a few harsh words for anything from DC comics that isn't Batman or Catwoman, even then I have my issues with old Bats.

But Green Lantern I never really gave a chance as given DC's rather conservative stance on most things I assumed that it was just an excuse to write pro- war propaganda stories. Man, was I wrong! Right from the start, the story is all about the roll of personal choice in your actions and how through facing the consequences and admitting your mistakes you can begin to make amends and find redemption.

Its also an absolute joy if your reading for the first time as I did; or an old school Lantern Fan as it it not only manages to bring focus a great level of development to all four of the lanterns and put about 50 years worth of continuity in perspective, but it ads to the mythos as well- such as the revelation that powering the ring with a host will power is actually an exhausting and excruciating process. This is just one of the many fascinating titbits strewn through out the story that brings a tantalizing tangibility to the world that I never expected in my wildest dreams!

Couple that with the fabulous art and wonderful colour scheme, and you've got a hater converting gem on your hands

So don't waste another second. Don't bother looking up reams and reams of G.L. history, don't look at any other stories or review of runs. Buy this, hold on tight and prepare to memorise the oath and enlist in the corps.
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on 3 September 2014
Geoff Johns 6 issue mini-series that resurrected the greatest Green Lantern of them all, Hal Jordan.

Hal made the ultimate sacrifice and had taken his final bow. A new Green Lantern of earth had taken his place. Kyle Rayner had been earth's primary Green Lantern for many years since Hal's death and he is vital in his resurrection. Hal's body was dead but his soul was seeking redemption and became the host for the Spectre; the Spirit of Vengeance. During the Identity Crisis story I was introduced to this aspect of Jordan's new existence. During a conversation with his best friend Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow Hal teased that he was working on something when Oliver asked him about making a return to the land of the living.

This was easily one of the greatest Green Lantern epics that will ever be told. At a previous Comic Con DC Comics had a video of various creators and had a montage of them all specifying it was one of the best stories and also this was the place for new fans to begin with Green Lantern. A lot of history has previously happened to Jordan's home town, the Corps, the Guardians on Oa and Sinestro. Mid way through the story Kyle summarizes the events that had transpired to fully catch the reader up to what had happened. It was a great part in the story and if you had been a long time reader of Green Lantern you would know the story but it was delivered here is such a great fashion and integral to the story.

It is another one of those epic stories that features the entire Justice League and other heroes including the other earth bound Green Lanterns. It is easily one of the most important Green Lantern stories of in existence and better again Green Lantern's Brightest Day.
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