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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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VINE VOICEon 28 January 2013
After buying the absolute version of V for Vendetta I gave away my old trade paperback version to a friend. I'd not opened it for years, and when he took it and thanked me, he opened it up to take a look. I was shocked!
I'd just finished the Absolute version and even dropped David Lloyd a message (he's on Facebook) I was so impressed with it.
First, the size. It really helps the artwork stand out. You can appreciate so much more David's skill. He really is an artist. You know that of course, but perhaps not the type you would necessarily categorize as a comic book artist.
The colours are wonderful. The muted look to the book just adds to the atmosphere. The paper quality is also very good, chosen I think to show off to the best the pastel/watercolour look of this work, unlike the glossy brighter look of Watchmen or Dark Knight.
That is why I was so shocked, the old paperback version looks a gaudy mess compared to this. It really is that much of a difference. I felt a bit embarrassed giving it away.
The story after all this time is as sharp as anything. Much better than the film, though I felt they did a good job, the book is a lot more shocking. And by shocking I don't mean sexy/gory or verbally nasty. it's the actual shock of V describing the cage we are all born into.
If you like the book, think it's a good story, like Dave lloyd's work....any of those, please take a look at one of these versions. If all you've seen is the paperback you're in for a huge surprise.
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VINE VOICEon 24 September 2009
I would say, as an assumption, that people who buy DC's expensive Absolute editions do so because they want a definitive edition, printed on good quality paper, in an enlarged hardcover with dustjacket and slip-case, and extras such as introductions, unused unseen art etc, of their favourite comic books. I know I do and can see, from where I'm sitting typing, Absolute editions of 'Crisis on Infinite Earths', 'The New Frontier', Dark Knight, Batman: Hush, the four Sandman volumes, Ronin, and now V for Vendetta. I'll get back to this in the second half of the review.

V for Vendetta is, along with Marvelman/Miracleman, the first of Alan Moore's major works in the field of comics. It was begun at the time of Moore's early feelings of unease at the UK's ruling Conservative Party and concluded when those feelings had coalesced into outright disgust. Like the best Science Fiction, the best comics reflect concerns of the time in which they were written -and, yes, I'm aware I'm bringing together a genre and a medium- and V for Vendetta is political Science Fiction. In his introduction, written in 1988, Moore expresses his anxiety for the immediate future becoming a Conservative-led right wing intolerance as Margaret Thatcher forsaw a Conservative Britain into the next millenium and mentions that he's considering leaving the country. In the event, the Conservatives barely lasted until the middle of the 90's and Britain stands proudly, for all its flaws, as one of the most liberal, open. and tolerant of western societies. If you just limit this to England, I would argue, on evidence, that this is the most liberal, open, and tolerant of western societies. And Alan Moore is still ensconced happily in Northampton which, he argues, is located in the very centre of England.

Yet, perhaps surprisingly, V hasn't really dated at all and its fear of fascism remains eternally valid. If you doubt that, then I refer you to the racist outpourings of the British National Party. V remains one of Moore's genuine masterpieces, erudite, compassionate, insightful, obsessive; all enhanced by David Lloyd's sympathetic distinctive 'realistic' artwork (with its echoes of British black and white weekly kids adventure comics) which is possessed of a great clarity and enhanced by a subdued colour palette. Perhaps what is even more amazing is that in the era of Ronald Regan, DC published a comic in which the hero is a psychotic anarchist whose intention is to destroy the existing social order.

Now, as for this edition, inevitably given the widely known dispute between Moore and DC, there is no new contribution by Alan Moore. A shame as it would be fascinating to read but, as I said, inevitable. Compared to other Absolute editions -the four Sandman volumes are packed with them, Crisis on Infinite Earths required an additional book- there is relatively little; a few sketches, a couple of reprint pieces by Moore, the inclusion of minor material previously printed in only Warrior magazine, panels blown up to full page pieces, all very nice but doing little to enhance the original material. Not that it matters as this is a beautiful edition of one of the masterpieces by Alan Moore the greatest comic book writer ever. How could you resist?

Before I leave you, I'll just mention the soon to be published Absolute Promethea vol.1. This is a work which I feel will grow in reputation and I'm looking forward to receiving my copy of this, one of Moore's most optimistic works. I'm not expecting any new contributions from the Great Man but I do hope to see lots of gorgeous unpublished art by the brilliant J H Williams. I'll let you know.
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on 16 April 2016
V for vendetta is nothing but a classic. Imagine a dystopia future like the one George orwells paints in 1984, but imagine someone like V to go against the the fascists. V represents so much and is still relevant till today. It's influenced cults like anonymous & TV programmes like Mr.robot. regarding the absolute version, well let's just say that I am more than satisfied. Oversized, large thick pages. The text is a lot clearer and the colours have been remastered and upgraded to higher standard. This is the only way to read v for vendetta. Would I recommend the absolute version? Do I really have to answer that?
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on 28 December 2016
The binding on this book is terrible, it's cracking and falling apart and Ive not even finished reading it for the first time. Everything else about this book is amazing but this quality of binding is unacceptable in a book this expensive.
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VINE VOICEon 29 March 2010
These "Absolute" editions are becoming an expensive addiction...
I still pine for V in its original, black and white form, but this is by far the finest edition I've seen. The pastel colours which I found anemic on newsprint have room to breath here, and they've won me over.
The story is as clever and as timely as ever - when there's a danger of the pendulum swinging back to the right, just as it was swinging in the early 80's.
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on 21 February 2017
Anyone considering this prices edition will no doubt be sold on the story itself so I won't bother with that.

This absolute edition transforms the reading experience. I have the TPB also and its night and day. Beautiful edition: if you're a fan of the book you will love reading it in this format (not for the train though!!)
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on 2 January 2017
The binding cracked during the first read trough.. Really disappointing since i had been looking forward to this one. I actually think that some pages may fall out when i read it again. Worst quality of an absolute edition i have ever owned.
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on 14 December 2016
Great product ...very well produced but it arrived with a dinged corner ...and at the current price Amazon charging it was a little disappointing ...
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on 1 December 2015
This is superb, the print quality is excellent and having it as a hardback at (almost) A3 size paper really helps the appreciation of the art.
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on 31 May 2012
I only really bought the absolute V because of problems I found with the colouring & letting print of the 'normal' edition,I found the words & images quite hard to make out & wasn't fond of the muted tones used for the colouring and even though it's the same couling in the absolute edition it really does look superb on the bigger panels,nice & crisp & alot clearer,the lettering is also far clearer.As for the actual story,this is arguably the best of 'Moores work & in my mind he's unarguably the finest writer in the medium of comics/GNs.IT'S A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY COMIC/'MOORE FAN!LONG LIVE 'V'!!
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