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on 26 August 2013
The Infinite Crisis is causing chaos in the DC Universe as the OMAC Cyborgs are attacking, the villains are uniting, magic is dying and a space battle is happening and Superman is in the chaos and a lot of crazy things happening. I love this tie-in to the Infinite Crisis. It collects 217, 221-225 and the issues consists of:

217: Superman battles an OMAC Cyborg in the South American Rainforest where his fortress of solitude is made after the events of Superman: For Tomorrow.
221: Bizzaro, a crazy version of Superman battles an OMAC Cyborg and agrees to join the Secret Society of Supervillains created by Lex Luthor.
Pages from Action Comics #831 showing Bizarro and Zoom racing and Bizarro agress to join the Society.
222: An OMAC Cyborg attacks Lois Lane but she get's saved by a Superman robot who was one that saved her when Weather Wizard attacked.
223: A New Blackrock by the name of Lucia battles Superman while Superman's cousin, Supergirl gets ready to join Donna Troy's team in Space.
224: The Real Lex Luthor is searching for the other version of him who is actually Alexander Luthor Jr from Earth-Three after the classic Crisis on Infinite Earths and has decided to create a perfect Earth in the DC Universe.
225: Superman battles, Heatwave, Plasmus, Scorch and Effigy, who were sent by the Society to battle Superman.

I Highly recommend this to Superman fans who have read the Infinite Crisis.
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on 23 January 2013
The only people who don't like this book are Superman fans who can't take the idea that Wonder Woman could beat him in a fight. Its a very juvenile reason to not like a book, when the story itself is actually compelling exciting and a thrill ride. it's a complete joy to read. Don't listen to the properganda.
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on 21 August 2013
Superman has been brainwashed and imagines a series of fights between him and various long standing villains.
Afterwards the JLA show up and accuse him of misdeeds. There is literally blood on his hands which he initially refuses to examine with his special vision out of fear of what he'll discover. Eventually they show the video of him trying to kill a JLA member and jonn jones tells him he cant reverse the mind control. After going insane again superman and wonder woman fight each other ,hard. After several rounds It becomes clear that diana is losing the fight inch by inch ,the amazon comes up with a radical and murderous solution.

This is another lead in to the omac project and the infinite crisis
but this one is great, action mayhem and ultra violence.
superman gone off the reservation and wonder woman pressed into an impossible decision.
An essential pre crisis purchase
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on 5 December 2015
Epic superman/wonder woman story, OH! and there's a crisis book in here to! For more go to my facebook page for a more indepth review: https://www.facebook.com/mygraphicreviews
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on 15 August 2012
An essential read for anyone reading the Infinite Crisis story arch .. and pretty enjoyable too, covers one of the main issues in the story regarding the fall of the JLA
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on 9 February 2017
enjoyed this book!
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on 21 February 2011
This story was a prequel to the Infinite Crisis event, and used as the excuse to break up the "DCU Trinity".

The original concept called for Superman to basically lose any respect for life and put him in a position where he became the bad guy and needed to be stopped by a heroine.

Keep in mind that during those days Greg Rucka (the architect of this story) was the writer of the Wonder Woman book (which was selling very poorly until then), and a new gimmick was needed to improve sales for that character (the cover of this book was the cover of WW #219). The result was this story that shows us how superman can be mentally manipulated, and be broken to the point of being willing to kill anyone to avenge the death of a loved one.

Of course, Rucka's heroine (WW), comes at the end to the rescue, fights a zombie-out-of-control-superman (who himself thinks is fighting a monster called "Doomsday"), and gets to stop him (and even suggests that she could have killed him).

This is totally out of character for Superman, as shown in an incredible book that you can also find here (Superman: Ending Battle, ISBN 9781401222598), where the authors show us the real strength of superman. His power goes beyond the application of his super-strength and other abilities, but in his amazing auto-control for not injuring badly his enemies (no matter what they have done to him!). I would strongly recommend reading that book instead of this one.

"Superman sacrifice" is a sacrifice but of Superman's true character, it was designed by an author who never understood the man of steel, and whom is obsessed in showing us that super-heroines are better than their male counterparts. This attitude can be easily observed in any of the titles that Rucka wrote for DC during his tenure in the company. I believe this book will be enjoyed by folks that hate (or really dislike) Superman and/or are die-hard fans of wonder woman.
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on 26 February 2011
Superman is arguably one of the three most recognizable fictional characters in the entire world. He is known all over America, Europe, Africa, Asia, etc. He is the ultimate immigrant and embodiment of the best human qualities. Several books have been written explaining the origin and appeal of this incredible character during his long career (one of the most recent, and very recommendable: Our Hero, by Van Zee).

He is usually depicted as invulnerable. However, he has no defense against a terrible force that has plagued fictional characters always: Bad Editors and Poor Writers.

This title (Sacrifice) was an attempt to deconstruct the superman mythos, and give us a broken character that needed to be fixed during the next several years (hence given DC editors a nice steady income).

The storyline was presented back in 2005 when plans to refresh the entire DC-Comics line of characters were underway. At that point in time, a second tier character in need of yet again a new injection of vitality was chosen to help breaking the superman mythos: wonder-woman (a well known character in North America, and a few other countries, but basically unknown in most of the world).

The idea was to present a renewed wonder-woman that could appeal to male readers, given her a stamina almost as impressive as superman's. In addition, an emphasis was given to the few weapons this character relies upon (tiara, lasso, etc.) indispensables to ensuring her survival in a fight against the most powerful being in the DC-Universe.

This approach produced a short term interest in the second tier character, however, over the last few years the increased power levels have been a drawback for wonder-woman comics sales. After the original appeal of having a female crime fighter willing to kill if appropriate, during 2007-2010 her comic book sales were steadily decreasing to the point of selling less copies than practically unknown characters (such as Booster Gold). A new change was needed, and in mid-2010 wonder-woman was depowered (yet again), to more human levels (roughly half the strength of Superman), and a new costume was given to her. The objective is to make her close to Superman strength (70-80% of his), and focusing her adventures to the realm of magic and mythos.

Fortunately, the editors at DC comics seem to have learned that in order for their fictional universe to work, Superman needs to be the epitome of greatness. He cannot be portrayed as a supporting character (as he is in this collection) in any storyline of relative importance. This is especially true if these books have any hope to be sold outside the US, where Superman is still considered the Greatest Hero of Them All !!!
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