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on 6 March 2006
There are three main storylines within this collected trade paperback (collecting issues 16-23 of the current Teen Titans). The first story involves Superboy being transported to the 30th century quickly followed by the rest of the Titans. There they meet with the Legion of Superheroes and have to fight the Fatal Five Hundred!
In the second story, the Titans return from the 30th century only to stop in a future 10 years from now. Here they meet with their future selves who have been affected by the outcome of the forthcoming Crisis.
Eventually, in the third story, they find their way back to the present where, after a brief interlude involving Robin, they have to take on the newly psychotic Dr Light. Luckily they have the help of a new teammate - Speedy - and a host of past Titans members.
Overall the stories are excellent. The first suffers somewhat from not being drawn by Mike McKone but the fill-in art isn't too bad and it's good to see Kid Flash and Superboy's reactions to the LoSH. The second story is excellent and a must read. In the third story, the threat of Dr Light is somewhat exaggerated but otherwise another entertaining read.
So, this is a great buy for fans of the Teen Titans. Recommended.
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on 24 February 2006
This collection includes issues 16 to 23 of TEEN TITANS as well as a one-off of a crossover with the Titans and the Legion, a big, big team of superheroes in the 31st century.
In a 5-part story arc, the Titans are accidentally sent into the 31st Century, where they meet the Legion of Superheores. When the Titans try to get back, they instead end up ten years from now and confront their future selves, who wants to accomplish their own goals.
In a different story arc, this time running for three issues, a new Titan joins the team - Speedy - as she helps the Titans to rescue Green Arrow, who is held captive by the evil Dr. Light.
There is also one issue, set in the aftermath of the death of Robin's father (I think it ties to the current Infinite Crisis story). At the end of the issue, when he finally reveals it to the other Titans, they comfort him. I found the end of that issue rather moving. I swear I had a tear in my eye when I was reading it.
A must buy for any TEEN TITANS fan as well as those who have seen the Cartoon Network TV Series.
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on 14 January 2006
Apart from the fact that there are girls in the team..a hell of a lot actually.
This graphic novel collects one hell of a story, kind of like the seminal days of future past storyline in the xmen. After getting SB back from the legion (we finally find out how he got there in the first place) the team get shunted off 10 years after they left. This storyline is one of the precoursers to Infinite Crisis and it shows. Nearly each member of the team is represented as their future selves, and lets just say that they could give the authority a run for their money. Johns and Mckone's work is always of a high standard. Its a shame that Mckone left after the next storyline. Anyway this storyline forshadows a hell of a lot in the DC universe, as well as being important to the batcharacters as well. If you like this sort of thing, check it out.
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on 7 June 2014
The product came in immaculate condition no problems (no dog ears or tears etc.). This is a purchase review so if you're looking for a review of the actual contents of the book check out comicvine.com for a good run down.
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VINE VOICEon 23 January 2006
This is , I reckon, the fourth volume of collected tales of the latest incarnation of the Teen Titans, DC's answer to the X Men. (It's possible they didn't hear the question clearly.) And it is by far the weakest.
The art is top notch, but the storyline, overblown and over complicated. There are far too many characters running about, and many of them (1000s in the first story) are different versions of the same heroes and villains.
The Teen Titans have been a mainstay of DC's Universe for years, this latest collection are as cool as they can be while still hanging out in a "T" shaped clubhouse, but, in common with all the other versions, they suffer in comparison to Marvel's X Men. Unlike the X Men, mutants hounded by a fearful world, the Titans have no real central reason for teaming up , or goal they are aiming for.
This collection, with its dystopian future world brought about by the teenaged heroes themselves, seems a rather contrived attempt to give them a long term mission. Also, I'm afraid, it seems in some ways, although not all by any means, to be a poor copy of the X Men's "Days of Future Past" from several years ago.
Worst of all, the Legion of Super Heroes, the lamest of all DC's heroes, feature heavily. If this is all tying into a multi issue continuity busting crossover a la "Crisis on Infinite Earths" this should be emblazoned as a warning on the cover.
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