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on 14 February 2014
I don't usually read Superman based comics just because he's not my style. Maybe that's why I really enjoyed this graphic novel. We see things through the eyes of Lex Luthor and why he dislikes Superman and the thing is, I understand from his POV. It doesn't make Lex a good guy by any means, but you can't help but feel the whole situation with superman is on a knife's edge and any minute, things could descend into chaos.
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on 6 July 2011
A surprisingly human Lex Luthor inhabits a very well written and beautifully drawn book. There are points where you will find yourself convinced that Lex is just about the nicest guy in the world before being reminded that he is in fact the bad guy. You may even sympathise with him and find yourself thinking that he might be a little bit right about Superman. The writing is emotional enough in the right way and the climax packs a somber punch when The Man of Steel utters his only words in this book. That may be the only problem, Superman is reduced to bit part. But the clue's in the title...Luthor! The art work is often brilliant, drawing Supes in darker tones than usual to emphasise Lex's point of view (you'll spend most of the book convinced Superman is evil). So if you want something different from the usual Superman saves the day story then embrace your dark side and buy this!
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on 6 February 2012
Lex Luthor gets his own book to give his side of the story, to convince us readers that Superman is the menace he believes he is. Lex is building a giant new structure devoted to science and the accomplishments of humanity, making sure people understand Superman is not human nor is he needed to save anyone. But just to be sure Lex is also building a female version of Superman to become the new saviour of Metropolis.

I think Brian Azzarello's books are hit and miss but this one was definitely a hit. He writes Lex as a charming, suave, and pretty decent guy who talks to cleaning staff like real people, who give a helping hand to underprivileged people, basically is the opposite of the arrogant and selfish prig he's depicted as in many Superman books. More than the image, Azzarello gives him a voice that's authentic to the reader and adds weight to his monologues against the idea of Superman.

Interestingly, Azzarello plays up Lex's obsession with Superman in the form of "Hope", a robotic superhero under the control of Lex and a pretty good impersonator of Superman - except she's a woman. Then he has Lex seduce her! I thought it was a funny as Azzarello basically implied that Lex's entire obsession with Superman was, despite the rhetoric and argument, sexual in nature - Lex loves Superman, he really just wants to have sex with him. But maybe I'm wrong.

Full credit too goes to Lee Bermejo who draws utterly beautiful panels on every single page. He is one of the finest comics artists working today and nowhere does his work shine more than in the DC books he's worked on - Joker, Lex Luthor, and more recently Batman: Noel (which he also wrote) are hugely impressive works of art. He's one of the few artists whose work I immediately buy purely on his inclusion on the project alone.

Lex is a fascinating character and through his eyes we see Superman from a different angle, making him more interesting too. "Lex Luthor: Man of Steel" is a compellingly written, beautifully drawn, comic book that any fans of Superman will love, and those with a passing interest in Superman will find strangely beguiling. A must read for all fans of comics.
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on 23 April 2009
This is a short book, but it is an intriguing glimpse at Lex Luthor's view of the iconic American hero. Lex Luthor sees Superman not as a saviour but as an intruding alien who not only do humans not need, but whose presence may be harmful to us.

It is the story of a plot to discredit Superman. Luthor is clearly desperate to turn even one person against the Man of Steel, and goes to extraordinary lengths to do so.

Recommended to all fans of Superman, and all fans of super-villains.
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VINE VOICEon 18 March 2010
This is an excellent Superman graphic novel and one worthy of being in your collection.
In this story, Lex Luthor is the main focus of the plot. It deals with him trying to wrest the hearts and minds away from Superman (who appears in less than 10% of the pictures in this book), as he perceives that humanity should raise itself up without the help of this alien visitor. There have been many personas of Lex over the years, the scientist, the businessman, the politician and in this book he is seen as the great manipulator - charming, intelligent, and a powerful presence in the world. I like this incarnation of Lex the most, and the story is very well written so that you get to see the inner workings of his mind, and his scheming against the Man of Steel.
There is a lot to like in this graphic novel. Some character depth to Lex is very welcome - he has always been to my mind, Superman's greatest enemy. There are examples of Lex presenting his public face, and his ruthless behind the scenes persona too which are entirely believable and a joy to read. There is also a nice cameo from a certain Bruce Wayne.
I was really surprised by this graphic novel - i hadn't heard much about it, and wasn't expecting too much from it if i am being honest. But i really enjoyed it, and thought it was one of the best Superman books in recent times. It isn't perfect however, and there are a couple of flaws that stop me giving this 5 stars. Firstly, the artwork isn't my cup of tea - this is just a personal choice. It is hard to point my finger at why i am not a huge fan of the artwork but it just doesn't set my world alight. And my other minor niggle is that the book is a little bit too short. At 128 pages, it feels a bit too small for such excellent ideas - and they are good ideas to be sure - and i would have liked more.
All in all, this is definitely a book to add to your collection sooner rather than later. I read it very quickly and will go back to it again at some point and re-read it. And that is usually a good sign!
See what you think - it is unlike anything i have read in the Superman universe, for a long, long while!
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on 18 October 2011
Thought this story was pretty neat, because it wasnt the usual Superman story. He only features on a few pages throughout the novel. Nice artwork - good clear pictures and layout was clear to follow. This novel led me to the similar Joker¹, which is same in concept. I would recommend this to those that want a different style of Superman story.
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on 7 December 2015
I didn't expect this comic to be what it was...Let alone one of my favourites, I honestly bought it just because of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie coming out. I had a feeling that this book was one of the influences of the film, and it was confirmed on the DC Comics' Twitter (although the exact tweet was deleted, mysterious). So i thought, 'might as well, plus the art looks cool'.

The story follows Lex Luthor obviously, but it presents him as the protagonist, or at least, less of the bad guy we thought him to be. Brian Azzarello gives Lex a likeability, and I ended up respecting Lex a lot through the book. He seemed humble yet unapologetic, a man willing to make sacrifices because Superman prevents us from reaching for greater things. Superman is shown perfectly as an alien or an 'it' through the eyes of Lex. This book is short, but I think it suits the book, It has things which I wanted expanded upon, but that's because I liked so much of what I read and I wanted more. The book also has a good sense of emotion, and you feel the passion of Lex shine through. The art is also fantastic, sometimes stylishly realistic and sometimes sharper and less detailed. But always great. Lee Bermejo aced it.

Art: 9/10 (I just wanted more of the realistic style, my preference)
Story: 10/10 (short but awesome and doesn't get carried away)
Characters: 9/10 (I wanted more Bruce and some more stuff with Lex, again my preference)
Themes: less themes but more like 'feels'. A strong theme and character motivation really made me feel happy for some reason.
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on 24 August 2010
cool book,we view superman from lex luthors perspective,and because of the quality of azzerelos writing and characterisation you will be surprised how sympathetic you feel towards him,does not get 5 stars because the third act is not as strong as the first two,but still a worthy entry into any superman collection!Great art to!
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on 23 July 2013
A good spin on the man of steel, seeing it from the eyes of the 'baddy'. This GN shows Lex in the limelight and the justifications he makes for his loathing of Superman. A great angle but needed more work in the story department I thought.
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on 31 July 2014
Was really surprised by how good this was. I really liked the way that Lex could be seen as the (kinda) good guy while no one seemed to act out of character. The artwork was brilliant, maybe not everyones taste but I like it.

Minor criticisms, the batman section (which is good) feels like a tangent from the main story, and it would have been nice if it was a bit longer.

All in all, I recommend this for any comic fan.
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