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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 February 2009
Back when I was younger Iused to write stories where super heroes worked along side each other to fight a great evil.
It was always Marvel and DC Comics teaming up to fight, usually, Skeletor. I had the Avengers, Fantastic Four and x-men to join the Justice League, they would travel to diffeent worlds and fight the bad guys.

I am an avid comic fan so I buy a large chunk of DC and MARVEL graphic novels. I read the sperhero comics purely to escape from my normal day. All very good stories but nothing made sit up and take notice
Then I bought this and instantly felt warm an fuzzy.
You know that you're reading a story from just a few years ago but it feels like it's much older.
Kurt Busiek shows that he has a great love for all of these characters. This was obviously a labour of love and extremely well thought out. But there are many action scenes, hero versus hero (not giving anything away) Batman versus Captain America, Thor versus Superman.
The over al feeling of the story make me think back to simpler times, back when you didn't need to do a company wide crossover to tell a story, a time when you knew who was good and who was bad.
Busiek's writing reminds me why I got into reading comics in the first place, the feeling that you are reading stories worth getting lost in.

George Perez's art is, as always, staggeringly good. Reading this mad eme think of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Crisp, clear and very vibrant, it matched the writing style as a sort of retro feel.
Everyone looks noble and heroic, like they are indead the best of the best, that they should be looked up. they look like heroes.
Each time I read a comic I'ms always looking for a fault, and thanks to Perez's art work this is as near to perfect as you can get. His art, in my opinion, is the benchmark that all other comic book artists should aspire to.

Basically put if you are a comic fan then you NEED to get this book. It is everything want and need in a comics. The best art, The best script. The best characters. A must have for anyone who like comics.
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on 20 May 2013
i tried real hard to get this for a long time and it was hard to find for reasonable money but then this one was reasonable an granted a little rough round the edges but nothing too serious ,it was a great find and a must for any comic fan if found at a decent price though i wouldn't recommend paying massive amounts for it
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on 13 September 2009
As the title suggests this graphic novel features an encounter between the JLA (DC comics) and the Avengers (Marvel comics). Without giving too much away the plot involves both sides being manipulated by powerful cosmic entities in a game between said entities. They first do battle with each other and later work together.

As well as plenty of thrilling action the story also has an interesting look at the differences between the two worlds and how both sides view each other. For example, in the Marvel world superhumans are typically viewed with suspicion, whereas in the DC world they are generally admired.

For the most part the writers do a good job of balancing both sides so that neither comes off looking worse than the other, so Marvel fans won't complain about their favourite heroes getting beat by DC characters and vice-versa.

The artwork is also pretty good. This is especially clear in battle scenes where, even with numerous characters, the reader can tell who is doing what to who.

While not the best graphic novel I've ever read it is overall most entertaining and worth a look for most comic fans.
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on 11 May 2012
Great big crossovers have become very popular with both Marvel and DC, maybe because fans of the big characters get exposed to less famous creations. Anyway they clearly sell well - but normally they are not very good. One major fault is that often they are overcrowded, with so many characters that no one is characterised properly, and it is impossible to follow what is going on.

This is probably the largest, most ambitious crossover ever - and Buisek and Perez make it work triumphantly! Even the current line up of JLA and Avengers would be taxing enough, but lots of extra characters appear. And yet each one remains in character, with the plot (though tangled) always comprehensible. Some moments are genuinely moving (particularly between Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne) as well as enough all out action sequences to keep the most gung ho fan happy.

Above all the art is magnificent! This may have been the book Perez was born to draw. Every scene, no matter how crowded, is crystal clear, and the body language of the heroes is telling. I think I'm right in saying he is the only artist to have drawn both teams in their own books; certainly I can't imagine anyone else pulling off this wonderful feat.

It looks as though this book is now out of print. That is terrible - let's hope it gets reprinted very soon. Then grab a copy if you love comics!
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on 20 April 2004
This is, as the title implies, a crossover between DC Comics JLA andMarvel Comics Avengers. The being Korona threathens to destroy both theJLA's world and the Avanger's world if he are not stopped, and the teamsare pitted against each other, both decieved by other mighty beings in agame where the ante is both worlds. It works suprisingly well. I myself isadmittedly more familiar with DC's universe, but the contrastes brought upis interesting. The story borrows much from earlie works such as Crisis onMultiple Worlds, and this is even spoofed later in the book. At somepoints the story is reduced to enormous brawls, but it's still exciting,and the story flows very nice. At several points you also have greatoppertunities to play "Name that superhero", with characters appearingfrom both universes, from diffrent time periods. You should however be atleast somewhat familiar with both universes, or this book would probablyleave you a little high and dry, as much of the book is about playing withconcepts and contrasts between the two. But for most comic buffs, It's amust have.
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on 28 March 2009
Well, I am an unabashed Batman fan, and I have the following things to say about this comic

1. It's good...but halfway through I found myself wanting the story to end...that's something I've never felt with books like The Dark Knight Returns, or The Obsidian Age.

2. Come on ...Batman 'seconding' Superman's decision to unite under Captain America's is SILLY!!!!!!!!!
Big blue seems to be forever a sucker for the stars and the stripes...which is simply immature.

3. The magling of science, pseudoscience and religious ideas is SILLIER.
Which is why hardcore Batman fans find his presence in cosmic shenanigans like this somewhat worthy of a groan!

That said, I liked reading it...but am thinking of giving it as a gift to someone who would enjoy the fanastic aspects of this book more.

Gimme The Dark Knight anyday.
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