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This ruthless work ought to have been titled 'WHO'S Behind Communism', as it is an expose of the men and women who worked at the peak of the international communist/marxist movement, be they in the public eye or not.

This book doesn't deal with communist/marxist theory - for that read the writings (if you can bear it) of Marx, Lenin, Mao, Gramsci (especially the 'Frankfurt School')and others. It only touches on the marxist legacy of mountains of corpses but as it reveals the names (and often faces) of those responsible for almost one hundreed years of mass murder, national enslavement and general hell-on-earth, it is just as important as books that reveal those more statistical truths of the most evil and dehumanizing ideology of known history.

This review is based on the latest 2012 Ostara Publications edition which is updated and expanded. I have also read an original 1953 edition and a 2003 'Criminal Politics' edition. This latest edition is far superior and contains much that is relevant today. It is in chronological order, beginning with the Social Democratic Party (soon to be renamed the Commununist Party) and it's origins and finishes on the communist ANC of South Africa and the Communist Party of China. The chapters on how the USSR gained the nuclear bomb technology and the subversive activities of israelies (thieving) in furthering their own inhumane cause are particularly pertinent to the current era. Those responsible for these crimes - that have lead to the deaths and suffering of so many - are named and shamed here without compromise.

The author makes some play out of a supposed conflict of interests between communism/marxism and zionism, but fails to mention that the USSR was in fact the first regime to officially acknowledge the existence of the new state of 'Israel'. Bolsheviks have always made use of masks in order to conceal their true positions, so the issue of compatability between zionists and bolshevists is almost certainly not all that it seems.

This book is printed on good quality thick paper and the many images and diagrams have turned out crisp and well reproduced.

For details on the actual communist slaughter itself, i cannot do better than recommend R. J. Rummel's Lethal Politics: Soviet Genocide & Mass Murder From 1917, and on the actual communist revolution itself and it's immediate after-effects, Robert Wilton's Last Days of The Romanovs.

All in all, the 20th century cannot be truthfully surmized without the knowledge this book contains.
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on 4 December 2013
I bought a copy of the paperback when it first came out, however, this enlarged up-dated version was well worth getting. The last section of the book is the most interesting and probably the most controversial. It has been written for the American market so most of the new information covers that country, none the less an informative read and I would recommend this without any reservations.
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on 12 February 2014
A hard hitting and very readable specialist book for all those "Non PC" truth seekers wishing to delve deeply into the Jewish connection behind communist ideology. It also gives a very interesting insight into the background of Nelson Mandela, and exposes that he was far from the "Saint" the liberal media would have you believe - worth buying the book for these revelations alone! Well recommended!
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on 13 September 2013
Plenty of very interesting and little-known information. I would recommend this to my friends. The history of Communism is fascinating, and should be more widely known.
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on 15 February 2015
a very interesting read.very informative book that will open eyes to the truth.
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on 2 May 2011
The notes here are based on my copy of an undated booklet, with about 120 maps and unsourced illustrations, which judging by internal evidence -- Korean War, but Stalin still alive, Hollywood -- was published about 1952, in the USA. There were some spelling errors - these may or may not have been corrected later in the more recent edition - I don't know.

The original 96-page booklet had details of Jews and the myth of persecution, up ot the point where Jews began to be expelled in the 13th century. The period marked by the evictions -- 1300 to 1650 -- also marks the period of the Renaissance. Britton goes on to deal mostly with the lead-up to World War I, Russia and the 'Russian Revolution', Germany and Rosa Luxemburg, and Hungary and Bela Kun. Then there's a big gap, missing the entire period of the 1930s and Second World War, resuming with the USA of about 1950. It looks to me that Britton's text was prepared before the 1930s, the final part, on Iron Curtain dictators, atom spies and Hollywood, 'Atom Spies' and 'New York - Jew capital of the world' being tacked on later. Possibly a shorter version was published in the 1920s or 1930s.

Frank L. Britton gives no autobiographical information, not even whether Britton was his actual name. (Could he have been a frank Briton?)

His blurb says: '... Unfortunately, any deep-down discussion of communism and Marxism involves the Jewish question. We cannot honestly discuss the subject without revealing -- and commenting on -- the fact that the founders of Russian communism were Jewish. Neither can we ignore the fact that all but a few top leadership of the American communist party -- including the recently convicted spys -- are of the same race. ...'

His sources were
Encylopedia Britannica (Corporation was purchased by the Julius Rosenwald interests in 1920)
Funk & Wagnall's Jewish Encyclopedia
Not to be confused with the 10 volume "Universal Jewish Encyclopedia," published by Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Inc., New York, 1939. Both, however, are authoritative Jewish publications, compiled by and for Jews.
Valentine's Jewish Encyclopedia, Shapiro Valentine Co., London - 1938. England.
Outline of History, third edition, by H. G. Wells.

Obviously the then-recent material on the atom and New York must have come from news sources or then-modern reference books.

Falls short of being exhaustive, and omits e.g. Khazars, 'Holocaust' and related topics, industrialisation, and much of the history of ideas, especially the 'Torah' and so on, and whether other 'communisms', for example in China, had the same roots. The reproductions of photos are mostly unsourced, so it's impossible to be sure what some of them show.

However it's a good shortish facty summary of Russian 'Communism'
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on 7 April 2016
Very revealing and very interesting.
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on 14 December 2009
Whenever neo nazis attempt to gain access to the broader electorate they run up against the Holocaust. Their politics is that of mass murder. Because of this they have found it necessary to deny anyone was ever murdered. Anti-Semites in the catholic church or their branch the society of saint pius the tenth SSPX openly spout this vile nonsense. But another strategy came into being in the Cold War period and the reign of Joseph McCarthy, blame the JEW. Anything goes wrong in the world, blame the JEW. This worked to cover both questions ask of the far right racist, why did you murder the Jews and why should we support you? Their answers were those of Hitler. The Jews created communism to attack us, so we killed them and attacked the Soviet Union.

The facts are though that Jews were no more common in the Bolshevik Party than in Russian society as a whole. No prominent members or leaders were ever Jewish. The main recruiting ground for the communist was amongst the poorest and most oppressed people in the Russian Empire. That just happened to be the Jews, because of a direct policy of the Tsars of blaming all problems on a shadowy Jewish conspiracy. They even went as far as producing false documents. Most were randomly written Hebrew letters which "experts" translated as damning conspiracy. The most prominent though was the plagiarism of "The Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu" an 1864 book by Maurice Joly. This simply required changing the names of the speakers to jews and retitling it the Protocols of Zion. It was a clumsy fiction never meant to bear up under close examination.

Frank L. Brittons book is a Protocols for the 1950's. It includes the usual rumours as facts, half truths or simply repeating lies printed elsewhere as fact. German propaganda often pointed out Jewish connections of Churchill or Roosevelt. In booth cases their Jewish ancestry may have been a little as one sixteenth. In Churchill's case he was as much American Indian as Jewish and as likely to wear a feathered head dress as a skull cap. Hitler's own illegitimate father was also rumoured to be half Jewish or maybe he once wore a Jewish man's second hand hat. The sites that normally sell this stinker of a book are described as rightwing, white racist neo-Nazi and Christian extremist.

As academic in the study of extremist racist politics, it isn't even worth mentioning, chaotic and random in subject matter it isn't even up to the level you would expect of a political science term paper.
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