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on 6 August 2011
After taking a movie of my dauther's wedding with a video camera I bought the day before (!), I was surprised first of all that I managed to shoot a reasonable video (I attached the camera to the T.V.). I hasten to add that the video camera was not expensive as I know absolutely nothing about them. My main aim was to make a DVD of my 1st footage and then I learned that the format (knew nothing about those either!) was some new format "MPEG-4 AVC/H.264". I then required to buy software to learn to edit/burn this movie. Since I have Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, I decided to get Corel Video Studio ProX4. When I bought Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, I bought the book "Picture Yourself Learning Corel Paint Shop PhotoX2 by Diane Koers - Great Help! So I did the same with the Corel Video - bought the book "Picture Yourself Making Creative Movies" by Marc Bech. I hasten to add that I bought the book before buying the software to see if I could follow it and be one step ahead of the game when I bought and installed the software. I read through the book then bought/installed the software (no bother to install the software-if I can do it anybody can!).
The 1st instruction this guy Bech tells you to do is download "Lesson Files" from the Cengage site. As the book works in conjunction with these "Lesson Files" to demonstrate how to use the software to make your own 'Hollywood' movie, I downloaded them (took well over the hour but no bother). By the way, they come in a 'Zip File' and it took me a wee while to work out how to open it (right click>extract all). That done, the folders containing the clips/photographs/music etc all appeared! So basically, you use his files (which include video clips, photographs, music etc) to learn how to do everything chapter by chapter - for instance, he tells you to use a specific clip to learn how to trim videos. The book is a great idea and I was following his instruction quite nicely until I came to Chapter 4 under "Importing via the Edit Tab" He instructed to click the "Browse" tab, navigate to the (now downloaded) "Lesson Files" and find the "WashingtonDC" folder (no bother!).In the "WashingtonDC" folder, there should be about 14 wee pictures of video clips. Mine were all wee pictures of clips except one - clip "DC2". All the rest of the wee pictures I could drag and drop into my software (to the 'Library') but DC2 has no wee picture - it has a wee blue icon with avi and it wouldn't 'drag and drop' (it said the format was mismatch!)

To sum up - I'd have given the book 5 stars because if you've never worked with video before like me and know absolutely nothing about the subject, I think it's a brilliant idea taking you through each stage with provided video clips etc but I'm now stuck because I can't get Washington DC2 clip. I'm not really sure whether I can progress without it. Reading on in the book, I see he uses this clip to demonstrate how to "Multi-Trim Video" and "Copying Clips" - I suppose I could use one of the others for that as I've learned that no matter what you do to a clip, the original remains the same in the 'Library'.

Would love to know if anybody else has had this problem with the 'Washington DC2" clip and can you continue without it or does it come into play later on in the book learning something else?
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on 5 December 2012
The book is well written and clear but it tends to fall back on pre-prepared video examples. For example, if I was half way through an editing proceedure and I wanted to find out how to do something, it is not found easily in this book. I would prefer a more general approach.
I would have liked more information on how VideoStudio uses files and folders. Example, it is very important to keep the paths of the files and folders associated with a Library intact. It is not possible to archive a folder of video and expect VideoStudio to find it later. These points should be better explained.
The use of VideoStudio is generally well explained. There should be a section added to cover the extra programmes found in the Ultimate version.
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on 10 June 2012
Purchased Corel 5 but felt I needed extra explanations as the Corel Guide was the usual sort of handbook that tells you what everything does but does not expain why and how. As the Corel 5 handbook was not available I decided the 4 book would probably answer any questions which it does. It's a great book on the line of the "Dummies" series and whilst those familiar with video editing might find it a bit simplified there will still be snippets of useful information in there for them on Corel's unique facets. I managed to get all the lessons downloaded ok and worked through them learning many things I would probably would never have found without the book. The book is written by a Corel employee so you the book is authorative. For me money well spent and something I will keep going back for advice rather than the User guide.
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on 3 July 2011
I've used Video Studio X2 for a long time already and made many videos. I therefore expected from this book actually more than what it brings. The book is good for people being new to Video Studio as it follows very much the operating manual, but does not go very much deeper.
Nevertheless, even for an experienced user there are some good ideas as well, but it is still questionable if it is worth to spend the money.

Otherwise the book is made up really good from a learning perspective point. It is educational and easy to read with lots of good examples and hands-on training with the examples you can download.

So, in summary I have a mixed feeling about the book
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on 3 May 2013
Putting together video is new to me and I am working through this book. I have so far found the book easy to read and understand and have no hesitation in recommending it to someone of little video experience like me.
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on 4 June 2012
Don't even think about Corel VideoStudio Pro without this book.
It's very well written, easy to understand even for an idiot like me.
Even good for Version X5.
Well worth the money
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on 20 December 2013
I was disappointed style how working was descried, toooo.. general, no details.
It seems that the book itself has never been used by "users" test before publishing it.
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on 26 March 2015
Good product
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