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on 27 July 2013
I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me of [book:Lark|17226481], which is also a fantastic book. If you really liked Lark then you would most likely love this book too.

It was a book that kept me wanting to read more, the type of book that I just couldn't put down. I've already downloaded [book:Torn|9716824] and I can't wait to get started.

Wendy is growing up and had a few problems with her mother from a very young age and therefore lived with her brother and her Aunt. She never seemed to fit into anywhere, was fussy with food, she hated wearing shoes and her hair never seemed to go how she wanted it too. She noticed that a boy at school kept staring at her and she talked to him one day to find out why he was always staring her and following her around. One day Finn knocked onto her bedroom window and explained to her that she was Trille, which is basically a troll and that she was a princess and needed to move away with him as she was a changeling and basically switched at birth as most Trille are. She refused to go with him and had trouble sleeping one morning so she went for a walk. During this walk she had trouble with people trying to capture her and take her away so Finn Saved her and took her somewhere safe.

This is when her life changed, she had to learn the ways of the Trille, get to know other people, and had a big ball where she was to have her christening ceremony and other Trille where to meet her. During the ball problems arose which caused her and the other Trille to fight for their lives.

I wasn't too keen on the end, I didn't like that it ended like that and I felt that more could have been done. It just ended rather abruptly for my liking.

Overall a fantastic book and I can't wait to read more.
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on 23 September 2012
Oh, how I slogged through 'Switched' ! Amanda Hocking clearly has some very good ideas and I really wanted to love this book, but over 300+ pages only about twenty have anything containing something happening.

It took me over four months to complete reading this book. I wanted to know what would happen, but only because I had invested time in it in the first place.

Once Wendy ends up in Forening, the story derails entirely. The next ten to fifteen chapters deal with 'am I a Princess / don't want to be a princess /
I want to go home / I want Finn to be madly in love with me'...it's a
set of themes that has the heroine torn, but not in a good way.

How this story has stretched to three books, when perhaps one would suffice,
is beyond me. But I think the story has been killed because of the want to
make it into three books. There is not enough story to warrant this, so it
must be some cold marketing ploy to get you to buy the others in the set.

Switched contains no characters you will care about, in a setting that is
believable enough but you again, won't care about it.

Most annoying is the Finn / Wendy love story. It's the sort of twee nonsense
that saturates what could be a good story.

Amanda, you can do better than this!
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on 2 October 2014
Surprising twists
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on 6 August 2016
I’d heard a lot about Switched before I read it. I borrowed it from my bestie, and had previously seen lots of people talking about it after its sort of viral success as a self-published eBook. But honestly, I thought I’d hate it. I’m not normally one for this kind of fantasy – I tend to find it a bit over dramatic and farfetched – but I actually really enjoyed Switched after all.

I found the story captivating from the get-go, with plenty of mystery and unanswered questions to help hook me in. It’s swoon-worthy, with a Romeo and Juliet-style romance that I couldn’t help but love and am looking forward to following throughout the rest of the series.

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Wendy, but I did really love how protective Matt is of her, and how wonderfully evil Elora is. I also really liked Rhys, who manages to be funny and friendly despite his pretty awful story so far.

Switched far exceeded my expectations, and I’ll definitely be finishing the series in the near future. It’s not going to be one of my top ten reads of the year, but that’s mostly just because it’s not really my thing. If you like Cassandra Clare, Holly Black and Melissa Marr, you’ll love Switched more than I did, but even for those who aren’t into fantasy, Switched is well-worth a read.
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on 20 March 2012
The plot is a fun idea, but for me the book didn't quite work. Once the heroine discovered that she's 'switched' I thought the story would get going - but she behaved really unrealistically, not asking obvious questions like why she was switched at birth, don't the people who did it realise it's immoral, where on earth the other child is, etc etc. The story does answer these questions (eventually) but the character should have been desperate for the answers and instead she just kinda goes with the flow. She's no way angry enough at having her childhood stolen from her etc. Anyway that was my take on it.

My main issue (and the reason for only 2 stars) was that I persevered with the book to the end, despite being rather bored, to see how it all ended. But the story just stops suddenly, pretty much in the middle of a scene, and clearly I was supposed to read another two books to find out. No fair. I love series, but each book should be reasonably self contained. That's why they call it a book, not a chapter... I am suspicious that the publisher told the author to string out the story over three books to rake in cash.
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on 22 March 2012
After I read and loved the My Blood Approves series. I wanted to read more from Amanda Hocking. I loved the cover of this book and the synopsis really intrigued me.

Straight away I was fascinated by Wendy and wanted to find out more about her life, she is feisty and confident yet seems lonely, like she doesn't fit in. Finn is also very interesting, he is the classic mysterious type that you just want to discover more about so you can figure out why he's doing the things that he's doing. The chemistry between these two characters was subtle but very exciting, I could really feel the attraction between them as I read.

The idea for the story was very different to anything I've ever read before - I never thought a story about trolls would interest me so much but I was completely captivated by this wonderful magical world and the lovely way it was written made it very difficult to put the book down.

I ended up staying awake late into the night (or should I say early in the morning) because I got to that stage in the book where I literally couldn't put it down. Then when I got to the end I was so frustrated because I didn't want the story to finish, it was so exciting and imaginative that I just wanted to stay in that amazing magical world with them.

There was a bonus short story at the back of this book called The Vittra Attacks which will make sense when you've read Switched - this was a great extra read and I have a feeling that the information gathered in this short story will be extremely relevant in the the next book. Speaking of the next book, I have already ordered Torn and I can't wait for it to arrive so I can find out what happens next.

This book is enchanting and different, it had me completely hooked from start to finish.
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on 17 March 2011
I so wanted to love this book - I assumed, after loving her other books, I would love this series. How mistaken I was!

I was swept away with the magic and fantasy of Hocking's My Blood Approves series and Hollowland (the first of the Hollows series), but it seems if you read one of her series, you've read them all! As I was reading Switched, I grew bored with how much it resembled her other series (My Blood Approves, The Hollows). If you've read her other series, you're likely to notice they're all almost carbon copies of each other, just with a few changes of names - Alice and her Vampires, Wendy and her Trolls, and Remy and her zombies. Even the wording, phrases and characters were a little deja vu for me.

The stories all follow a distinct theme, regardless of series - awkward teenage misfit with attitude; only real family is her brother; suddenly gets swept away into some kind of adventure; along the way she discovers she's 'special' and everyone wants a piece of her; is protected by handsome boy in mid-twenties who she can't decide if she loves or hates, he falls in love with her and is hopelessly devoted and would die protecting her after only knowing her a few days; plantonic male friendship who's relationship makes her love interest declare his feelings of love and jealousy; she has to choose between her new found destiny and her brother, while fighting some evil people who want her for themselves...etc etc.

If you can read that sort of story over and over, you'll love these books. They're magical and the characters are fun and lovable and the story is hopelessly addictive. But, I just don't have the patience to read the Tyrlle trilogy after reading My Blood Approves. I loved My Blood Approves but reading the Trylle Trilogy just makes me cringe and I got bored very quickly.
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on 14 October 2015
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on 18 November 2010
A book about trolls? Really? Hmm...
That was my first reaction when I read the description for this book. It sounded strange and macabre and well...trolls?! But then I started reading the amazing reviews, and when I was directed to amazon.co.uk kindle edition at £1.14 a pop, I thought what the hell...

And what the hell! OMG am I fan of Amanda Hocking now. Great prose; easy-to-read, engaging first person narrative. Wendy is a fantastic character who I really thought I wasn't going to like at first (she really was quite petulant - she is a troll or trylle sorry, so I get it) but as she discovers the world she really belongs to I began to care about her, which is all a reader can ask from the characters. Wendy is smart, mouthy but at the same time confused and vulnerable. Considering everything that's happened to her life, though, I think she's holding up well and you can't help but love such a strong-willed character.
As for Finn. What can I say? YUM. Hmm...would like me some of Finn :-p

The plot is wonderful and fantastical and so well thought out. It's not a fast-paced thriller but perhaps something better...a dark, twisted, coming-of-age, political (monarchical) fairytale.
Already bought myself the second in the series Torn and I can't wait to get started.

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I'm going to be honest , this book didn't wow me or move me. I know that there are a lot of people out there who love this book and will probably disagree with me but I didn't like it. The only reason I'm given it a two is because it was refreshing to read a YA that wasn't centered around vampires or werewolves, angels or magic. Yet even though it was refreshing it still lacked anything.

At the start of the book Wendy tells you about her mother. That on her 6th birthday her mum had snapped and tried to kill her because she didn't believe that she was her daughter. It started really well at first and I couldn't put it down as the first few chapters gripped hold of me and wouldn't let me go. But then it just went downhill from there the moment she met Fin. Wendy ends up falling for a guy she couldn't be with (wow....how original) while possibly having feelings for two other boys her mother wouldn't approve of either. It all read like a really bad fan fiction. I don't think it was very well written or thought out but that's just my opinion.

The lack of character development frustrated me. Even though its a book set from Wendy's point of view, there wasn't enough about characters such as Matt & Maggie. When Finn came along, told her who and what she was and whisked her away in the middle of the night they were forgotten about. While she was still at home with her brother an aunt, 70% of the time Matt & Maggie were mentioned it was Wendy telling you how they had reacted to something, or what they had done. You never got to witness it and in a way I feel like Amanda was trying to detach you as quick as possible from them because they not only play practically no part in the rest of the book, but they are hardly even thought of.

It had the potential to be a really good book but sadly after the first few chapters it was nothing you haven't seen before. Then again, she's made millions from it so she must be doing something right.
Thinking I would love it due to some of the reviews that I've read, I've already bought the other two before reading this ( something I never do for exactly this reason to be honest). I'll have to give them a chance and see if it grows on me. I don't see that happening though.
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