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on 18 June 2018
I adore Jennifer Crusie's sassy heroines and cool heroes. I haven't really seen anything new from her for a while and nothing that is as good as her earlier stuff so I just keep re-reading these.
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on 5 October 2017
I love Jennifer's sense of humour. Maddie's gran was just the most fab creation. Crusie creates 3-dimensional characters that you can't help but fall in love with. She doesn't write nearly enough for my liking!!
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on 15 August 2016
This book is another great, funny, scary interesting adventure full of characters you care about. Warning, if stalking triggers you, don't read it.
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on 9 February 2000
I nearly didn't buy this book because it looked like a bog-standard "single thirty-something woman and the problems in her life" girly novel. However, it is highly entertaining,beautifully written and extremely funny. The rather extended love scenes retain traces of the author's previous incarnation as a writer of romances, but certainly don't detract from the book's overall excellence. I wish I had written it.
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on 12 February 1999
Most townsfolk believe that Quinn is a fortunate individual since she is dating the local hero, gorgeous high school coach Bill Holland, who seemingly will do anything for his beloved. In spite of her relationship, Quinn feels bored and adopts a stray dog she found. However, to her shock, Bill commands her to give the fleabag to the pound.

Quinn rejects Bill's demands for her to give away Katie, so he intercedes by taking the canine to the pound without her permission. Quinn goes ballistic, feeling her boyfriend betrayed her. She dumps Bill and retrieves Katie. She also buys herself a house and begins to see Nick Zeigler. However, Bill obsessively wants her back even if he must employ violence to succeed in his quest.

Readers will be crazy for Jennifer Crusie's latest story CRAZY FOR YOU. The story line brilliantly blends wit with suspense, turning the novel into a winner. The audience will adore the intrepid Quinn even as they will despise and defile Bill. Even with a fatal attraction undertone, the ingenious Ms. Crusie leaves her fans feeling quite contented with life.

Harriet Klausner
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on 1 May 1999
So, there I was: sick of kids, sick of husband, sick of everything in my normal, ordinary life. Needed a treat in the worst way. Do I buy the hardcover or indulge myself with a bottle of Italian wine? One or the other--both are impossible. I bought the book. And, boy, was it ever worth it. We all know Cruise is funny--and she is. This is a very funny book. But there's also a rich, deeply satisfying kind of honor underlying her work, an exploration of our deepest relationships, our most treasured wishes and dreams, a recognition of how deep and terrible and wonderful our lives are if we take three seconds to appreciate them. Crusie is funny, but she's also wise, and the combination has never been better than in CRAZY FOR YOU.
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on 4 March 1999
Is there some unwritten rule than when romance novelists start getting hardback book contracts they must then include psycho stalking nutcase characters in those books? Nora Roberts makes the switch from romance to romantic suspense with ease, but in Jennifer Crusie's case the transition from her humor-filled romance novels would be better served without the psycho stalking nutcase type character. The story of Quinn and the domino effect her desire for change triggers would have worked fine without Bill, the dumped boyfriend who cannot take no for answer. Bill is not a funny character. The escalation of his stalking behavior is not funny. As a result, CRAZY FOR YOU is neither a completely funny romance nor does it qualify as romantic suspense since there are many humorous elements. CRAZY FOR YOU is entertaining, but suffers a bit of an identity crisis.
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on 11 January 1999
I've read all of Jennifer Crusie's books, and this one is her best yet. Quinn McKenzie, bored with her safe, predictable life, decides to keep the stray dog she's rescued from the parking lot. From that one tiny decision, her life dominoes out of control in mostly hilarious ways only Crusie could dream up. Safety alert: set down your mug of hot chocolate before reading the scene out behind the dog pound. Once again the heroine's relationship with her best friend is central to the story -- every woman needs a best friend like the ones Crusie creates for her heroines. This book is all about getting what you need, and it works on every level.
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on 23 April 2008
bit slow to start and found it hard to keep all the secondary character straight. set in the usual small town america where everybody knows everybodies business and high school sports are the religion so when quinn leaves her boyf the high school coach things are shaken up. high school coach doesnt really accept she has left him which just bugged me the whole way through the book and i got tired of him as a character. great male interest in the form of nick (hot hot hot) and things get down and dirty.

great funny moments and some great character, slow start but in the end the passion is explosive
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on 16 July 1999
It looks like I'm going to be the voice of dissent here. But just coming down from the high of reading "Watermelon", I was sure "Crazy For You" would be the perfect choice for my next read. Wrong! For far too much of the novel the "villian" is too pathetic and lost to be the least bit threatening. When Crusie finally turns up the heat the end is already crystal clear. Great sex scenes....but I stopped reading romances just for those scenes around high school. The rest predictable and flat. I'm thankful I only invested in a trip to the library on this one. For a great break-up-and-change-life-for-the-better romance try Marian Keye's "Watermelon" and for a great romantic suspence with wonderful tension try Karen Robards "Hunter's Moon".
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