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on 5 June 2012
I bought this book because I needed some exact quotations and information. It satisfied me in that respect. I note that many historians doubt the authenticity of certain quotes.
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on 18 September 2003
This is a fascinating book, which gives a good insight into Hitler's thought processes. Unfortunately, Rauschning betrays himself in several places as being extremely biased against Hitler, not on the normal moral grounds but on religious grounds. Rauschning was a devoted Christian and it is clear from his own words that what primarily horrified him about Hitler was his appreciation of European pre-Christian religion. This absolutely incenced Rauschning and was the basis of his intense dislike of Hitler, and he built all his critique of Hitler on it. It is for this reason alone that Rauschning declared Hitler "demonic" and not for any of his policies. The book is very revealing about Hitler's policies and in places gives the lie to views on them formulated after the war. This book was written just as the war was starting in 1939, and it is interesting to note that in one conversation Hitler actually stated that he had no intention of destroying the Jews. That, and other snippets from his conversation, took me completely by surprise. This is a worthwhile, even essential, book for anyone trying to fathom the mystery of Hitler's mind and persona. Written before the war, it is not prone to the myths which rose around Hitler after he had lost the war. The winners of wars always write the history. This book is pre-war and therefor essential reading in understanding the man.
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on 4 December 2012
It always astonishes me when I pick up World War II or Third Reich books from my local library, just how many of them have used this absurd slice of pure propaganda as a `source'.

Some of the claims by the author are so ridiculous and fantastic that only a gullible fool, or a Marxist would accept them as fact.

Even worse than William Shirer's largely fictional `Rise and Fall of The Third Reich', it turned out that Hermann Rauschning never even met Hitler.

Only buy this `work' as an example of dangerous anti-Hitlerian/anti-German hate propaganda, used to stir up the British people into meekly supporting arguably the most unjust war of British history.

If you are looking for an insight into Hitler's more informal talk, look to the book Hitler's Table Talk which, while almost certainly corrupted in places (such as where 'Hitler' talks on Christianity), is largely reliable.
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