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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2013
If you add ZBrush to your existing 3D software you'll need all the help you can get in getting your head around this capable package. ZBrush is a good choice of dedicated modelling software and a single license allows it to be installed on a desktop and a laptop computer, but not run at the same time. It is very different to programs like Maya or Carrara and prior experience with "traditional" 3D software can cause confusion.

This book is aimed at beginners with ZBrush and it covers basic working methods in digital clay and hard surface modelling across a wide range of ZBrush projects. Example files are included on the supplied DVD Rom and prove invaluable in coming to terms with the ZBrush ways of doing things. For example, even the Saving, Exporting and Opening of files can seem complicated at first. This book in invaluable in getting you restarted and moving on to the next problem!

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on 19 March 2009
Having just upgraded to Zbrush v3.1, I bought this in the hopes of polishing up on my creaky Zbrush skills, unfortunately this book only served to take me BACK a few steps in my knowledge of Zbrush!

Because of the drawn out manner in which things are explained to maximise the wording and pad the book out for example, they explain things in a whole paragraph that could be said in a single sentence! This makes for some very laborious reading and ultimately leads you to give up, being unable to take in any more of this waffle!

The illustrations are in black and white, not a problem you'd think, except they are printed in a very low quality setting. Almost like when your printer is short on ink and striping appears on any images you print out. This could have just been my copy, who knows.

Overall, pretty dire. I sent the book back pretty sharpish!
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on 4 December 2011
This is a very good introduction book anyone who wants to learn Zbrush. He explains tutorialwise and step by step the procedures. Because of the step by step approach I think it's better then Scott Spencer Zbrush book. There are enough pictures in the book to show the methods and techniques. A very good Zbrush book.
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on 26 February 2013
I am only part way through this book but am already very impressed with the author's approach which is learning how to by working along with an actual project. The basics are brought in easily and quickly but alongside there is further additional information to supplement your learning. It is also very enjoyable to follow which I could not say about many of the software teaching manuals. The only criticism is the black and white screen shots. They are no worse than most in fact probably better but they still struggle to illustrate some of the points adequately. I would have no problem in recommending this book to anyone wanting to get to grips with Zbrush
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on 7 January 2010
I have had this book for sometime and have found it very helpful. Zbrush has a myriad of features and functions and explaining them concisely in a way that keeps everyone happy is nigh on impossible. I have this book and Character Creation - Advanced Digital Sculpting by Scott Spencer, between the two books most things are covered from absolute beginner to advanced pro.
Zbrush itself doesn't always make things easy with it's different releases for Windows and Mac OSX, certain features and functions get really jumbled up, Mac 3.1 was ahead of Windows 3.1, now Windows 3.5 seems to have some of the Mac 3.1 functionality plus a lot extra. Trying to write a book with e.g.s and tutorials and taking into account these problems will always lead to discrepencies. The previous reviewer speaks of poor print quality and verbose instructions - whilst it's not the absolute best print quality - IT IS PERFECTLY GOOD ENOUGH for the purpose. It's not a glossy art book after all. I suspect that the previous reviewer had a dodgy copy. The verbosity of instructions is queried - again this obviously a very personal thing - some people like everything spelled out in the minutest detail others get by with a scant precis. As is so often the case the middle ground is the safest option. If one small thing is out of place or not selected in Zbrush the whole task can get messed up completely and a new user can get hopelessly lost, for this reason a little more detail is probably a good thing.
To cut through and get straight to the point you could always use a highlighter and highlight the pertinent bits.
Overall I would rate this book highly as an intro to ZBrush
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on 4 December 2015
I've got about 5 Zbrush books. This is the easiest to understand. The black and white images are fine if you read the content carefully. A lot of them are specific to tone not hue anyway so they still work. There are x8 colour pages showing the end results of a lot of the other tutorial content too. In particular the end is useful for getting a good fast overview of lighting, materials and rendering in Zbrush rather than other packages. Buy this book and learn useful skills - I have. Wish I'd bought this one first.
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on 3 May 2013
When I received this book I was hesitant at first as Zbrush was a mythical product to me I may never conquer but I'm 1/5th of the way through the book before I realized this product is perfect to tame the nervousness I have with Zbrush and I look forward to using it further and accomplishing my goal
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on 26 April 2011
I spent a long time teaching myself ZBrush when 3.5 was the current version.
When I saw the preview video for the release of ZBrush 4 I couldn't wait to install it on my Mac Pro and get stuck in. However when the time came to get stuck in I was lost. I had no idea how to use the new features.
So I went on a search for good reference material on ZBrush 4. Because it was a new release it was hard to find reference material that covered the new features in detail.

Then 'Introducing ZBrush 4' by Eric Keller was released. The confusion started when I discovered that this book contained the same reviews as 'Introducing ZBrush' by Eric Keller, which is the first release. So did the two books contain the same detail but have a different cover?
I believe Amazon have made some sort of mix up here, because these books are not the same book.
There is a similar mix up on 'ZBrush Character Creation Advanced Digital Sculpting' by Scott Spencer. He has two books on Amazon with the same title, however edition 2 contains the new features of ZBrush 4. All very confusing.

I eventually decided to purchase the Kindle Edition (for iPad) and I have to confess this book is excellent if you are starting out in ZBrush. What I also found is that it is also brilliant at describing the new feature in ZBrush 4, if you are all ready familiar with ZBrush.

I contacted SYBEX (publisher) and sent them a receipt of my Amazon Kindle purchase. They kindly posted me the accompanying DVD, which contains some really useful tutorials amongst a load of other stuff.

The kindle version is fully illustrated with colour captures and will serve me perfectly for future reference, especially considering I can use bookmarks in kindle by highlighting or bookmarking.

I can highly recommend this book if you are just starting out in ZBrush or if you have some knowledge of how ZBrush works, but need to learn some of the many feature this wonderful software provides. Eric Keller's skill in teaching is explained in clear detail, but not too much detail that will bore you.
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on 21 November 2013
A good book, except like all books in this genre, they expect you to be at least up to scratch with the medium that you are working in. Not basic enough for my dummy brain.
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on 4 August 2013
As a beginner this book is just perfect, it will go through all the details for every project.. the CD will help a lot as well
Well worth it!!
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