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on 1 September 2010
I started this book with the question in my head ... so what is 'advanced'? Is it 'advanced' as in 'advanced research' or 'advanced' as in A'Levels?

It's definitely not a beginner's guide. I think it would probably suit someone that's been running their AdWords account for a few months and wants to go to the next level. As such, I would say it's 'intermediate'. I'd give this book 4 stars as an intermediate book, but only just a 3 as an advanced text.

I'm disappointed by the Keyword Research chapter. It rightfully points at Google's own keyword tool as a great tool, but it doesn't really tell you how to use it to its full potential. It just glosses over it. It would be good to see a discussion of how to use the different match options in the keyword tool. I regularly see newbie experts (sic) on forums say things like "Google's keyword tool says there are 10 zillion searches per month for blahblah!" - the trouble is they've used broad match - if they used 'exact match' they would see that no one was searching for blahblah at all! That's an important point to understand, it's a shame it's not discussed here.

In contrast, the discussion of using negative keyword matching is much more comprehensive.

Things change fast in AdWords - there is no discussion here of the 'broad match modifier' - this is worth its weight in gold, at least for now whilst not many people are using it. Another big thing not discussed here is AdWords site links. The Content Network is no longer called that ... it's now called the Display Network. This is not a criticism of the book, these are very new changes.

On the whole this is a fairly down-to-earth book on AdWords, and has an interesting contrast in style and content to Perry Marshall's books. I'll revisit that contrast here once I've reviewed one or two of those.

Next for the Dummies Guide, it's latest incarnation is from 2009 - so that won't have all the latest info either.

One thing I will say is if you are running AdWords then you should read as much as you can about it - so any book that isn't bad is worth looking at!

This review is my personal opinion and not intended as a statement of fact :-)
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on 1 April 2011
This book will take you through many of the common features of AdWords but it's dated (e.g. reports have been completely redesigned since the book was written) and it's dull.

It's not for beginners either - you need to have used AdWords for several months before reading this book.

It is missing many new features and it lacks real insights - which are presumably available via Geddes website at additional cost.

However even advanced users will learn a little from it.
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on 26 September 2010
I have read a number of books on Google AdWords and pay-per-click advertising. Most were written in a 'get rich quick' kind of style that did not instill much confidence.

This book is very different. It is comprehensive, thorough and serious. Very, very serious. Unlike some of the 'get rich quick' babblers would have you believe, pay-per-click advertising is a rather technical matter, more about maths than about romantic success stories. So any book that treats the topic seriously, in a detailed and comprehensive manner, is likely to be - well - dull. However, those how are truly interested in understanding the mechanics behind successful and sustainable PPC campaigns will find this an exciting read; Not despite, but because of its comprehensiveness. Fortunately, the book is also very well organized in 17 more or less self-contained chapters, so experienced advertisers will have not much trouble finding the goodies for them.

Giddes has done a commendable job of presenting all the relevant information as concise as is possible without losing clarity. That adds up to a rather hefty book. Therefore, those who are merely looking for an introduction in Google AdWords might feel a bit intimated and discouraged by it, and might do better with another decent but slightly more 'sparkling' book on the topic, such as Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words: How To Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes

If you hope that Google AdWords is about "getting rich quick" rather than about doing a lot of meticulous, inventive and intelligent work, you are highly recommended to go through the 500 pages of this book. Get rich? Perhaps, if you do it right and have a relevant business to back up your effort. Quick? Well... not so much. This book is all the better for making no bones about that, but instead to jump right in with sound and clear advice and by explaining also the more abstract concepts behind the system. It doesn't just tell you what works, but it makes you understand why. Therefore, even experienced AdWords-advertisers will feel they gain new insights and expertise thanks to this book. Recommended!
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VINE VOICEon 13 January 2014
I nearly bought the Perry Marshall book but have an earlier edition and was looking for something new: Brad Geddes's book is exactly what I was looking for. I've been running Adwords campaigns since 2005 but needed a refresher to help me reorganise a large account that had got out of hand during the busy pre-Xmas period. This book refreshed by knowledge of the basics and introduced me to many of the aspects that have changed in the meantime. It also offers a step by step process, in the final chapter, to implementing a well organised AdWords campaign.At present, I'm working on my text ads but will move on to the display ads once they're working well - I can't comment on those aspects of the book therefore at present.

My only criticism is that it could do with an update to cover the latest features and the big revamp of the user interface Google has undertaken in the past year or so. Otherwise, superb.
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on 18 December 2016
I've not had that much experience with PPC / Adwords on the whole having only really worked with paid promotion via Social Media and a single Adwords campaign in the past. I'd watched a number of tutorials about the subject and had built a base knowledge of the subject matter prior to buying this book. Overall this book has helped me with my understanding and practical application of Paid Advertising campaigns. Despite the title stating it's for advanced users, it's actually very approachable for anyone with no PPC experience at all. It's well written and is easy to digest due to the layout and chapters. I can definitely recommend this book to those looking to develop a greater understanding of Adwords.
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on 5 November 2015
too difficult for me should have purched the for beginners edition
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on 3 November 2014
Don't be put of by the use of the word "Advanced" in the title - it actually serves very well as an introduction to using AdWords but with the scope to learn more about how to take your campaigns to the next level.

I cannot fault the content for giving you great ideas and tactics for successful campagins, other than to say I sometimes find the order of the chapters to be a little illogical if you're reading it cover to cover. That said, it's the type of book that you can dip in and out of so it would be unfair of me to rate it down as a result.

Overall, if you're a relative beginner (but perhaps will a basic understanding of PPC principles) then this is a book that's well worth buying.
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on 21 May 2014
I've struggled with Adwords for some time vs using organic content. The reason? Adwords is a complex tool and costs will escalate and produce poor results if you are not familiar with the best workflows. Brad's book is excellent, really well written and follows a logical progression right through to the more complicated (but important elements) toward the end.

If you have a base knowledge of Adwords, i.e. you understand the value and have an account but you have had no success then there is no better place to progress. This book will put you on the right track. Clearly your business needs to be offering something of value but all things being equal, you will have the best possible chance by reading Advanced Adwords.
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on 29 November 2012
Not too sure why it's called advanced as I think anyone starting out with adwords would find this book very good with comprehensive cover and easy to understand, well written explanations of how to set up adwords from beginning to end starting with keywords right through to testing the ads.

Unfortunately it didn't answer my problem, as I was hoping this second edition would cover PLAs (product listing ads) used for paid-for Google shopping already in operation in the US and soon to be implemented in UK (I think this is the case - but am struggling to find out how any of this is going to work which is why I bought this book!)
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on 8 February 2013
I work for a large UK SEM agency and like to grab occasional books like these for the staff. So that, during screen-rest time, I can still give our account managers some Adwords related reading (mwa ha ha)
I cannot comment if it's any good for the novice (our guys are pro Adwords from the get-go), but as a reference for ad inspirations and tweaks its great. The account managers have definitely used this to help save the client money on accounts, even the managers that are too proud to own up to reading books like this.

Like all books though, be prepared to get the updates as Adwords keeps evolving.
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