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on 21 May 2016
If you are thinking about diving into the web development world I would definitely recommend this product. 100%. Really easy to follow, lots of examples and additional info!! The book has the code colored as you would see it on any IDE, which is really useful.

As per the content it covers a lot of the things you are going to use on an everyday basis if you decide to make a career out of this and even more useful stuff.

If you are new to web development I would encourage you to purchase this book alongside the Javascript & jQuery book by the same author. Amazing combo and really useful!
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on 3 January 2016
I am building 2 websites for charities and I need to customise one of them a lot by editing HTML and CSS.

I have successfully done this based on what I learned from this book.

My view is the learning style described as follows is effective:

The author explains the topics in the chapter.

At the end of each chapter there is an excerise where you can type in code relevant to the chapter and see a website type output.

I did these exercises and then made changes to the code so that I could learn to change things.

This worked for me and I have been able to customise one of the websites by changing and editing code.
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on 9 May 2015
Purchased this book after buying Javascript & Jquery by the same author and loving the layout & readability of the book. I know HTML & CSS well but have never actually sat down and learnt 'the right way' to certain things so felt it was time for some light evening reading.

Even as an experienced web designer it was still an enjoyable read and I picked up enough new knowledge to make it a worthwhile read. As I didn't have to go away and play with half of what I read I finished the book cover to cover within about 8 hours but plan to use it for reference so it will remain on my shelf. I didn't use any of the demo content so can't comment on that but there's plenty of examples on the website that accompanies the book for those that want it.

Brilliant book for beginners & an easy to consume read for those that already know their way around but feel they could use a HTML5 knowledge update.

This book doesn't bog you down in information you're better off learning as you progress and instead focuses on key points, methods & techniques for you to delve in to and research more online at your own pace.

It's worth noting that anyone looking for a comprehensive CSS reference, this isn't the book for you. Whilst it covers all the main CSS features, it doesn't go deep into what can be achieved with complex CSS styling.
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on 4 August 2015
I am about three chapters into this book and it is fantastic. Clear, lucid, well laid out. I am just compiling an HTML cheatsheet as I go and really feel like I am soaking up the material and progressing to a working knowledge of this language. I am a data analyst and have toyed around with web design over the years--using W3 schools, and textbooks here and there. But my interest wanes around about the Hello World phase. This is a joy to read. Obviously a lot of effort has gone in to really driving the key information in an accessible way. Thanks Jon Duckett for putting this piece of work together. I am really liking it. I feel like after working through this I will be able to make some of the CSS changes to my Wordpress website that I have been wanting to do but lacking the code knowledge.
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on 6 May 2015
I have been designing websites for years, picking up bits of html and css as I went. What a shame I didn't get this book earlier. I finished it in two days and honestly now feel I finally understand html and css. So many things I thought I had figured out but which are much better explained here and I can now use properly.
I cannot overstate how well written this book is. It is clear, concise, easy to understand and every piece of code it introduces is fully explained and examples given. It seems improbable that such a book wouldn't be boring, but honestly, it's not.
I am now about to go and buy the javascript version so I can get started on that one.
Highly, highly recommended.
My only one minor niggle is that it is time for an update- it's now 4 years old.
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on 16 May 2013
I am a seasoned web developer. I have built sites using Drupal CMS and ASP Pages using .NET with c# in Visual Studio 2012.

So I'm not a total beginner, but my knowledge of CSS was very sketchy.

My concern was that this book would be too simplistic for my level of knowledge, but I have to say this is not the case.

The layout is simple and concise - each double page spread covers an element of CSS, with examples of HTML code, CSS code and the results that appear in your browser.

Reading it gives you all the information you need to use CSS, but it also gives you ideas and many 'Ah, so that's how they do that!' moments.

In addition to this, it gives up to date hints and tips on website design that are relevant for modern websites.

When you have read it, the design and layout of the book is such that it also works very well as a reference.

I can see this book is going to stay on my shelf and remain useful for a long time.
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on 24 March 2015
Really is the manual to get on the subject matter, clear concise and (provided your of the mind frame for OOP) easy to follow.

Having deprecated understanding of HTML & near zero pertaining to CSS, this manual enable me to plough through months of work in a few short hours, Jon Duckett's writing style is to the point; bereft or lengthy Jargon exposition and parsed in a manner that stands apart from other patronising; overtly complicated and condescending publications on the subject, having gone through a number of volumes by other publishers (packaged with gimmicks such as 'free code' but donations were expected) this book delivered.

If your new to it all or even a Veteran Web Dev Guru, this book deserves a place on the shelf and for the prices available on Amazon it's a bargain.
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on 14 February 2016
It occurred to me when I was reading this book that it sets new standards in technical authoring. Really!

I have never before read a technical book that was so well laid out and easy to follow. If you cannot learn HTML and CSS from this book you should probably conclude that these topics are not for you.

The secret behind it is in the chunking. The breaking down into small, logical parts, that are extremely easy to follow and then to implement in your web related projects.

The book will also serve you well as a reference in the future, for those times when you forget bits of syntax and need to look them up.

An excellent piece of work.
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VINE VOICEon 15 May 2013
Before reading this I knew a bit of html markup, but didn't really know much about css other than it had something to do with the page layout. I was thinking of writing a website, so learning html and css seemed like the appropriate starting point hence me buying this book.

The book reads well, I happily digested it within a day and felt confident I could now start writing a static webpage.

When it came to actually writing a webpage, the book also served it's purpose as a reference. The structure of the book makes it easy to find the relevant part again very quickly and it allowed me to generate a good-looking page.
For this I think the book fulfills it purpose well and is worth the money.

Two suggested improvements.
I feel the section on layout grids and css frameworks could be expanded a bit.
As another reviewer has mentioned the covers are terrible. The booked arrived with it's corners curling and after reading, the entire cover curls like no other book I've ever seen. Which is a bit annoying as it's a book I can see me continuing to use.
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on 15 March 2016
I work in IT but have not really had much to do with web design for a long time, I needed a book to get back up to speed but was fed up with the usual 800 page long IT book that is just so hard to read. This is brilliant as it is short concise and stunningly visual. This is the Apple of the book world. Of course the 800 page books do go into more detail but you can never remember this stuff and seeing as most web design is done on the computer why would you not just Google any specifics, you can even copy and paste the code directly into your design.
For me this is the best IT book I have purchased for some time and I will be looking out for more books by Jon Duckett, I just wish he wrote a similar book about PHP.
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