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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Price:£23.29+ Free shipping

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on 17 June 2017
Great game, is an absolute bargain for the price as well. My brother has the UK version, but the only difference between that and the US one is the box is bigger and it comes with the Artful Dodger ship (it isn't the full Artful Dodger ship expansion pack tho as only has the ship card and token, not all the extra cards you get with the other ship expansion packs). However for the same price as buying the UK version of the game I bought the pirates and Bounty Hunters and the Breaking Atmos expansions as well as the US version of the game, which has tons more cards to add to the game and a couple of extra ship variants in it so is (in my opinion) better value. The only issue is you can only just squeeze all those bits into the box now but for just over £50 gives me a pretty decent size version of the game with plenty of variation.

Enjoy and Keep flying!
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on 19 March 2017
It took us two hours to set up and learn the rules, but it was definitely worth it. The first 'beginner game' took us 2h30 to complete that was filled with treachery and careful sidestepping around the alliance and reavers. Then the second play of the game, using a different game goal card was even more eventful with everyone taking on riskier jobs for a larger payout - in the end it came down to one dice roll that decided who won the game when two players were neck and neck to finish the final goal. Will definitely be playing this game many more times!
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on 31 March 2014
This is my mistake rather than the seller's but this is not the UK version of the game which has a bigger box and an extra (non-firefly) ship. Sad face. However, the game is awesome, especially if you are a Firefly fan. If you're not a Firefly fan, this is still a great game for those wanting an interesting space-trading board game. It could do with a little more player-versus-player content, but that is coming in a future expansion.
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on 6 January 2014
Just to warn people that there are some differences between the US (this one? ) and UK version.

The UK version has a bigger box with room for expansion cards and the 5th player ship originally a promo (The artful dodger).
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on 15 November 2013
So pleased to find this game on Amazon. Licensed products can be pretty dreadful, re-skinning a very ordinary game mechanic with some pretty pictures from a TV show. But this game is put together from scratch, and obviously by people who love Firefly. The game mechanics conjure the events of the show and it feels pretty much like a RPG, where every player is a rival captain recruiting a crew, finding work, doing the job and getting paid. There is so much randomness and player-choice available that no two games should ever be alike.

The materials are created with care and attention, and are based not just on the TV show, but also some of the visual "extended 'verse" of fan created and licensed product.
The dice (two, even though only one is required) have a little Firefly image for a six. There are four actual firefly models as player counters, and a Reaver Trans-U and a lovely Alliance Cruiser (this last is a bit wobbly on its stand).

If you are Browncoat, this is must buy.

There seem to be some problems with distribution and not many stores in the UK can get hold of it. So it's great that Amazon has copies for sale.

Watch out though, the description mentions some pre-order exclusive Big Damn Hero cards. These DO NOT come with the product. It's the basic game only (after all, this isn't a pre-order any more).
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on 27 April 2014
Bought for my browncoat daughter's birthday. She loves it - whole family does. Good game for those still waiting for season two!!!
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on 27 December 2013
Had this demoed to me at Essen and we played pretty much a complete game. First the good - it is a terrific use of the licence, it really feels like it works in the Firefly universe. Some licenses feel tacked-on, or alternatively have a really basic game sold purely on the image on the front of the box. This game is definitely more than that.

Unfortunately the licence is based on solitary ships going about their own business across the 'verse. The game replicates this, but that means that it is basically multi-player solitaire. There is very little player interaction, with a lot of downtime between turns. And often your turn consists of flying a couple of spaces across the board towards your next objective. If nothing happens, that's it - another several minutes of waiting for your turn to come around so you can move another couple of spaces - yawn. The ability to mess with other players is pretty limited - moving the Alliance or Reaver ships can block slightly where they are going, but it's kind of random and not really a strategy.

And when you reach a planet, the decisions are not that fun. Pick up some cards, turn in some cards, have a fight, it's just not that exciting.

The game can be played with several different objectives - ours was simply to be the first to reach a particular amount of money ('"Respectable" Persons of Business'). That simply meant us all doing our own thing, trying to complete deliveries, or committing crimes as fast as possible. I've looked at the other Objective cards on Gale Force 9's website, and frankly they don't look a lot more interesting.

It's a shame because I was really looking forward to this game and really wanted to like it, but it just went on too long with too much time sitting around doing nothing.
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on 14 April 2014
When a license as powerful and enduring as Firefly is applied to anything, it's a can be a dicey move (no pun intended). As it is, it's easy to believe that the people who made this pacey and engaging game really cared about making something worthy of the name, and true to its spirit to boot.

The principle is simple; pick a Firefly-Class Ship, choose a Captain and start working jobs. Starting with simple shipping and delivery jobs from the mundane contacts, you can upgrade your ship, amass money and acrue a crew complete with your choice of equipment. Before long, you'll have an ecclectic group with which to tackle the more rewarding and less legal types of missions for unsavoury characters like Badger and Niska. You can even fly out into Outer Rim territory and brave the risk of running into reavers in your quest for profit. The bigger paycheques may even require a bit o' misbehavin', so make sure you have a crew just as capable of shooting off a hip-shot as they are shooting off a one-liner if you want to get through it.

The game rewards repeat play; as you get a better grip on the mechanics of the game, and get to know how it progresses, you and your fellow gamers can start to really apply a personal sense of strategy that may be missing from the rather haphazard early games. Are you a law-abiding freighter Captain who picks the low-hanging fruit, or do you want to fly into the black and take the risk of being one the 'Bad Guys'?

The first expansion 'Breakin' Atmo' comes highly recommended as a way to add more diversity to the game, and that'll likely be true of the numerous expansions GF9 have made clear are planned.

All in all, this game feels very true to the spirit. As a sort of free-wheeling 'Monopoly in space...with six-shooters', it's a challenging and fun game that gets better the more you play!
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on 14 October 2014
Brilliant boardgame. I bought it for my boyfriend for his birthday and he absolutely loved it. Fast delivery, great price.
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on 22 May 2014
Caveat emptor - this ain't a game for the faint o' heart. The rules sure will daunt folk, but stick with it, the payoff's more'n worth the outlay. And, once you're flyin' - well, keep at it. There's enough goals to keep this game fresh for a good long while.

Watch out for reavers!
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