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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2012
I love this author!!! Having started with her 'Shadowlands' series and then to 'The Starlight Rite' and Masters of the Abyss and Mountain - I have enjoed them all. One of the reasons is that since buying my kindle I have spent/wasted a lot of money on really short books - I read a lot and therefore need my books to be of a decent length (at least 150 pages, otherwise I go on a reading drought). These books are a decent length, good stories and scorching content!

The Dom's Dungeon is primarily about Mackensie, a vet who takes a house exchange in order to find a new job and re-settle in a new city to escape her past. Mac's self worth is virtually non-existent after being brought up in foster care and then ending up as a 15yr old prostitute (for less than a year)12 years previously. Mac deviously opens a locked door in the exchange house to discover a bdsm dungeon, whilst trying out one of the benches she dosen't hear the owner of the house come home. Alex was involved in an altercation at the airport resulting in missing his flight, he therefore heads back home. Alex is a dominant with an annoying ex-girlfriend/stalker type, he is furious at finding Mac 'trying out' his equipment but very quickly realises that Mac is a submissive whom he might like to dominate.

To begin with, I thought the story might be a bit cheesy but I very soon started to really sympathise with Mac, I found a few scenes very heartrending and Alex's handling of her is beautifully written and he is just (sigh)! Mac has closed herself off to emotion and Alex helps her to discover her emotional self through the d/s relationship - taking the responsibility and the angst away from her through 'play'. I love all CS's characters, they are all strong, gorgeous but flawed and very believable.

As you would expect this book is scorching hot and will not suit underage readers.
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on 22 May 2016
This book was heading for a solid 5 stars... Until the end, which I felt was entirely predictable and a little bit of an anti-climax!

I loved the premise of a house-swap gone wrong, I adored Alex with his compassion and love for animals, and I also loved poor, sweet Mackensie and her determination to escape her past (well, with the exception of her constantly using 'frak' as a curse word - that was really irritating!!). Mackensie had built a successful new life on a foundation of lies, shame and secrets and it was basically a case of waiting for it all to catch up with her. Yeah, so the story wasn't all that believable in places (him swapping his mansion for her tiny Iowa house in the first place, him missing his flight and not being able to find any other way to get to Iowa, her unlocking his locked door and deciding to get naked on a spanking bench - I still can't fathom her compulsion to unlock that door, I mean rental homes frequently have owner's closets - and then letting Alex, a complete stranger, spank her in his own home when they have literally just met... I mean he could have been a serial-killer rapist for all she knew!) but hey, it's fiction and it wasn't *so* unbelievable that I couldn't overlook it.

My biggest issue was the lack of balance in terms of the build-up and then the ending. I felt like the book could have done with being another 50 pages in length with a bit more time spent on the confrontation/running away/forgiveness scenes/proposal at the end. It seemed to lack a lot of the suspense and drama that I felt we were promised. And the proposal scene was horrible - I kept thinking Alex was going to go down on one knee but no, he just sort of told her they were going to get married and she couldn't say no? Not very romantic and a bit too controlling for my liking, especially when their BDSM relationship is usually limited to the bedroom (or the dungeon!).

But still, this is a great book with a good plot and good characters. It is deep and intriguing with well-integrated BDSM. In my opinion it missed a few opportunities that could have escalated it to true amazing-ness!
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on 19 April 2014
Where you expect this book to be a typical BDSM story it soon becomes clear that it's a lot more than that. Macs story will bring tears to your eyes. Abused through her childhood and rejected by the community she moves to start a new life. Exchanging houses with Alex she's forced to confront her past and see that not every man is out to hurt and abuse you. This is so well written with wonderful characters. Five stars just doesn't seem enough.
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on 19 July 2012
Thought I'd try it due to the great reviews, (here and Amazon.com) It just didn't work for me. Just felt Alex's behavoiur on several occassions was humiliating and belittling towards Mac. When he found her in his dungeon, and proceeded to spank her, and when the other doms manipulated her into disoeying him.
Like that he recognized she had problems and needed help, but it was arrogant of him to believe he knew what she needed, better than she herself.
He prides himself on his 'Dom' characteristics of wanting to protect and look after, but for me it just comes across as a need to contol and own.
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on 21 February 2016
This was a really enjoyable and fairly quick read. The book tells the story of Mackensie and Alex. He is rich, moves in high society and is a man of influence in the business world, she is a veterinarian with an unsavoury past that she wants to move on from. Alex being a Dom wants to know her secrets and push her to her limits, she likes his domination but wants to keep those secrets hidden. The story of how their relationship develops and the trust between them is built is told well, with good pace, hot sex and well-rounded characters. There are of course obstacles in their way to happy ever after, but the journey is well worth reading.
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on 1 March 2016
I really, really enjoyed this book. Been so disappointed recently with highly recommended books that all focus on the physical aspects of BDSM. Cherise Sinclair writes books with characters that are so much more believable than most and the stories focus on the emotional connection between the lead characters. What a breath of fresh air! I've loved all of the Shadowlands books and this one was no exception. Really well written with no annoying editing errors either. MacKensie and Alex are a perfect match and MacKensie gets my vote because she loves animals too! Great book, thank you.
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on 27 February 2013
The book itself was well written but could have been longer with a more dramatic climax to MacKensie's secret past. I also agree with the other readers over the ending. It ended all rather quickly. Apart from that, I enjoyed it and it is a far better book than the FSOG trilogy.
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on 12 February 2016
Mackenzie and Alex come from different worlds but are vacationing in each others houses and Mackenzie is looking for a new life, Alex comes home early to find her in a compromising situation and takes advantage to stop his ex-girlfriend from getting the wrong idea not knowing that he would fall for her, nice story with a bit of BDSM just how I like it.
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on 28 January 2016
The book touched on subjects most leave alone and was very well written as expected from chersie sinclair I simply loved the character interactions and emotional upheavals that occurred and didn't put it down until the last page was read. I know that I will go back and read this again. I recommend this as a good emotional read.
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on 28 April 2016
This book you can enjoy time and time again the only bit I would have wanted is a second book to add to this story as there was other charaters and to follow up alex and mac. great I Love reading this author.
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