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on 25 April 2015
A great ending to the best trilogy I’ve ever read. I love how Bromberg could have given these two a nice easy ride to a HEA, but she didn’t. She took them, and us, on a brutal ride. The full extent of Colton and Rylee’s pasts being revealed. Both of them facing challenges head on, showing bravery in the face of adversity. Colton’s belief that he is unlovable is so strong that he pushes Rylee away again and again, but she keeps coming back, refusing to give up on him and it makes their bond even more special to the reader as we’ve seen them earn it. Expect more tears and a serious book hangover after finishing this read. I’m sorely tempted to dive straight back in and read it all again, I just don’t want to emerge from Colton and Rylee’s world just yet. A breath-taking tale of how love is worth fighting for. I’ve never read a book where there wasn’t something I didn’t like in it, with this trilogy it was a love hatric, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. I race you too, Colton Donovan and boy, what a ride! I’ve never had to wait days to write a review, but this series left me with the mother of all book hangovers.
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on 26 March 2014
Where to start with this book. Read the whole trilogy in just over a week, the first 2 are excellent books which lead to the ultimate third book CRASHED. I have only ever reviewed four books, not keen on doing reviews, but could not let this one slip by. It is a beautiful book that took my heart and squeezed it out more times than I can remember. I laughed, I cried, I gasped and more. I read until 3am as I just could not put it down to go to sleep. First of all what can you say about Coulton Donovan , OMG bad boy with the soft belly underneath, and what would I give for an hour with him. And the damaged Rylee, God you just love her. They felt like my family by the time I was half way through this book. Becks, another gorgeous man with morals and a damn good sense of humor, and Haddie with her one liners that made me smile so often. Even when I finished it and woke up the next morning I still could not get them out of my head and to be honest I am soo going to miss reading this book. The only light at the end of the tunnel is K Romberg has promised that this is not the end of Coulton and Rylee, and all I can say is THANK YOU. Also due is a book about Haddie and Becks which I personally cannot wait for. There are so many characters of such interest that could spawn more books, and I will be first in line to be reading each and everyone of them. Well done K. Bromberg, as fictional boyfriends go I think Coulton has just overtook Gabe, Cam, Sean and Marley of the lovely Lesley Jones books Saviour, Resolution and Carnage all of which I totally fell in love with. Would I recommend CRASHED ---- Hell yes !!! your missing out if you don't read this trilogy, and CRASHED has the most wonderful ending, which will leave you sighing and crying and wishing for more. I Race you Coulton Donavan until we meet again .
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on 4 March 2014
Some may say that this review is #inconsequential - I disagree!

It's at times likes this, when a book of such epic proportions is written, that I wish there was an option to leave for than 5 stars!!

I have been waiting for the release of Crashed for so long, and the "anticipation" was nearly killing me. When I finally reached the finish line, I crossed that checkered flag with the widest smile my face has ever graced.
Kristy knocked this out of the park. Her imagination conjured up our Ryle's and Colton, and for that I cannot thank her enough. This finale had everything I wished for and more. I cried incessantly, and I fell in love with them both more and more as this beautiful love story progressed. I adored the relationship between Rylee and Haddie and and also between Colton and Becks. They were so real and funny together, but at times poignant.

More importantly, the progression of Colton and Rylee's relationship was simply perfect. I cried, laughed, and felt every word on every line on every page.

This is quite simply an epic finale to an epic series. Written with flawless beauty, by a wonderful lady who knows how to write the perfect love story, how to create the perfect Alpha Male and the perfect leading lady. Kristy Bromberg is the one to watch and I can't wait to read her future work.

Crashed and The Driven Trilogy has ruined me for any other book. I have the most epic book hangover EVER!!

I Cannot recommend this book highly enough.
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Words cannot describe the beauty of this book. I fear that writing a review will fail to do this amazing story, and trilogy conclusion, justice so I am not even going to try.

For me this book was simply perfection. The storyline from start to end was so emotional it was painful at times but the drive that Colton and Rylee had to find love in the face of adversity was simply breath-taking.

K Bromberg can write, and write extremely well. If there ever was a person to deserve total and unbiased success then this lady warrants it.

I am still too emotional to put into words what this book really means to me but without doubt it’s the best book series I have ever read.

***“You loved me at my darkest,” he whispers, and steals my breath. - Colton***
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My God!!! Checkered flag time baby!!

6 Stars all the way move over Cross and Grey make room for Donavan.

Not only do all the characters in K Brombergs's books grow so does her writing, it just keeps getting better.
I couldn't put it down, stayed up to late reading, got up early to continue, neglected the family just a little! But its done and I could just start all over again with the series.
I don't want to give anything away, but you MUST read this series. I love Colton and Rylee. This has more emotion and felling than I could put into words, but we get the full picture from Colton and a big leap in faith. I've had tears and laughed out loud. SEXY AS SIN.

Beautiful ending xx
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on 5 March 2014
I have to give it 6 stars. This trilogy has kept EVERY Piece of my attention all the way through. If it's possible, more happened to and between Rylee and Colton in this book. Obviously from the end of fueled it starts with a crash. The is a lot of heart in your mouth in this book not just originating from Colton but from Rylee also. However this book brings trust, truth, healing, heartbreak, hurt, blood and death and every little bit feels in place. It is not over dramatic or overly angst ridden. Kristy Bromberg can create a yarn with narrative that knocks your socks off. I've never used this phrase before but I own it today. ....... Book hangover :-)
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on 9 March 2014
Wow amazing. Ive found another author for my favourites list. What a lovely ending to this trilogy. Love and self discovery for Rylee and Colton and their strong bond they built up through their love. This trilogy doesn't just deal with boy meets girl kind of story with hot sex thrown in or the fact its another heroine and alpha bad boy it deals with a subject that effects millions of people Kristy dealt with a very emotional heartbreaking subject that's very real for a lot of people out there. I am not a victim or know of any victims but this story touched me deeply as you know it goes on I think the author is amazing and thank her for a fab story.
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on 21 March 2017
I'm lost for words. Emotional wreak (& I do not cry ever!!)
A friend recommended this series to me & to start off I admit I wasn't keen on Colton, not for long tho, I was soon his number one fan ;) loved Rylee straight away such beautiful heart.
This series is a MUST read! I couldnt do it enough justice in my review if I tried!
I actually dreaded the end of this book because I didn't want it to end. Only today I found out there's more!!!! Now I'm off to downland raced, thank you K Bromberg, excellent writing!!!
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on 4 March 2014
Absolutely brilliant series. Been waiting months for this one to come out and can't begin to put into words how good the whole series is. It touches on many emotions, laughter, tear jerking, heart wrenching to name but a few. The last book had me in tears so many times but also laughing and smiling. The author has done what so few are able to do that is to write a good story drawing you in and feeling every emotion that the characters in the book feels. Loved the fact that it has just the right amount HOT with humour running all the way thru. Looking forward to more from this author.
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on 9 May 2014
Fueled ended on a cliffhanger that had me dying for the next book to come out. I wasn't disapointed. There was so much angst, tears and happiness all in one for this book. I actually had to put the book down a few times as I was scared to read on for fear of what would happen.

I love Kristy's style of writing, I love the plot and the depth of the characters. I enjoyed the fact that I didn't know what was going to happen next. If you havent already read this series, why not?? its a must read
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