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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 29 August 2013
As a Tai Chi practitioner I had tried Zhan Zhuang over the years but always thought it was simply an exercise in stamina and to build strength in the legs. I always found it too painful to move past a 5 minute stand.
This book has opened my eyes to its possibilities and through the in-depth explanation of how to stand I was immediately able to stand for a full 10 minutes. The micro adjustments necessary are carefully explained and at time of writing I am standing for 15 minutes a day and fully expect to reach my realistic aim of 25 minutes before too long.
Don't get me wrong - this is hard work. I find the first 5 minutes the worst where you need to continually examine each part of your body for correct alignments - however once comfortable the mental problems arise and impatience kicks in. But every now and then a period of complete emptiness occurs which is wonderful.
I have suspect ageing knees and this exercise has helped them hugely in a matter of weeks.... less stiff and no pain. I just need to work on my creaking shoulders now.
Amazing book! Only slight criticism is the photographs were not perhaps as clear as line drawings could have been.
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on 6 July 2013
I have taught this exercise for years, mainly as a prelim to tai chi or chi gung. Since using Mark's book I have extended teaching to include this as a stand-alone health and/or internal strength exercise. Full of in-depth description and explanation, I have learned a great deal from the book but I am certain this will be only a fraction of what Mark knows. I await a follow up or perhaps dvd. Excellent book recommend 5 stars.
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on 1 September 2015
A good book from a knowledgable and experienced teacher. However i did find it a little 'western' - by that i mean lots of structural, energetic, philosophical texts which although interesting and thorough could be daunting to the practioner (especially a beginner) I started practicing zhan Zhuang about 20 years ago. I was tought by my Kung Fu grand master, he showed us the basic 5 health postures, ensured we were relaxed and in good postures and then said - Practice, practice, practice. Having said that, this book has taught me many things and inspired me to train ZZ more often and longer.
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on 19 September 2014
Given the not inconsiderable cost of this book, I'm a bit disappointed in the amateurishness of the finished product. Some of the photos are out of focus and Mark's grasp of when to use "it's" and "its" is very shaky. Would the budget not have run to paying someone to proof read it?
Regarding the content, however, it's fascinating and will provide a lifelong journey of discovery for me. I was particularly interested in the description of his "Kundalini" awakening.
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on 23 August 2016
A good book. The man obviously knows his subject and the discussion of the internal aspects of the art are sound (in my admittedly limited opinion, though my qigong teacher vouches for its quality).
It is not perfectly written, but it gives a thorough overview. You will need a qualified teacher to help you but it makes a good supporting text to work from.
It isn't the most inspiring book in terms of looks but so what it is probably the best Zhan zhuang volume you can buy written in English.
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on 4 August 2015
Have been a student of chi king for over twenty years, and found Mark Cohen. Interpretation of the finer points of Zhan Zhuang. Very refreshing and easy to relate to, I practice for my health and general well being, but have found the other benifits that come with it both surreal and exciting. And with Marks insight to the art has helped me to get even better rewards from my practice.
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on 15 May 2014
Excellent guide book and reference guide for the experienced practitioner and for the beginner. Very good illustrations and descriptions of postures, and an excellent description of the processes involved in standing meditation and its results.
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on 16 July 2016
A superbly written book by a modern day Master of Chi-gung (Qigong) His instructions are clear and to the point. If you are interested in standing practice, Zhan Zhuang, then this book is for you, irrespective of level. I am a 28 year T'ai Chi Ch'uan player and highly recommend this book.
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on 21 April 2017
Standing meditation great worth buying
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on 4 August 2017
Excellent product and sertvice
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