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on 31 August 2015
An outstanding contribution.
Gives you such an insight applying detailed forensics and how the mind works in dangerous and fearful situations.
This book is a must read for any person researching JFK.
Fascinating and detailed covering such things as front and backwards blood splatter, sound and how people analyze it, how our brain slows down witnessing dangerous situations.
I can go on and on but don't want to spoil the book as it is a must read.
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on 7 September 2013
Science Revealing the Truth
Sherry Fiester's book "Enemy of the Truth" has given a new perspective on the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the USA. In her book, she refutes all the myths by using scientific methods that is familiar in her expertise background of CSI which includes Forensics and Ballistics.
Methodically, first of all, the book is very easy to understand for a normal person to understand. Subjects of the chapters are introduced first, related with the scientific background throughout the history and finally summarized. These summary or conclusion parts help us to learn the chapter easily. Also, very important key points are repeated for a better understanding.
Secondly, we can understand the assassination was the result of a conspiracy when we read the chapters : The blood in the Zapruder home movie is faked, *Ballistic prove a single shooter, *The fatal head shot originated from the Grassy Knoll, *There are two simultaneous head shots, The single bullet theory is correct. In these chapters, she introduce the concept of blood spatter: back and forward.. By analyzing the Zapruder film's related frames and relating the testimonies of the nearby witnesses, she proves that the blood seen in frame 313 was the result of a front shot. Then she also refutes the myths invented by W.C and H.S.C.A. by relating her knowledge in Forensics, Medicine and Ballistics very successfully. Also in Chapter 5: *Ballistic Prove A Single Shooter ,she proves that more than one shooter participated in the assassination by mentioning the events starting from 1964 to 2007 on the bullet evidences.
As a result, this perfect book tells us between the lines that the murder is the result of a conspiracy.
Thanks, Mrs.Fiester.
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on 11 June 2013
While on holiday i had the pleasure to read "Enemy Of the Truth"First i must say i do know Ms Fiester through Lancer but have always thought the head shot as shown in the books conclusion coming from the front left,I have been a regular visitor to Dallas and know the Plaza as well as anyone, up till Ms Fiester,s Book and research There has never been any proof, this now is not the case anymore.
The Mathematics are sound and with Ms Fiester,s background beyond reproach with Blood Spatter and the police this is an important book,In the Research community their is some discontent with the findings through Self interests from Shot(s) from the grassy Knoll,Ms Fiester never says that no shot(s) were fired from this location only not the head shot which i tend to agree with,Something was going on behind the fence because their were witnesses i.e Ed Hoffman,Gordon Arnold,Lee Bowers to name just three Plus the Newman,s.
I would recommend this book to anyone new to the case or old hand who is a searcher of the Truth ,dont let the Grassy Knoll cloud your judgement there were more than one shooter and it was not Lee Harvey Oswald.
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