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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 December 2011
I have had lower back problems on and off for most of my adult life (15+ years) and I stumbled upon this book from a marathon Googling session, when I was determined to get the help I couldn't find anywhere else. I have literally tried everything: exercise, yoga, stretching, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy & chiropractic; the latter of which has cost me thousands of pounds over the years. I was one of those chiropractic bores who would tell everyone and anyone who would listen about its healing effects. That was until this year, when I was in so much pain even with painkillers, that all I could comfortably do was lie down with my laptop and search.

I am so glad I did! This book is based on the principle that your body's natural spinal curve - the lordosis - is stretched and turned the wrong way with conscious and unconscious abuse over the years. Well I was surprised that I had never even heard of the word "lordosis", and how simple it would be to return it to its natural state. In years of visiting back specialists, none of them even suggested this problem! At this stage I was willing to give it a proper go to see what it was all about. It is so simple everyone can do it, no matter what shape you are in, or how much pain. You really can treat yourself!

The book gives a good bit of background and science without being dull, and helps you address the real causes of most back problems, particularly pains associated with the lower back, hips and legs. I used the exercises frequently throughout the day as it suggests, and then at regular intervals over the weeks or when following any kind of exercise which flares up your problem. In only about 2-3 months I could move freely again, and even resumed gym activities including running and weights!

What I should also point out, which is also mentioned by the author, is the fact that when doing these exercises you will experience new pains at first. Do not despair! This is a normal part of the healing process as you retrain your body to stand, sit or even lie down in the correct way. Persistence will see you almost pain free in a matter of weeks, and you will also learn a lot about how you have been slouching up till now without even realising it. There is also a good "emergency pain" page which gives short descriptive diagrams about what to do if your back ever "flares up" again. But you should not really need these if you follow the book correctly because the real benefits are in the long term.
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on 22 June 2012
I have been suffering for 7 months with a herniated disc pushing on my sciatic nerve (confirmed by an MRI scan). I have had fairly good results with Osteopaths but things had stalled - I was still waking up every morning with extreme lower back pain, sciatica and was walking with a limp some of the time with pain during the day.

My Osteopath recommended this book because I wanted some exercises to push things onwards - good suggestion! I bought and read this book on a Friday night and did the first three exercises and slept in the exercise 1 position (I now always sleep like this with no pillow). I woke up on the Saturday morning with very little pain compared to normal and only mild sciatica!!! I have persevered for a month performing exercises 1 to 3, six to eight times a day (and exercise 4 when I couldn't lay down I.e. away from home).

This has made an incredible difference to my recovery, I still have some way to go but life is now tolerable and getting better all the time. The McKenzie lumbar rolls are also recommended for driving / sitting.

This book doesn't cost much, please try it if you are suffering - it's certainly changed my life.
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on 6 October 2005
You will think that I have been paid to write this but I have not. I suffered for several months from severe lower back pain and sciatica in both legs. After being told by medical profession nothing could be done except painkillers I had treatment by osteopath and accupuncture which made no difference.
The book arrived yesterday and after doing the exercises last evening and more important changing my way of sitting whilst watching TV or at the Computer I find this morning the pain has almost gone already.
I thorougly recommend this book to people with low back pain and sciatica. Incidently I am 72 and my email address is if you want to ask me any questions please do. I hope that the Author gets to read this.
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on 15 January 2012
After 6 months of regular but on-off back pain, after 3 osteopathic & chiropractic treatments (£140), after seeing 2 GP's, after buying a special chair meant to help with back pain, I finally got this book. It explained the simplest thing, which overnight fixed me.
Looking back, I don't think I'd done serious damage, but I was exacerbating the problem over and over because of my posture when sitting in my office job; despite the fancy chair.
This man did what none of the other professionals or health and safety booklets did. He explained how to sit correctly, and why. My pain disappeared over night. After months of not being able to put my knickers on without looking ridiculous, I can finally move and flex again without pain or stiffness.
Try it. It worked for me.
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on 11 July 2012
Never left a review for anything before but felt compelled to do so with this book. I have had a really awkward crunchy, tight, lower back for years and years and lately it has got real bad . I am quite tall and of a reasonable build, half fit but like a beer and a pizza. I love the gym but haven't been for two months now because I tore/ripped/broke something whilst squatting because I had been at my desk all day and didn't warm up, a few days later I then helped a delivery driver unload a brand new trampoline, which was awkward and heavy at a customers house and something really went, ouch. Since then I have had a lot of pain and sciatica, at first after sitting for a while or first thing in the morning I would stand up and the pain/sensation from my left buttock down to the back of my left foot would drop me on the floor like a sack of spuds. I have been swimming a few times and I really found that beneficial but the pain was still there. Over the years I have seen Chiros, Osteos and Physios - they do help but all the best ones seem to take off to some far flung corner of the globe. So rather than going down the manipulation route I thought I would do some more research so I was looking over the internet and found several references to Robin Mckenzie so read the reviews on Amazon about Treat Your Own Back and was gripped. I ordered the book which took a couple of days to appear but I read the book from the beginning and have started in on the exercises. I am doing just exercises 1,2,3,4,1,2,3 today, my first day and already things are improving massively. I have been at the computer nearly all day and feel great. I have carried out the exercises three times ( exercise numbers 1,2,3,4,1,2,3) and have been able to move further into the exercises each time. I am truly amazed and whilst something still is not right in there I feel so much better. I would definitely recommend this book to any one who has a back issue but you do need to read the intro and subsequent chapters before starting the exercises. You also need to be honest with yourself as to how bad your back is and just take it very easy and get into the exercises slowly. I cannot believe how different I was with my third lot of exercises compared to my first lot all in the same day. The body is an amazing thing and its incredible that you can start to fix yourself if you have the right instruction. Reading this book I have also become massively aware of my posture when standing and sitting and realise how it needs improving and also how most of my furniture really doesn't do my spine any favours.

Second day got up and put pants on without holding onto the window sill, those of you who suffer with bad lower backs will no how good that feels. Thank you Mr McKenzie.
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on 21 April 2012
I wish I had been made aware of this book 10 years ago. A very easy read and should be read cover to cover. Result is simple but very effective exercises that are well explained for both prevention and relief from back related aches and pains.
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on 26 July 2005
In 97 I had severe lower back pain and sciatica, due to a prolapsed disc at L5. The exercises in this book alongside 4 visits to Physio for traction fixed the problem. I stuck with the exercises and eventually became pain free. Now I use them to manage the symptoms when they start up and keep any pain at bay. I have been successfully running and cycling ever since (not all the time) to a good club standard.
Can't recommend it enough...Hope you enjoy being pain free as I have and save yourself some cash too.
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on 25 March 2012
I cant believe how much this book has changed my life,after spending near on a thousand pounds on chiropractors,osteopaths,private doctors administering cortisone and physios not to mention the deppresion that comes with back pain this easy to follow book has got back to 90 percent in a matter of days, if you have a slipped or bulging disc this is the book for you dont hesitate buying it,the best money i ever spent
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on 29 December 2014
I don't normally do reviews unless I have something bad to say and want to warn others about it, however, the information in this book could potentially change millions of people's lives if followed and I'm very keen to spread the word as much as I can.
I was having physiotherapy when I bought this book and as I began reading it, I realised the exercises it gets you to do are the same as my physio had asked me to do. When speaking with my physiotherapist about this he replied, yes, I'm McKenzie trained. It was at that moment I realised this Robin McKenzie guy is a very big deal if he has his own qualifications named after him. This led me to read more about Robin McKenzie, watched some on-line videos of him etc. As far as I'm concerned, he's a legend.
I've spent over £1000 on treatments over the years but if I had bought this book, I wouldn't have had to.
If you suffer from lower back pain, before you do anything else, buy this book and read all of it! It's a short book and if you take notice of it, it will put everything into perspective, cause, treatment and prevention. It's brilliant! I was in chronic pain but one of the exercises in the book removes the pain within minutes - not permanently I might add, it simply relieves the pain for between 20 to 60 minutes and then you can just do the exercise again (I was doing it in the disabled toilet in my office such was the pain I was in)! Day by day, the time between pain relief and the pain returning, lengthens as you heal. Buy this book, it's inexpensive and will be the best money you've ever spent!
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on 23 August 2012
Excellent book. Clear, simple information and illustrations - already borrowed by friends. Recommended by my physio and I am so glad he did.
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