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on 18 June 2012
I love zombies, but fear the apocalypse should it ever occur.
This book brings to light several things you may or may not have thought about.
Do zombies retain memory?
How do the sense us?
Do they have good eyesight?
Are they capable of thought?
If enough of them get together should we worry?
Just how many people would be turned should an apocalypse happen?
Does weather influence their decomposition?

These questions are just a taster of what this novel tackles in detail.
After reading it I now know what to do should Z-Day come, and I will not be taking any prisoners.

I highly recommend this book to any of you who want to read a well thought out take on zombies and everything about them, or people who want ideas on how to increase their chances of surviving.

Mr. Page has done a wonderful job and I look forward to reading more from him in the future. He has a way with words that is visual and draws the reader into what is going on as if they were in the room with him.
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on 28 November 2011
I really enjoyed this book as I occasionally like to read a bit of horror. I thought the detail in this book was astonishing. I particularly liked the part "the science of the walking dead" because it sounded convincingly real.
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on 9 November 2011
Sean Page has done it again, a great and informative read that will appeal to all affencianados of the genre! Mr Page is fast developing into thee Oracle of this fascinating subject, well done again!
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on 10 July 2012
I cannot see why so many people give this book great reviews. I got to Chapter 8 before I had to give in. At first I was going to liken it to a University undergraduate's dissertation (with an eye firmly placed on the word count) but actually it reads more like a schoolboy essay.

There is so much repetition, it is written in such a juvenile fashion and is basically so boring I just couldn't go on. If it served as inspiration for lots of other zombie literature and media (games etc) I would be impressed, but instead I think it's plagiarised many ideas from sources like Left4Dead, the Walking Dead (comic, not film) and much more.

It's meant to read like an official Ministry document, and in this it fails miserably. The tone is all wrong, there is too much humour, no citations (real or otherwise), no diagrams, no figures to back up faux research. It jumps from one place to another mid-chapter. And again, the repetition. How many times do you need to say about meta-hordes and how they will sweep the globe smashing all in their path? It was one of the first books I bought for the Kindle, and honestly, it was a waste of money.

Avoid like the Vissen Plague.
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on 20 July 2012
As i was a Big fan of the Official Zombie Hand Book (UK) i snapped up War Against The Walking Dead.
The Official Zombie Hand Book (UK) covered Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse but what happens after the 90 day survival guide ?
The War Begins !
This book covers how to organize survivors and begin the fight back against the zombie hordes & even how to deal with other groups of Survivors.
As a fan of Zombie literature this book was always going to appeal to me but if you survive the Zombie apocalypse and want to be prepared for the fight back against the living dead then this is the book you will want.
Another great read from Sean T. Page and i can't wait for more from him.
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on 19 January 2013
Unfortunately, i found it hard to get into this book- the tone of the book from the start stopped me getting drawn in and i found myself skipping parts.
I want to do the Author justice though, i can see why the book has many good reviews. If it's the first zombie themed book you read then you'll no doubt enjoy it. The first zombie themed book i read was a survival guide by another very popular Author, which was excellent, and is extremely difficult to compete with.
If you know what book and author i'm talking about and you've already read it, i'd advise skipping this one, if not- buy this book and you'll probably enjoy.
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on 13 January 2014
on buying this book I though sure why not will be fun to read but I have to say their is some interesting things in this book and was a informative and well wrote book and if any one has any interest in zombies then I'd advise you to give it a read and if the zombies do attack their might be a chance you can build your own utopia
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on 28 November 2011
The Marsh was no place for an old man to be after dark; Ravenscroft was twenty five, and acutely aware of his advancing years. In the small community that huddled around the old lighthouse, few of them had made it to thirty. You were no use if you couldn't hunt. Ravenscroft had accumulated his share of injuries in the ten years since he and his older brother had slipped under the wires of the compound. Richard was caught almost at once but Ravenscroft, whether through sheer luck or a heightened sense of self preservation, had stumbled blindly upon the isolated collection of abandoned dwellings centred on the old lighthouse after six days without sustenance. One of the women had nursed him through the fever that overtook him almost at once; from then he earned his keep; wiry but stronger than his appearance suggested, with an acute sense of danger, he gravitated into the patrols that kept watch for the Others who persecuted the few remaining survivors. Back then there had been other hiding places, populated by those who had escaped the starvation of the compounds and a the unfortunates who had arrived at the coast too late to board the last flotilla to escape to the safety of the continent. Now the lighthouse enclave was, as far as Ravenscroft was able to ascertain, the last of them.

Ravenscroft's luck almost came to an end during the last skirmish. The Others were getting smarter, and though he found this hard to comprehend, almost organised. The hunting party had been cornered and he was lucky to escape with a gash to his upper thigh; three of the others had perished. The burden of the wound, and the need to search further afield for necessities had doubtless contributed to his being out in the open as night fell. He was becoming deranged with hunger and more afraid than he had ever been.

He saw the glint from the blade too late. The sword passed through his torso and he felt his lower body separate and tumble from under him moments before he dropped to the ground. Clawing at the shingle, he felt a boot under his ribcage. His assailant flipped what was left of him on his back and planted the boot on his chest. Ravenscroft could see him now. The man removed his mask and spoke into a radio. "We've got another one. Yes, male zombie, early twenties. No, I cut the f****r in half, don't see how he can be of any use to us. Okay".

The man knelt on Ravenscroft's chest. Despite the fact that he had not drawn a breath in the past fifteen years, Ravenscroft felt the panic of suffocation. The man leaned forward into Ravenscroft's face. Even at this distance he had no scent. The man spoke.

"You're out of luck, my undead little friend. Your brain hunting days are over". He drew an automatic pistol and levelled it at Ravenscroft's forehead. "Would you like to know, before I send what's left of you to hell, why England is the only place on Earth where you /things/ have been utterly defeated? I'll tell you. A long, long time ago, over a century, a great Englishman named Sean Page wrote a book, a book called 'War Against The Walking Dead'. Taught us everything we needed to destroy you". They'd been tracking him. He'd led them to the enclave.

A whirlwind. A blast of heat as the bombs fell. From the corner of his eye Ravenscroft saw the lighthouse fall in a tower of flame. A flash...
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on 29 March 2014
Not quite what I was expecting but enjoyed the tutorial.
Now looking for the lottery win to buy my own island!
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on 18 January 2014
Got for Xmas for husband
He has yet to read it as hot many books for Xmas but it looks interesting
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