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on 1 December 2015
The ending was far too rushed, as if the author was trying to cram in too much into the ending. The addition of 'Pop' also seemed forced, and his character served little more than to fill time in a pretty pathetic attempt to add depth to the novel, as did the hinted introduction of 'Cash'. What also proved to be frustrating was the characters' sudden forgiveness of Gloria - her impending death shouldn't automatically forgive her near-psychotic meddling and interference. However, perhaps there was a lot more to it, and was simply cut out because of the author's lazy attempt at concluding the novel in short, sloppy sections.

Though the second instalment to the series provided some closure, it was a very poor novel overall and appears to be deviating completely from the original plot.
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on 15 July 2017
This has been sitting unread on my Kindle for literally years and I have only just got around to reading it. Some people have said they don't understand why this book is free - the reason is, to draw you into the story, so that you will feel a need to follow the characters in the subsequent books, of which it seems, there are many.

Anyway, this one is well crafted, with believable and pleasing characters. This question of what happens when a person finds out what she thought she knew about her family, turns out to be based on illusion, makes for an interesting plot line and has some intriguing consequences.

Would recommend.
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on 19 August 2015
I read this book as a precursor to reading Family Affair : The Promise as one of the side characters in this book, Grant I believe features in that one.

I have to say I loved the plot and many of the characters. There is more anger and secrets in this one then many others I have read written by Mary. The story is about Jack and Audra's broken one time love affair with all the heartbreak, complexity, history, rage, misunderstanding and secrets and can they pull through it and have their second chance which seems insurmountable?

The scene is set in the small town of Holly Springs in California with some lovable characters like Joe (Jack's father) who enjoys watching soaps and one in particular which little does he know replicates the story of his two sons,daughter-in-law and grand-daughter. When the truth is out including the identity of the script writer the camera crews arrive in the small town with a ton of questions and slowly the revelations commence leading to one thing after another!
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on 18 January 2014
As mentioned by some previous reviewers, I agree I am very surprised this book is a freebie , its better then some bestselling novels that I have paid ten bucks for! I did download the book purely because it was a freebie and I liked the synopsis but I had never read any Mary Campisi before. Suffice to say after this book I will be reading a lot more from her. So if the point of the freebie was to get us hooked on Mary's books, its worked!

I actually read this book approximately a year ago but have now reread the book prior to reading the sequel Book2.

When Christina Blackworth's father dies, she discovers that her father led a double life and had another family in the town that he was killed. He hid the truth from his family in Chicago and visited this second family for a few days each month. Although the second family knows of the family in Chicago the same appears not to be the case for the family in Chicago with possibly the exception of Christina's mother who has kept the secret hidden well.Christina travels to Magdalena to discover the truth and finds a half sister, Lily who worships her and also finds she has more in common with Miriam, Lily's mother then she does with her own mother Gloria, who is very controlling. While there she also meets Nate, Miriam's son from a previous marriage and a powerful attraction builds up between the two. As a result she breaks her engagement off to Connor and finds herself travelling up for a few days each month (like her father) to meet with people who she grows closer to with each passing moment.Other lies and truths are also discovered including some doubts over Christina's parentage

I loved this book, there were so many hidden truths and lies which had to be unravelled that it kept me gripped from beginning to end. There were also many interesting developing relationships and attractions, including Nate's and Christina's and also Harry's and Greta's.In the end Christina has to choose what she really wants - a relationship for a few days a month or something more permanent.

The book is gripping, engaging, the characters are all memorable and the relationship between Christina and Nate is sizzling! This is by far the best book that Mary Campisi has written and I have read a few since I downloaded this freebie a year ago but only now writing a review for my favourite one!
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on 18 January 2014
When I finished the first book in the series I had no idea another one had been planned, written and released in Sept 2013. I only just discovered this second book recently from Mary herself via twitter and I quickly downloaded it as I loved the first book so much.

We find Christina and Nate married in this book and the challenge for them is to stay married with all the plots to seperate them, by the scheming Gloria. The surprising thing for me in this book was how Nate and Christina's relationship still sizzled despite them being married. The chemistry was very powerful even in this book. You often think all that hot passion might no longer be there once a couple are married but this was not the case here!

Lily is as sweet and endearing as ever, I wish I had a sister like her, she really is a gem. A character that appears in this book for the first time is the town's 'Pop', another very warm and interesting character who has a soft spot for the Blacksworth girls. He helps Christina settle in to the community of Magdalena, who are still very suspicious of her and consider her an outsider despite her attempts to help and become part of the town.Miriam is very much in the sidelines witnessing the marital tensions between Nate and Christina but letting them find their own way out of their problems.

The character who really shines and comes into his own in this book is Harry Blacksworth, Christina's uncle or possibly even father?!

In the end does Christina and Nate's relationship sort itself out or does it permanently hit the rocks? Does Harry fall in love and make an honest woman of Greta or does he go back to his old womanizing ways? You basically need to read the book to find out.

I will say this after the first book I didn't really think the second one would equally grip me as the first was hard to beat but i was wrong. This second book matches the first in every way possible and was a really pleasant surprise!

Can't wait for Book 3 in the series which will probably appear in the summer.
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on 19 February 2014
Mary Campisi had done it again.. An awesome book with so many twists and turns... there is tragedy...mystery.. and of course romance.. I was taken on a bitter sweet journey that kept me guessing.. who.. what ..why?. I was totally gripped from beginning to the end..there were a few big surprises that made my heart hit my boots and yelling my head off... also times when I laughed out loud... But of course there were moments when I cried you feel Christine's pain her heart ache!!.. will not give the story away I detest spoilers.. If you want a Fantastic book to curl up with and take you for a ride.. this is the book for you..
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on 9 December 2014
This book is about Pop's son Tony appearing in town with the express purpose of taking his father back home with him. Little does he know there is a big surprise waiting for him in the form of his pregnant daughter Lucy. On top of that who is it in the town that he is trying to avoid which brings back painful memories and was the reason he lost himself?. Who will help him find himself - is it Magdalena's Angel?

Read this lovely festive treat to find out all the news and meet all the characters from previous books in this seasonal delight. Oh and there's a powercut! I loved the fact that the whole town is completely in the dark about Tony and a certain lady in town and their past. This is the town normally you can't keep secrets from and that knows everything. Really good to see that they missed this one! even Pop!
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on 27 September 2016
Storyline was promising but too much explicit sex for my liking. Anyone reading this book would think everyone in this era couldn't control their passions as all they seemed to think about was sex. Skipped a lot of the sex scenes. Prefer the more subtle skills of Georgette Heyer.
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on 28 February 2014
This proves the value of an authors decision to make a book free! I have read and thoroughly enjoyed this story so much that I have just purchased the next in this series and will almost certainly purchase Book 3.

The author is very perceptive of human feelings and makes you understand the characters. Oh how I wanted to throttle Gloria!!
I loved Uncle Harry but wanted to shake him at times! However, the one who steals the show is the lovable Lily!

This is a very heartwarming story and I loved it.
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on 24 April 2017
A light and enjoyable read. Love prevails and lays family history to rest. Interesting family storyline though the ending seemed a little abrupt. Would like to have seen how the somewhat abandoned mother reacted.
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