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on 28 January 2014
I write on the basis of my first encounter with this book and trying to learn how to do the 2-Strand Diamond Knot. I became confused because one or two steps seemed to be missing and at one stage it looked as if a loop was to be made under one part, where on puzzling over it a little, I realised that it was merely an interim stage in getting more of the rope through the gap. One or two additional steps and explanations would have been more helpful, avoiding my confusion and getting my efforts wrong a few times at the beginning, with the resulting disappointment. I note that other ties in the book use different coloured ropes and it would have been helpful if this could have been so with this one, even if it may be tied with two ends of one rope.

If I was revising the book, as well as using two different coloured ropes, for this tie, as I have suggested, so that it was clear where they went, and the extra stages, I would also superimpose arrows and broken lines showing the movement in each stage, as opposed to merely describing what is needed. I think I might also include links to the relevant YouTube videos with the ties, (with suitable short url's), for quick related viewing as well. This would be all the more useful if viewing in a Kindle app or the Windows program.

I suspect that there may be some slightly different ways, including short cuts, to doing the same ties and if there are, perhaps additional explanations of how to do these, might be helpful towards getting the feel for how the ties work.

As may be clear from my explanation, I am not completely sure of the terms for the different shapes that are involved in rope. So at least, in the first few instructions if there were also reminder box-offs, (as I think they are called), to help me remember them, on the go, as it were, that would help to reinforce them, as well as for clarity in following the instructions.

Incidentally some hints on how to hold the ropes during the processes would be helpful. For instance I saw some instructions elsewhere which showed the demonstrator looping part of the rope around two fingers in order to more easily thread the ends through. I found this very helpful and perhaps the author could give some thought to showing this kind of thing as a possibility.

I suspect that unlike me, new to this, apart from being able to do some knotting as a Scout, those more experienced may not have quite the same difficulty as myself, but for the sake of less able people like me, perhaps a revision of this book, which I am reading as a Kindle ebook, may include some of my suggestions.

On the whole I very much like the concept of this book and appreciate the efforts of the author and others who may have been involved in its production. The related YouTube video's with the periodic delays at suitable stages, to allow for understanding of what to do are a great help as well, and very thoughtfully done. Also, when some authors/publishers appear to be a bit greedy with their prices for their Kindle editions of their books, in relation to their printed editions, I do appreciate the reasonable price of this edition. Living on a very low budget, this is particularly appreciated and enables me to enjoy this budding interest that much more easily.

I will try to give some further feedback later on when I have hopefully got further through this book.
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on 14 January 2018
Have just read through the complete book and into is awesome. Originally I meant to buy the printed book but made a mistake and ordered the Kindle version. No matter as I can now evaluate my preferences for the future. Would certainly recommend for its clarity and quality of instructional photographs.
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on 23 January 2013
I have learnt a lot from this publication. There are stacks of different ways of getting from A to B with a piece of 550 paracord and this will show you enough for you to have sore fingers for a month. :)
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on 17 February 2015
As a beginner paracordist, this book really helped me to see and visualise some of the more complicated knots that a lot of the videos zoom through. I'm appreciating the kindle format as I can access it on my iPad, and see everything in colour without having book pages flip over in me while I'm working it out.
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on 13 November 2015
As with all JD's books well written and informative and easy to follow instructions for all practicing or would be paracorders . Another book worth investing in as all steps are well photographed .I would recommend this to all from people just starting out to people who are looking for more ideas . Worth the money as I have seen it advertised on other sites for a lot more.
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on 2 May 2018
Excellent book from one of the legends of the Paracord community, absolutely worth the money.
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on 28 December 2013
My 9 year old loves this book. The photo illustrations have made it really easy for him to make fantastic bracelets, wrist bands, dog collars and key rings. Can't go wrong with this purchase.
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on 17 July 2014
Straight forward easy to follow book. With the addition of U tube video demonstrations by author, makes this a very complete learning package.Sufficient amount of knots demonstrated to make some stunning bracelets. Good links to working web sites for the materials
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on 17 February 2014
As a retired seafarer I suppose I have always had a fascination for knots. On occasion knowing a few have probably saved my life, so learning a few more have added to my repertoire. A great little addition to my 'reading'.
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on 26 December 2013
I like the videos but having the individual steps laid out in photo form is easier to follow when trying out the ties. Works well in Kindle format with one picture with caption on a page.
I bought vol2 very soon after and am just as pleased.
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