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on 28 March 2012
I cannot recommend this book enough!
If you suffer with a stiff neck/headaches/shoulder pain then get yourself this book.
Following a 4 year ankle injury, meaning I spent most of my time looking down to watch for uneven ground, I started looking for a way to help with my constant neck and shoulder pain, as I was concerned with all the pain killers necessary to function. I always read the reviews of self help books, as there are quite a lot of poorly informed guides and was a but dubious about the fact that there were no UK reviews for this product. The reviews from were gushing and as it is quite reasonably priced I thought I'd risk it. THANK GOODNESS I DID!!!
The advise in it is great; technical without being too scientific, plus easy to follow. Honestly, within 2 days of doing the exercises I could feel my whole neck amd shoulder loosening up. The anatomical information at the beginning of the book, gave me a clear image in my mind of what part of my body I should be focused on during each exercise. There is even a link to videos of Rick showing you each exercise to help you to really make sure you're on the right track. It's a very comprehensive book.
The re-training of my muscles did cause some soreness at first, but I would encourage you to persevere through this as 2 weeks after doing the programme each evening, I only need to adjust my posture and stretch my scapula a little when I feel the old pain creep in during the day and it's gone!
Give this book a go and you won't be disappointed:)
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on 16 June 2014
Why am I almost giving this book 5 stars when it failed to fix my problem? Well, I've suffered from neck pain and debilitating headaches for 50 years. Various trips to "specialists" over the years resulted in diagnoses from "growing pains" to "side effects of epilepsy" to "migraine" to "stress" to "50 year old neck on a 30 year old body."

In the last couple of years I visited a Spanish chiropractor who finally made the connection between shoulder alignment and the resulting pain. He managed to temporarily reduce the frequency and intensity of the pain but still provided no lasting solution. (Not that I was really expecting it after so many years.)

So, apologies for the rambling, that's when I found this book. Having read it I had a photo taken of my back and was truly astounded at how much lower one of my shoulder blades rested compared with the other one. Specialist 0, book 1!
I started the exercises and approached the whole thing with a positive attitude, as encouraged by the author. It didn't work!
However, I could tell the whole approach was in the right area so I went back to the beginning and looked carefully at the videos they supplied on the website. I then realised that, having done my best to follow them, I hadn't quite adhered to the instructions. There were subtle differences between my actions and those of the video. These made a huge difference and I would recommend asking somebody to follow your actions and be as critical as possible. When I followed the steps very closely I suddenly found that I could feel stretching and releasing going on in the muscles of my neck and shoulder which I hadn't before. These were the keys to the treatment!

The end result of all this is that I still have problems with my neck and still get excruciatingly painful headaches. However, I now have a set of exercises which help. Depending on the severity they will either reduce the pain, remove it temporarily or limit the duration. (I sometimes had the pain for 4 or 5 days and now the maximum is 1 day.) For me this represents a great success and I'm still tempted to give the book 5 stars!
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on 10 January 2014
I have a complex neck problem and short of the range of people who have to deal with it from physios to chiropractors, neurologists and basically anyone else passing this book is the best thing. It is good and informative
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on 22 January 2012
Having trawled the internet for a help with my hip pain, and then searched for a book to explain why it was happening, I have found what i was looking for: this book is spot on. I am well pleased.

It lives up to its name: Fixing You..........

Great umbrella approach, with logical explanation as to re-adjusting the postural framework that enables everyday movements to be painfree. From day one, these confidence building easy exercises, have enabled me to once again enjoy my country walks. You have to work at it though, but that's no problem given the good illustrations and the little time it takes out your day. What is more, the ability to watch the video explanations are a bonus!
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on 12 November 2015
This review is totally unfair as I have hardly read this book. I was experiencing a lot of hip pain when I bought it and wanted a cheap fix. Silly me.

The book can be divided into 3 parts. First comes the tiresome anecdotes and self-promotion of the author. 'I noticed this...I soon realised that...' Really? How interesting. All backed up with case studies featuring people with names like Ernie. To me this was just padding to justify the cost. I skipped most of it.

Next comes the understanding your anatomy bit with nice drawings of bones and muscles. Boring.

Finally comes the bit I bought it for - exercises to help alleviate hip or knee pain. These are well explained with nice black and white photos. But guess how many there are. Go on have a guess.

Five! And that's not five for hips and five for knees that's five total.

For me this book has been a total waste of money and very disappointing. The good news is that after more than a year I am now free from hip pain. How did that happen? I hear you ask. Easy. I followed three simple steps:

1. I used this book to balance a wobbly table.
2. I got a sports massage from a qualified masseuse.
3. I followed the exercises she (but men also do it) gave me.

A bit of yoga didn't go amiss either.

If you are considering buying this book or one like it I strongly recommend surfing the web first. There are lots of helpful videos on Youtube and the NHS has spinal rehabilitation exercises online too. Not sure about knees but I'm sure the same applies.

I hope you feel better soon.
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on 4 July 2015
I came across this book by accident whilst searching for something else and after reading other reviews thought I'd give it a go. I've never written a product review before but this is the most useful book I've ever bought! I've had severe neck pain and headaches for over 20 years, been through all the usual treatments - physio, chiropractor, osteopath etc. plus various medications and nothing has worked. As I read through the early chapters learning more about how the neck and shoulders work and feeling where various muscles where, I could already feel a difference in how my neck felt, how changing my posture released some of the pressure on my neck. When sitting down to read the book I had the usual pounding headache that starts after a few hours at work, but an hour after finishing the early chapters the pain was easing - without the aid of painkillers!! I've made huge efforts to follow the first couple of exercises in the book and change my usual posture and have now gone a week without a headache and with minimal discomfort in my neck - I am completely sold on the book and will now be working towards some of the other exercises in the hope that eventually I will cure my neck pain.
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on 12 January 2013
This series of books is excellent, there is a self-diagnostic scheme which enables you to find out where the trouble comes from, and there are simple exercises to correct your problems. On his site there are free access videos, (the access code is in the book) and you can also download them for a modest sum.
The drawings and explanations are very clear. Like the other review I have trailed this problem for some time and this is the first real source of help, includings physios etc where I felt I was getting somewhere.
I emailed the author and he answered the same day. What more can you want?
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on 30 November 2013
I bought this book with a cynical eye, hoping for but not expecting a miracle. I didn't get one either, and gradually let the exercises slide. Now, several months on, I am undergoing intensive physio and my therapist's diagnosis and treatment plan mirrors that of this book pretty closely. The trick is to get proper feedback on precisely how you are performing the exercises and what your specific physiology is in relation to the problems you're experiencing. Get this book by all means, but it's no replacement for proper, individualized therapy.
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on 21 February 2014
Having been diagnosed with the necessity of 2 replacement knees and hips, due to osteoporosis and arthritis joints, I decided to investigate alternatives, and I have learnt much from investigation and reading books like this. No operations to date and none planned. I think I have been listed as NC non-compliant, but if I can strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments which are part responsible for the movement at these joints that is what I intend to do and have found this and other books so helpful, far different to the Consultant who just said '4 operations, you will be out of action for 2years'. I have supplemented these books with Physiotherapy and Osteotherapy privately as because I have not had surgery I am not eligible under the NHS for this funding, although I have paid into the system for many years! Buy this book and others, read and use the information, the only Magic Wand is Yourself!
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on 29 July 2016
foound this to be very informative at a level my clients will understand. I also like the idea of the supportive website showing the way to do the exercises. The Author is very qualified. commended :)
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