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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 September 2009
I was at the dentist office and he found a small cavity. I did not let
him "fix" it because I felt there must be a natural way to do it. After
a brief search it was obvious "Cure Tooth Decay" was the way to do it,
when the book came I was left astonished by the wisdom inside it.
The main point to stop tooth decay (and any other illness) is to not eat
industry processed food. After that you should eat natural food and
drink not polluted water.

The book helped me realise two truths:

You can eat very healthy, but if you eat store bread it will pull down
all the power of all other good foods you have eaten!
Any industry processed food is made to do that. Not to kill you but to
pull you down. So you accept lifes dullness as it as and obey
authority. Such food was needed so the workers in industrial age would not
question their misery. Food is the same today.

It gradually helped my consciousness ditch commercial food. That is the
hardest part to achieve because many times in my life I decided to get
rid of processed foods, but hidden fears and doubts creeped in!
And I was not successful.
This book is the best vehicle I found to help your conciseness grow
above unnatural modern marketing of: pasta, bread, cereals, white
I have a substantial knowledge of alternative medicine and yoga. All
alternative medicine systems tell you to get rid of processed foods.
But when you try to do it you inevitably have huge fears:

"What will I eat if I do not eat bread"
"Bread is the best food for me"
"Natural food is very expensive"
"What will others think"

This book energetically helps you to actually do it.
It is a vehicle towards higher good.
It changes your perception of reality.
It changes the reality.
It has passed 2 months from when I last ate processed foods, I feel
better, and unimaginable as it may sound: I spend less money on food!

For 2 months I did not eat:

Bread. All bread bought in store is bad, even organic store bread.
Bread prepared in traditional ways is fantastic-if you can find it.
Pasta. Pasta is a horrible product of industry, avoid at all costs.
After the book it is easy to do.
White rice. Yet Another horrible product made only for profit.
I knew that but hidden unconscious blockages prevented me to ditch it.

Now I can easily do without it.

My cavity has gotten smaller!

Once you are set free from being a slave to modern foods of commerce
author continues to explain how the ancient people ate.
They were healthy, strong and good looking.
They had no cavities. They had no illness.
Until familiar western culture came to visit them...

If you are reading this review I am sure you understand something is
not right in the world.
That we are born to live under a certain hypnosis.That we are taught to
give away our responsibility to "people with authority", and those
people cannot even take care of themselves.
I recommend this book if you want the way out.
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on 19 December 2010
I am now 28, and have suffered for years with tooth decay. Many cavities drilled and filled. I never learned about preventive health care, especially for my teeth. Two things have recently improved my life.
First, After changing my diet about two years ago to a more traditional, nutrient dense diet (Weston A. Price Foundation), I have felt great improvements in the feeling and health of my teeth in addition to my overall wellness.
Second, "Cure Tooth Decay" has enlightened me to the truth behind my tooth decay. Rami Nagel provides a clear presentation of comprehensive dental research that portrays the profound truth of the nutritional connection to tooth decay. Additionally, the story of his and his family's recovery from tooth decay is compelling. I appreciate the accessible information about diet changes and remedies.
This updated edition is full of fascinating information, inspiring personal stories, and eye-opening scientific evidence. My family and I are integrating the remineralization regimen into our liftestyle/diet, and have experienced great progress. After 6 months, two of my sensitive cavities are now mostly remineralized, and my gums are much less sensitive. The diet protocol is manageable on a budget and can be prepared even in a busy schedule. My family and I will continue to reference this valuable resource for decades to come. Thank you Rami, for your work of service to this and future generations.
Jamie Busch
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on 19 December 2014
Amazing. Everyone should know about it. WHenever I have a toothache I do a one week cure of cod liver oil combo, and the pain is gone. I have however changed my diet towards fitting what is advised in the book, whenever I wasn't on another random health diet trying to fix other health issues.

If you apply the knowledge of the book before you have issues (unlikely as who would buy a book about this, or listen to the advice of a friend unless you are in pain) you will not need the dentist. Once you are applying the knowledge, I believe your teeth won't get worse, but the remineralisation isn't ensured 100% unless you're treating a child. It can take an enormous amount of time for what I have read. I only have lost enamel issues, and it seems this is something no one can do anything about it (tell me if I'm wrong) but if your cavities have reached the dentin or makes your tooth hurt, or you've been told you should get a root canal, try this before making the appointment with the dentist. It is worth it. Red23 (I think?) sells the CLO in the UK, I buy a few bottles at a time to save on high postage costs (watch out for promotions on the mailing list) and use it when I think about it, or when I have pain, just because I have been a slacker on this front, I'd advise the cinnamon flavour, the rest of the flavours available in the UK are absolutely disgusting. So far I have pain or sensitivity in my teeth maybe 6 times in the 3 years since I have read the book. Every single time, within 1 days of taking the CLO the pain disappeared. I kept taking the oil for a few days until I forgot, and that was it.
A few days ago one of my fillings fell off, it's Xmas, I'm off and I want to try to remineralise my tooth so that if I happen to want a new filling for aesthetic purposes there is not more digging into more of my good tooth. Last time I dropped a filling on that tooth, it hurt and I knew I had to do something,. This time, I could feel the pain when drinking, and again within a day of doing the CLO (with the right nutrients, I need to really get this one right this time), the sensitivity is gone. I'm also using MI Paste/Tooth Mousse which I think you can also get on Amazon, to provide even more minerals for my teeth, read up on that too, it's separate from Cure Tooth Decay, I don't think Ramiel talks about it, I found out about it with my own research.
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on 29 March 2013
This was an impressive book. I had been brought up to believe that only a dentist can deal with tooth decay. By the time I read this book I'd had numerous fillings (many of which had to be re-done several times) and I'd lost 3 teeth. I had come to really hate going to the dentist. This book offered a nutritional solution that I knew I could easily adopt. I am now, slowly but surely changing my diet knowing that I have found something that will work not only for my teeth but for my body as well. It is great to know that tooth cavities can be healed and that teeth can be remineralised.
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on 22 May 2009
This is a very informative read and makes complete sense (I say complete - apart from the suggestion that we eat 'Raw Meat' I don't eat cooked animals let alone raw ones ! ) The main suggestion is based around eating Raw foods which I have dabbled in previously and certainly intend to do so again as it makes complete sense, that by putting 'living' foods into our system is going to keep our blood healthy and therefore our 'tooth pulp' found inside the tooth ! If we feed our bodies processed/dead foods full of toxicity and chemicals, sugar, hydrogonised fats etc we can't possibly expect our blood to be healthy and therefore the blood that feeds the pulp inside the tooth !!!! Makes complete sense... This book has re-inspired me to begin eating raw foods once again and cut out all that 'has'nt grown' As for going to the Dentist.... This is all explained once again inside the book and makes you want to try to heal yourself first before atempting to receive vast amounts of unnecessary dental work that really is a temporary 'patch' because it's down to 'us' to perform the 'cure' of decay, not the dentist. If we continue to eat the same foods - that problem will never go away. VERY GOOD BOOK.
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on 1 March 2015
Fascinating reading. Until major toothache I never gave a thought to the fact that teeth are LIVING! And that tooth decay CAN be reversed! The diet was strict but worked! I will never look at teeth the same way again.Re-mineralisaiton is the way forward.
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on 19 January 2015
This is an amazing book which everybody should read. This will change your view about many things. You will understand how to protect your health yourself and not expect someone else to do it for you.
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on 28 May 2015
Great book to read lots of useful information about tooth decay based on research and how to protect our teeth with our diet. I wish there would be holistic dentists for children available in this country as well. I just hope I can make my children improve their eating based on what I read.
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on 29 June 2015
Came across this book almost by accident, and very pleased that I did. In my younger days I had a lot of tooth decay, and now sport a couple of crowns, fillings, a lost tooth gap and two missing wisdom teeth. My history of how this happened over the decades is an accurate description of how and why poor teeth develop, and a reflection of the dental practices of the past 50 years. I had previously read Weston A Price, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration so was aware of how diet and lifestyle, including those of our parents, influence our dental structure. Only this book, Cure Tooth Decay, made the argument for better diet more forcibly. Co-incidentally, I had embarked on a grain free diet just 3 months ago, fortunately love dairy, fish, meat. and veggies. And now my teeth are definitely 'glassy' and surprisingly, to my delight, a lot whiter. So for me the diet recommendations work. Will be interested to see what my dentist/hygienist has to say on next check up. Sadly I doubt this book will be generally read by those who need to know, that is parents with young children, teens and young adults. For us oldies, we at least have a chance of keeping what teeth we do have for the rest of our lives.
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on 14 February 2014
A very interesting way to treat the subject with multiple examples and quite specific advice. Fermented cod liver oil recommended which I am currently trying. To early to tell to say that it is definitely working but looks encouraging.
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