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on 7 August 2017
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on 10 November 2013
I was excited to received this book.It was recommended to me and I am absolutely loving it.

I am enjoying the experience of this book, I would recommend it very highly.
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on 15 June 2014
The book captivates from the introduction onwards, by explaining how you have the power of decision over your own life. The most fundamental lesson of the book is to keep a journal. I understand the resistance to that. "What if somebody reads it?" Fine providing you also read it. "I am ashamed of my lousy handwriting". This is not a book for people who are so easily stopped.
The book does give a seemingly low threshold of entry for lazy readers or busy people, in that it seems to ask very little of you. Just read a page a day with each day beginning with an inspiring quote and in 365 days your life will be transformed. However, whilst I see the power of this book, I don't believe it works in the way the author suggests. I don't believe many people are disciplined enough to read a page a day every day for a year. If you keep a diary do you write in it every single day on the day or are you sometimes filling in the gaps later or skipping a day or two? The second part is even more demanding, which is acting on it. The demands of each day are very variable from a moment of quiet reflection to a massive action and the implication is once and done rather than persistent and consistent action towards a single goal or a narrow spread of objectives. Your day may be entirely unsuited to the action requested.
As I coach only people who are prepared to read in between coaching sessions, I have fashioned an idea about for whom the book is best suited. Sometimes people are full of energy and talent but don't know what, where, why, how, who or any of Mr Kipling's exceedingly good questions. The book provides a variety of mini experiments to try out for size. The kindle is quite good for this book in that it is definitely a book you should be making notes and highlights for. My own choice has been to summarize each day into a short action point, customised from the page to suit myself. The book has a weakness in that you cannot reasonably apply the lesson on the given day. Eg Day 108. Attempt the impossible and analyse how you got on. I have no quarrel with that accept how do you know that day 108 will throw up the opportunity? However, day 73 or day 119 might have been perfect days for pushing through a perceived boundary. This is why I went through the book summarizing the key points to conduct experiments in order of suitability. A ten minute read will then give a range of tasks so today might be a day where you give anonymously or unleash your fantasy ideas.

Where the book is strong is that it is written clearly and excitingly by a talented coach, although the mock seal on the cover bearing Oprah's name with a quote is seemingly trying to suggest an endorsement of the book. It has a powerful content if followed to produce great results through large and small changes. If you are dedicating the gift to yourself of a special year, I make two recommendations. 1) Buddy up with somebody else, as you will need support to get the best out of the book. 2) Use another book as your guide, having chosen your main goal or goals, as this book is not correctly structured for goals as such. It is more suited to random self-discoveries, adventures and analysis.
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on 13 January 2013
I like this book. It is one of those books you keep, in my case on my kindle, and dip into when you are on your lunch break or waiting in the car for your child or waiting for your take away. On the other hand it is also a book to keep by your bed side and read a chapter a night and make notes about thoughts, dreams and desires that you want to see materializing in your life in the future. It doesn't skim the surface, the content taps into deep thoughts and feelings which can be the root to making 2013 - and beyond - the year you hope it to be. If you have a close friend who is on your wavelength it can be the perfect book to read together and share ideas etc. I highly recommend it.
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on 10 May 2014
I picked this up to add to my somewhat extensive collection of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dwyer etc however, this is different.
The author starts with some real examples of how easy it is for people get stuck in a rut, not even aware of how miserable they are as they hide behind stressful jobs, mind numbing television or alcohol.
The book helps you wake up, becoming conscious of how your life and its circumstances are in your hands. The decisions you have made and are responsible for, is what has got you there. Unlike other books, which teach you to seek happiness in what you already have, this book is full of simple exercises to help direct you to get there (or in the case of toxic relationships and dull jobs, get out)
The premise of the book starts with ensuring you clarify your goals and what will make you happy, before moving onto simple daily tasks, providing you with the direction, strength and inspiration needed to deliver results.
My personal circumstances have long needed some drastic changes and this book has given me back my belief and confidence that I can change it.
This book would be great for anyone needing inspiration, direction or a kick up the bum. It will help get you whatever it is you seek as long as you take it seriously and follow the simple tasks.
I given this book 5 stars as the author has masterfully woven together something that has meaning, simple to follow instructions and results you can and will realise. I have read many life-coaching books before but never has one felt as authentic and true to life as this one.
I wish you good luck and good change.
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on 1 February 2014
Really like the way this book (kindle version) is written. You read one chapter everyday (2 pages) & it helps you to focus on the things you really want to get done. Pretty simple advice but looking at it everyday, does help inspire you. Been recommended some other books but glad I chose this one first.
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on 10 March 2013
This book is unlike any other I've read, its positive and the quotes on the top of each page are really enlightening. I'm doing the year task (on day four so far so a while to go) and although it hasn't changed my life right away, its given me little steps into having a more positive mindset. I really like it and am really impressed !
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on 24 February 2015
I REALLY like this book , Im a big fan of quotes and this book has them on every page, then Author and life coach Jason Harvey writes an example of the quote to guide you .

Its upifting and straight to the point . What i say is why write a thousand words when it can be said and explained in say 50 ..less is always more your not overwhelming the reader .
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on 21 February 2012
This was recommended to me by my sister in law as she has suffered previously with anxiety and as I have been suffering post natal depression she thought it could help me find my old self. To be honest she has read so many self help books and I was expecting more of the same but this book wasn't what I was expecting and for all the right reasons!. My sister in law has found it inspiring as have I. It's like having a guide to motivate you daily to do extra little things that all make a big difference in the long run. This book has made a world of difference to us and no matter how busy or stressed everyone can take five minutes out of their day. It's not at all overwhelming and it's easy to read and helps you stay happy!
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on 19 February 2012
This has been a fab book for my Kindle, a way of carrying good vibes with me wherever I go. Because the book is designed to be read each day, I could take the information and incorporate it into my life at a manageable pace. Yes, I did cheat and look ahead as well--but that's the beauty of the book--it's not your typical self-help book that has lots of ideas but very little focus. You can dip in and actually put some of the practices in place. Although I am often sceptical about self-improvement books, I am so glad that I took a leap of faith with this one. I found this book to be extremely helpful. Highly recommended to all of us achievers out there.
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