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on 17 May 2017
What makes this book a true classic is the fact it has many applications: power-hungry politicians, corporate strategists, the army generals amongst Amazon and your bog-standard malcontent - although more definitely exist to be found. Despite societies moving away from primal structures, the relevance of lessons learnt by Sun Tzu over 2000 years will continue to persist. Sun Tzu teaches how to resourcefully beat enemies with guile and strategy, utilse superior knowledge of the terrain, and utilise lines of communication and learn to think like his enemy.

This version, is differentiated by a) the price; and b) Tom Butler-Browdon’s excellent introduction which frames the relevance of this manual for the modern reader, provides information about the historical context, and characterises the most successful warfare outcomes.

The size makes it commuter friendly as well as an easy task to finish. Given the brief and focussed nature of the text, it is not a book that lasts – but luckily the massive scope for applications leave enough food for thought that the book to have a lingering aftertaste.

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on 27 July 2017
I have only read the first chapter so far, and the actual content seems very good although I think the translation is a little strange at times: words being used where another word would make more sense or be easier to understand but that's just my opinion at this early stage. Also the translation at times can not flow as well as it should or just feels a little bit off.

The biggest problem I have is the lack of EXTRA content that you can find in other versions of a similar price. This version is JUST the text (that you can actually find on the internet completely free), it is just a copy and paste from the internet. There is no introduction by the translator, no introduction to who Sun Tzu was or any historical background, no reference to the original Chinese text, no explanation of what Sun Tzu was saying and no attempt to put the writings into context. You can find other books with all of the above and more for a similar price. It really is quite dry.

The quality of the book itself is below average, very thin for the reasons I mentioned in the above paragraph with quite a boring front cover and plain black back cover. Although the book arrived in good condition without any damage
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VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 June 2016
The art of war is arguably one of the most quoted books if not one of the mostly widely read. .Written in the 5th century BC, as a Chinese military treaties, it comprises thirteen chapters.This latest edition has an introduction by Tom Butler - Bowdon, an insightful and well written introduction. The material for the art of war and the sayings of Sun Tau is based on the 1908 edition of The book of War: the military classic of the far east translated by Captain E. F Calthorpe.
The fact the this books is widely read today, goes to show the continued relevance of it.The principles of the military strategy could easily be applied in self development, business interactions, military thinking, legal strategy and much more.I have read and owned other paperback versions but this new hardback was worth investing in, and the introduction by Tom Butler- Bowden made it an irresistible version to own.The part one of the book comprises the thirteen chapters of the art of war and the part two comprises the saying of Sun Tzu. An inspirational book with a timeless relevance in our present-day to day lives just at it was in the 5th century BC when it was written.
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on 26 July 2017
This is probably one of the best versions of the Art of War i've seen anyway. It basically gives some analysis and goes into depth on what Sun Tzu means, using some ancient Chinese commentators as references and examples to better explain the teachings. I would have given this 5 stars but it's layed out strangely. You'll find pages with 1 sentence that seem continue on the next page, but it's tolerable given the depth which the researcher explains things. I have 3 different versions of the Art of War. One is a thin 50 page pamphlet, the second has some artwork included but this version includes more than just Sun Tzu's teachings on certain topics. As a result it's more enjoyable to read than a list of bullet-points, and much more informative.
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on 17 January 2017
This is a really interesting book, if you really read into it (so to speak) you can take a lot away from it if you are in a leadership or management position. Human psychology hasn't changed all that much over the centuries, the only difference is that the ancient battlefield is now and office and your enemies are your competitors. I would recommend this book for people looking to advance into, or develop in, a leadership position. It wont provide you with the tools to succeed as a stand alone book, but paired with proper training and other readings it can certainly give some good insights into the mindset of a good leader.
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on 30 September 2016
I read this book over and over. Even my ten-year-old daughter likes to read it! Although it was obviously written about war, there is much in there to do with relationships, assertiveness, leadership, self-awareness and self-discipline. And much else besides.

The book is simple and short enough to pick up and read the whole thing in one go. Every time you do though, you will discover something new or discover a new perspective on something you've previously read.

Invest in the hardback - you are going to want to read this enjoyable book many times.
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on 12 August 2017
One of, if not THE most useful works I have ever read, and not just for the battlefield. A must-read for anyone and everyone for advice on how to get through life's battlefield. One of the most useful pieces of advice my father ever gave to me was 'Know thine enemy'. I don't think he was aware that it came from Sun Tzu, and experience of life would tell you that anyway, but I'm sure there are people out there whose mind it never crossed. And there's plenty more where that came from. Highly recommended? Absolutely!
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on 14 July 2016
I have gone through several copies of this, along with Dale Carnegie's 'How to win friends and influence people', and Richard Carlson's 'Don't sweat the small stuff'. I also have very tired copies of Robert Pirsig's 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance' and Ayn Rand's 'Fountainhead'. It's one of those books that there are times in life when you just need (and benefit from) a little outside advise.Is it relevant today? Not entirely. Can it draw parallels over the years? Just about. Is it cool to have read it? A bit of a cliche. So why bother? Do you know what, there really are times when it will fit the bill. It won't give you answers, but it can show you that you have the ability to find the answer yourself, if you have faith in your own ability. And for the 'never give up' spirit I give it 5 Stars.
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on 3 February 2015
Dear God, I read another version of this by the same translator/publisher and the fact that this so much longer, with notes and analyses of each lesson by several generals of the day and the compiler himself makes this arguably THE version to get. It was a hard decision as (take a look at any strategy site) there are many, many versions out there and most have unique merits.

Some books are so good that one should indulge in two copies. I did, and I don't regret it; the Art of War is my favourite book of all time. Don't believe (certain) hype; it might not help you in the workplace, you may still falter when it comes to conquering the affections of the opposite (or same) sex; if not your spirit then your intellect will be given sustainance from this text.

I used to own a version that had Musashi's Book of Five Rings as a " 2 for 1" issue, which I thought was a damned insult to this text as it makes the former's Samurai "how to" manual seem shallow, not that there is any comparison.
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on 16 February 2018
This book helped catapult me to number 1 position on Clash of the Clans. I have now crushed all my enemies and my empire is ever increasing. Soon I will take over every piece of land on their servers and use them to mine bitcoins. Ha ha. I will then have enough money to buy my lazyboy 3000 couch and my 1000inch led TV! I will then rule all of the virtual world and make my mum proud of me so she doesn't keep asking me why I am 40 years old and still living in her basement.
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