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This is a little book, easily read.

I have a few objections to the content of the book, especially as regards its first part. The author classes the following together as all inhabiting the "angelic realm": "guardian angels, archangels, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, fairies and deceased loved ones". This seems strange to me - perhaps she should have defined what she means by "angelic realms". And surely archangels are also "angels". What have Ascended Masters to do with angels? Perhaps she could here have defined what she means by "spirit guides", though she does do so later.

And I don't really see what fairies have to do with angels. And "deceased loved ones" are definitely not "angels". It is distracting that the author mixes these various groups together in one heap. It had the effect of my losing confidence in her. Elizabeth tells us that most people have at least two guardian angels - one "loud and pushy" and the other "nurturing and emotional". I'd never heard this before.

The book could really have done with some editing, again, particularly in the first part. It contains a very ungrammatical and thus sloppy sentence about the ascended masters. Though I would claim these are very different from angels, apparently they are included in the book because "they are available for love, guidance, support and information whenever you call on them."

Re "spirit guides", Elizabeth tells us these possess an ego. They "have different frequencies and live in a different dimension". She previously stated that they inhabit the "angelic realm", but in which dimension does this belong? Spirit guides "can be people close to us from a past life or deceased loved ones".

As regards "fairies" Elizabeth later defines these as "the nature angels" - they are "different from angels". She states: "Unlike the angels, fairies have bodies, wings, and have a different vibration". I thought angels were supposed to have wings, too. She informs us to say "please" and "thank you" to the fairies, since they too have egos.

Re "deceased loved ones", it turns out she refers to them because they are given a choice to be a "spirit guide". If they accept, they will receive special training for this. I had previously heard that deceased loved ones could become guardian angels. I feel confused regarding Elizabeth's description of spirit guides, guardian spirits and guardian angels. I feel she confuses these terms, or at least her definitions do not accord with other writers on the subject.

At the very beginning Elizabeth provides an exercise we can do to see "angel lights" and thus have the presence of angels confirmed, Unfortunately, I was unable to see these angel lights.

She instructs us on the use of oracle cards, but informs us that the most important tool is receiving information by means of direct contact with the angels, whichever angels these might be, and listening to their messages, which we pick up intuitively.

She gives us various examples of her own angel readings with clients. She herself is extremely intuitive and therefore her readings are successful.

But since we are apparently not all so immediately intuitive, I would have liked that she provide us with instruction for developing our intuitive skills. For if we do not have access to the angels' personal guidance, it is doubtful whether we will be successful with our readings.

There is a chapter about psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. And she does include one about meeting one's angels. However, I have not had any success in meeting mine though I have repeatedly asked them to show up. I've never seen or communicated with an angel, though it is true that when I ask for their help and protection during longish train/bus journeys I am given help. My journeys made after I have begun to ask for angelic help differ palpably from those I made before.

As regards the cards we use in our angel readings, we are advised how to clear these before use. Chapters are included about the angel reading process, different card spreads, interpreting the cards, etc. (It is important to remember that the key information given in the card is often divulged not from the word or words given but from the illustrations, or whatever attracts your notice.)

There is useful information about the Archangels at the end of the book.

To sum up, despite the vagueness of her explanations at the start of the book, the author does eventually provide useful information and guidance. In particular, her examples of her own sessions are interesting. She instils in us the importance of trusting the angel guidance. But again, it would have been beneficial to have been given more aid as regards learning to listen to, and hear, one's angels, since good contact with them seems to be crucial with regard to obtaining a good reading!
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