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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Last Night on Earth Board Game
Price:£39.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 17 April 2017
great tabletop game, perfect to play with a small group of friend
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on 13 May 2017
great fun bought the expansuon too
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on 3 May 2011
I have played *Zombies!!!* Before and thought this might be somewhere along those lines, totally wrong! This game beats Zombies hands down, and has an excellent build -and artistic- quality to boot.

Plenty of different characters included, excellent range of scenarioes, downloadable content via the game website and extra scenarioes provided, funny touches and great twists! The rulebook can be a little heavy going but if you jump in head first you soon get the hang of it.

You get the chance to play zombies and heroes so theres a lot of variety, and advanced rules when you master the basic game! The models are fantastically crafted, real photographic art makes the game more enjoyable, the soundtrack is as cheesy as you like and overall, everything goes together to make an excellent zombie board game!

We have played this many many times since ordering it and we will continue to - recommended for any zombie fans, or for anyone who wants to throw a spook night!
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on 5 July 2010
Okay so if you're not at least mildly entertained by zombie movies you're not gonna like this game, if you do, the tone and flavor of the game means you should have fun win or loose. The whole game feels like a zombie movie (accept the heroes can loose!), even though you've only got 14 zombie models (which you'd think wasn't enough) it's plenty to make if feel like the zombie horde are closing on the heroes.

You have 5 scenarios, 6 game corner sections (of which you use 4 at a time) and 8 heroes (of which you start with 4). This variety means the game is always different which is great for re-play value. Also there are expansions for the game which should extend the game and bring in new missions, heroes and zombie actions.

The parts are all solid, the art work is great on the cards and all the 'classic' zombie film moments happen. The models all look good and are a little flexible so should survive rough handling better. As a really nice touch the box comes with additional tokens not used in any of the missions so you can make up new ones (and/or download the extra ones from Flying Frog's website). The CD is a nice extra but hmmm..... not really zombie music in my opinion.

The flexibility of the game being playable from 2-6 players is also a big plus and it really is playable at both ends of the scale. That said in the experience of me and my friends the zombies have a definite advantage at 2 players while the Heroes have the advantage at 5 or 6; in between it's more balanced, so the flexibility is not perfect but is handled better than most games I've played.
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on 10 October 2017
Played this last week in friends house and was very good fun. 2 players played as the zombies and 4 as the heros. Found it an engaging game, didn't take long to get the hang of it and there is handy card with round instructions for reference. Put me in the mood of watching fear the walking dead after playing
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on 17 July 2011
I sent this to my sibling who is really into Vampires, Zombies and in particular apocalypses of any kind!

She loves the idea of trying to survive, lol.

The game features a random element which will prolongs the re-playability. I was playing with 4 of us, 2 zombie players and 2 hero players. The zombies are a nice feature and it feels great to be surrounding the heroes as they franticly search for weapons to fight off the horde.
Then you have cards, bombs, events and little things that add a smidgen of tactics to the game.

I then played again as the heroes and loved the feeling of constant running and panic. Imagine when you run up stairs at night and you "feel" monsters grabbing your night gown. THAT feeling as they bare down.

Perfect for a bit of a change and party games. I can see the entire family playing this on and off. :)
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on 14 August 2014
The themes explored in this game are perfect for anyone that loves a late night horror movie that's so damn bad, it's awesome.

This game was bringing zombies back into our lives before it was the "in" thing to do so. You play as cliché characters in your very own B-Movie, where the main plot is that the zombie apocalypse is upon you. Whether you play as the good guys or the zombies is up to you! The winning conditions for the game vary greatly depending upon the story you've chosen to play, allowing you to return to the game for a very different experience many times ... and the variable layout of the board increases replay value by another factor.

The gameplay mechanics are easy to grasp and fun to execute. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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on 27 June 2011
If you are a hardcore zombie fan, or indeed have a passing interest in either strategic boardgames or zombie movies/books etc then Last Night On Earth is a great purchase.

The game has pretty simple rules that you can pick up as you play but expand to a good depth for the more advanced player. It also (in a Games Workshop style) has multiple expansion packs and even online support which allows you to download new scenarios that will keep the game fresh and interesting for even the most jaded, ADD-ridden player.

A standard basic game takes about an hour to 90min to play so it won't go on for days, although I could imagine with 6 players things might draw out a bit longer.

Concept is simple- draw item cards and events, move zombies and survivors, some buildings give equipment, some bonuses, you can get guns and close combat weapons, zombies are tough and strong in packs but slow and guns take them down much easier. All the zombie horror tropes and cliches are ticked off as you play and that alone makes it a really fun game for fans of the genre (like me)

Quality of the item is amazing, sturdy card and plastic pieces, nice artwork, great film quality stills illustrating every card, a nice range of cliche characters (the Jock, the Sheriff, the Nurse etc)- this is a quality product obviously put together with care.

The only negative I could say is the gameboard can become a bit familiar with only 6 L-shapes and one central piece, however the expansions improve on that and some scenarios use different layouts so its a small gripe.
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on 23 June 2015
There's not exactly a shortage of zombie games about the moment, but Last Night on Earth hails from a time before every other board game featured the living dead. The game is pretty much like stepping into a b-movie, complete with stereotypical characters like the Cheerleader, the Jock, Sheriff etc. One player controls the zombies who assault the heroes, the others play the human characters so you need at least two players - no solo play here.

But unlike Zombicide and other zombie games, this isn't a run-and-gun game where you're mowing down zombies left right and centre. In fact, there will be fourteen zombies on the board at the most. The thing about LNOE which makes it a real challenge is that it's genuinely hard to kill a zombie until you've found yourself a half decent weapon and even then it's still a struggle. End up surrounded a horde of zombies and you're more or less up the creek, which seems more in like with Dawn of the Dead and so forth.

In fact, LNOE plays like a real zombie movie, and gives you the opportunity for real character interaction. During one game, the Sheriff had the misfortune to be watching through a window, firing frantically save his son who ended up getting mauled by the undead. The cards - all of which feature photo art - also feature story events. Should you be lucky enough to hold the right card you, as the zombie player, can force a male and female hero into a clinch all the while the zombie horde close in on them.

But is it fun? Definitely. It's a much deeper game than Zombicide, although my one criticism is that it's a bit short on scenarios though there have been some uploaded to the website. If you're looking for a game that is not only entertaining but genuinely involving - and where your fortunes can change at short notice - then Last Night on Earth is a must have.
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on 13 September 2013
I've bought this to initiate a few of my friends to board games and it worked fairly well : the rules aren't overly complicated and should be explained in five minutes tops and the game is simple enough to follow for newcomers to the hobby.

As far as the game itself goes, it's enjoyable for sure (as long as you have at least 4-5 people) but I felt that some of the scenarios were far too basic for my tastes : straight-up zombie killing just doesn't feel as fun as surviving and/or working towards a common goal in my opinion. The content is of good quality, the box is sturdy and the miniatures are pretty good for plastic.

Not the best board game on the shelf but still a good one.
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