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on 10 October 2006
Steve Murray's commitment to making Reiki training easily available to everyone is a blessing! I have copies of several of his books, including this one, as well as the Reiki Master Attunement DVD. Having experience as a Level 2 Reiki practitioner prior to obtaining Steve's material, I was amazed to find much of what I struggled with and wondered about, explained in his easy to understand books with great photos! I already had other Reiki books, but Steve's are much more helpful. Don't let any critics tell you that Steve can't teach Reiki through books and DVDs. Energy has no limits. Upon completing my Reiki Master Attunement with his DVD, my abilities to use Reiki for healing, channeling and psychic connections were greatly enhanced within just a few days. Steve's books are great- down to earth and easy to understand. If you want to learn about Reiki, start with Steve Murray!
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on 5 January 2007
I have read all four of Steve Murray's Books, Reiki the Ultimate Guides 1,2,3, and Reiki False beliefs Exposed for all. I use them all the time as reference. I have been studying the Healing Arts for some years now, and felt my greatest shift in energy when I first took the Reiki One Attunement through Steve's DVD program. Now I am a Reiki Master, and I owe it all to Steve Murray's belief that Reiki should be available to all. I studied Reiki for about 6 months prior to finding out about Steve Murray's program, I thought it would never be possible for me. All the other programs cost too much and I had to travel, which was another expense I didn't have. I have still read other Reiki Books and Information, none of them were as thorough and informative as Steve Murray's 4 books. They filled in all the holes that the other sources left out or didn't want to release. In my opinion this Program is the best out there, nothing is cryptic, it is all easy to follow and understand, at a fraction of the cost. Without these 4 books by my side, I would have too many questions, and not enough answers. Which would hinder me from giving the best Reiki Service I can. Thank you, Steve! Keep up the good work, I believe you are spreading a powerful message to the masses, that message is of peace. Namaste
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on 18 February 2007
This comprehensive set of guides is an awesome review of Reiki basics with all those little things you may have forgotten over the years.

After reviewing all four books (Reiki Ultimate Guide Volumes 1-3 and Reiki False Beliefs Exposed For All) I found that the sections on psychic sugery (Volume 2) and the entire book(Volume 3) about aura attunements really grabbed my interest the most. I plan on using the aura attunements where I can in my practice, starting with myself. I am also interested in the Reiki Healing Attunements because when I was taught my level 1 and level 2 we didn't really have such things, it was a more hands on, balancing with specific spot healing when needed. I like the approach of using the chakra's and appreciated the layout you gave for the chakra's and their associated physiological areas. Again, very useful. These books and the 3 DVD attunements have totally changed my perspective about my practice of Reiki. I can truly see why you term these volumes as a Toolbox. I would suggest that any serious Reiki Practitioner should read and re-read these as they are definitely applicable to the 'real world' applications of Reiki. Thanks to Steve Murray for his insight in getting these out to the world!
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on 5 April 2007
A year or so passed before I was able to purchase this book and the accompanying DVD. I was thrilled when they finally arrived at my door. The book does not disappoint! Very little information is repeated...it's not just a rehashing of previous material, much like what I was given when I took my first (and ridiculously expensive Master class some 7 years ago). No, this book is filled with specific information regarding Reiki Aura Attunements. This is new information that can be used by all Reiki students and Reiki Masters alike. I feel like this book helped to complete my Master skill set. All of the books in this series build upon each other and provide a specific roadmap for Reiki students and practitioners alike.
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on 16 September 2006
In a "spiritual marketplace" rife with fraud and misrepresentation, Steve's 3 books (Reiki Ultimate Guides) and dvd attunements deliver the goods. Though initially skeptical, I've taken the Reiki degree attunements with satisfying results. It is actually possible, with the proper intent, to channel reiki successfully after being attuned via dvd. I experienced an impressive array of phenomena while channeling, especially using the symbols. Even long distance healing and beaming worked surprisingly well. The Ultimate Reiki Guides contained, in very clear, plain language, the steps necessary to take attunements and (Master degree) to give them. They also explicitly describe many different techniques for channeling Reiki (for yourself and others), both with and without props (crystals, stones). Taken as a whole, the books and dvds are probably the most detailed, cost-effective means of thoroughly learning and being initiated into Reiki currently available. Kudos to Steve Murray for making genuine Reiki attunements and knowledge available to such a wide audience.
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on 5 May 2006
Thank you Steve for you latest book on Aura Attunements. Both my husband and I benefited greatly the very first time we used this attunement. After doing an Aura Attunement on myself for a long standing habit, I received the not so subtle answer in a dream the next night. I believe the Aura Attunement helped me to remove a 'haunting and potentially harmful belief' that I had and one that has been with me for 56 years. Needless to say the awareness and healing I felt from this dream was astounding. After my husband did the Aura Attunement on himself for 'fear', he too came to the realization that a long standing childhood experience created a belief that was not only false but also one that had a potential negative influence on his behavior for his entire life. Because of this new 'awareness' he is now able to see more clearly what positive changes are possible for him in interacting with others. We are both very grateful to you Steve for sharing the gift of Reiki and for being courageous enough to risk helping so many. And kudos to Amazon.co.uk for making your books available. C. P. & R. P
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on 21 April 2006
As a Reiki practitioner, many have wondered why, for those few difficult situations, no matter what they did for someone, it was never enough to help. When first trained in Reiki, we learn to treat specific body positions. For most people, that makes such a positive impact that they do not need to seek out more. Others find that there are deeper issues to help people with, and will do very well with aligning treatments to the Chakras, as in Mr. Murray's second book.

All this pales in comparison to this new book, Reiki the Ultimate Guide, Vol. 3: Learn New Reiki Aura Attunements Heal Mental & Emotional Issues. If a healer really wants to complete his or her education of Reiki, learning how to heal with the Auras is essential. Mr. Murray's approach is as usual brilliantly illustrated so that there is no guesswork. His explanations are thorough and well researched. Best of all, these techniques work with immediate results. All three books in Mr. Murray's Ultimate Guide series are an absolute necessity for any serious Reiki fractioned, or anyone considering learning about Reiki.
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on 28 February 2007
Although I was a already a Reiki Practitioner having passed Reiki 1st and 2nd Level with another Master I decided to read all the books to do with Steve Murray's training to have Reiki 1st, 2nd and Master level. I also took the Attunements by the DVD's. The books are really interesting and I learnt a lot more than I already knew. After taking the DVD Attunements the results have been brilliant. The Reiki is flowing through very powerfully and I have had amazing results with my clients.
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on 10 October 2006
Recently while searching for some music, I came across Steve Murray's DVD programs for attunement. First impression was that, this must be fake. As it was in total contradiction to the learning's I learnt during my Reiki 2nd degree in India. I went on to read the reviews and none of the reviews were negative. All people including some Reiki masters were in praises for Steve's program. I took the chance and ordered his first book, 1st cd and DVD attunement for 2nd degree. I wanted to take this again for reinforcement and to give my wife 2nd degree who was a 1st degree. (My intention was to try his claim first before I venture into a master attunement of Reiki through DVD)

Last week I received the dvd and the first thing was to play the dvd to see myself, if it works. It did work. It was a very powerful attunement & I received it all through a DVD, isn't it amazing.. Immediately after that my wife took the attunement and she also felt extreme heat and tingling sensation. Now she is a 2nd degree and her Reiki is flowing beautifully. The first line of his book, which says "I believe at this very moment as you read this, our vibrations and energies are connected in the now". As soon as I read this I felt I am connected to Steve. When I played his attunement cd part 1, I felt a gentle shower of Reiki all over me. Its playing right now and I can feel Reiki all around me. Since then I have taken both 1st & 2nd degree attunements a couple of times and every time I feel an increase in my energy levels. I feel my hearing ability has increased; now I can pick up sounds quite far from me. My smelling ability has increased, my concentration and consciousness has increased too.

Giving attunements like this proves that Reiki works in past present and future all layered together. This even supports the string theory proposed by Einstein and the 11 dimensions we live in. probably Reiki works in all those 11 dimensions just by our intent. Steve has done a great think to mankind by his video programs. He is in fact a time traveler who travels forward and backwards in time by his Reiki and gives the attunement to us whenever we watch his videos and listen to his cds. His attunements on Dvd cost just 30 whereas taking a master attunement cost $1,000 in India and up to $10,000 in US. He has made Reiki available to the masses virtually at no cost. This way more and more people can use this power and be healed and heal others. Reiki is a free gift from the supreme power and should be available for masses. I honor his Reiki mission which is to spread Reiki to everybody for their betterment.

I also ordered his subliminal programs; currently I am using Quit Smoking and Stress relief. Only 3 days have passed doing these programs. I already feel that my stress levels are going down. The second day I lit the cigarette but I couldn't pull, I felt as if the smoke is killing me. Immediate reaction was to throw the cigarette and now I don't feel like smoking anymore, touchwood. Next weekend I will be taking my master level attunement and I feel so happy about it.

I urge everybody to experience Reiki. It can change your life for good in so many ways. It will heal you on all levels and make your surroundings more pleasant. After some time of continuous use, you will feel that things have started falling back in place on their own. You can go and take a Reiki session from a Reiki healer or try "Reiki 1st Level Attunement - Become a Reiki Healer (2004)" by Steve Murray. Any of the options will not cost you more then 30 - 40 bucks and you can experience the divine power of Reiki. It's such a nice experience to feel life sustaining force flowing through your body at your wish and you can direct it anywhere you like, even heal a living being. From there it will depend on your fate and your karma. But at least let your body experience it once. I can bet that this might be the best investment you can ever make in your entire life.

- Harsh Misra 10/09/2006
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on 13 June 2006
This 3rd book in the Steve Murray Reiki Guide series, Reiki the Ultimate Guide Learn New Reiki Aura Attunements, is the most indispensable book I have encountered in quite a long time. Most everyone we know has numerous mental and emotional problems, some bigger than others, all of which can be healed through the techniques taught in this book. Imagine having the ability to channel the energy needed to help someone stop smoking, end depression, lose weight or heal his or her anger. Healing all of these and many more illnesses are taught in this book - the most definitive book on healing emotional and mental issues with Reiki that I have ever seen!
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