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on 7 February 2008
This deck is an oracle deck so it is not made up of the four suits and and major arcana. Each card stands as it is. The Cards themselves struck me as very beautiful, they are larger than an average deck and sturdy feeling. Very glossy and bright colours are used through out. The pictures are quite impressionistic in nature, some cards are abstract and colourful in nature others depict people, mainly women. Though all the women depicted are white, naked and fairly standard body types etc which is somewhat annoying I perhaps have a more personal gripe here that it is a deck designed to be about the power of the feminine, designed by a man, and seems to show women in quite passive states powerful only from a place of inactivity, but it might just be me.

Another issue I had to get over, and I felt was quite healing for me to do so, was the use of traditionally Christian keywords in a way that is more empowering that I would expect (from my catholic background).
Keywords such as Crucifixion - meaning causing yourself suffering by negative thinking
The Resurrection - Nothing going your way at the moment but higher plan is in action, a new approach may be necessary.
Purgatory - Emotional ups and downs part of healing process, let go of old 'stuff'
Saint - Sinner - You are making assumptions about another person or event, keep an open mind and heart, when we judge others we judge ourselves.
God - You are never alone, surrender your fears to the Universe. Trust, accept, let go

Other cards are of a definitely more eclectic thought include Sacred Sexuality, Sofia, Acceptance, Decision, Little Children, The Matrix, Past Lives, Gaia

Putting my misgivings aside I did use this deck considerably to get the feel for the deck itself in action, both intuitively and using the little white book. It took me quite a while with some of the unfamiliar card keywords to click into where the card was coming from but as I have done so the cards open up and speak more.

Looking at the little white books meanings it is very self-development orientated which is great, though it has a reasonable passage on each card, at times I have felt it somewhat negative in its description of a card, where I have really felt the key word and intuitive messages I have got from the card have been much more nurturing in their nature. I would have liked the meanings to be reworded so there is less negative affirmation within them, when the pictures themselves are positive and empowering in their imagery.

Another very positive thing was an excellent spread defined in the little white book in the shape of a pentagram the five points being Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit and one card in the middle for the outcome or overall expression. I really liked the way this was defined and it was a good spread to use with this deck.

I found intuitively that the deck works quite well for me, I relied on the images' colours and key words written on each card most of the time. Readings that have a self development point of reference work better than readings that ask about the nature of a situation from a more 'interactions' point of view. I also felt that 'card of the day' type work wasn't all that helpful whereas a reading when it was really needed about an emotional situation was very clear and concise.

These have not become my favourite cards by any means, though I have found they have their place in readings from time to time. When I have been drawn to use them specifically they have been very powerful. There is quite a spiritual feel to the cards too, for me they have helped me reclaim and integrate some more from my early years Christian teaching. Though beyond this I have not really found them spiritually on my wavelength.

Saying this, they may well work for you, the pictures are beautiful with deep colours, and certainly lovely to meditate and focus on and gain your own insights. The Christian feel may be a good thing or not depending on your background, associations and beliefs and I am aware some of my experience of this deck may well be coloured quite heavily by my own background and difficulties with Christianity at times.
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on 18 January 2015
Thank you for my beautiful cards. Give me food for thought when I'm unsure if I'm on the right path and usually right. They are slightly larger than my usual cards so a little difficult to handles with small hands but the cards and illustrations are wonderfully beautiful ❤️
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on 3 January 2014
I find that the cards I pulled were spot on for me and it is a great tool to work on yourself and continue on the path wonderfull cards.
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on 12 November 2015
My daughter loves these cards - beautifully illustrated and I'm amazed at the accuracy/relevance of cards chosen
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on 10 December 2014
This arrived very quickly and in brilliant condition. Its a lovely pack of cards, i am thrilled with this gift!
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on 16 March 2015
Love them and all my students want to buy them so I will order for them. Namaste
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on 30 December 2014
Excellent cards to feed the soul
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on 10 November 2014
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