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on 9 March 2007
I bought this book together with Neil Strauss's 'The Game'. As 'The System' is tiny and 'The Game' is long, I read 'The System' first.

I didn't think that 'The System' was too bad. Rather simplistic for sure, but it looks as if the strategy that the author uses should have some effect - at least for someone as totally clueless as myself in certain key areas.

But once I started 'The Game' I realized how basic the advice in 'The System' really is. Valentine is like a kindergarten teacher compared to Strauss's university lecturer. If I had read 'The Game' first, I am sure I would have thrown 'The System' away after 10 minutes.

In summary, don't waste your money on this book; get 'The Game' instead.
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on 27 January 2005
My first word of warning when ordering and reading this book would be to be absolutely certain that you have a secure place where you will not be disturbed/found out, as well as a good place to hide it. Assuming that the type of person who would order this book has little or no clue on relationships, is probably going to have a plethora of other social issues too, so you may have some explaining to do if found out (let alone a dent in your self confidence and extreme paranoia).
Second, be prepared for a lot of salesman talk (half this book is just about how if you don't follow the system you'll get nowhere). This book would have been far better off without this and you could focus more on the ideas and 'system', without having to go through the (ever more irritating) garble.
Thirdly, read with some degree of realism in mind. A lot of the tips given in similar to cheesy, unrealistic porn (such as blatant lying to them to make you much more intresting than you really are (how many girls are going to believe you are a film producer and you want them for your next shoot if your hanging around a completely random bar?)
Fourthly, don't try any of these tips on your female-friends, they'll think your being wierd. You may want to take morals into consideration becuase wam-bam-thankyou-mam encounters could make for a guilty concience (then again, it depends if you have a concience...).
To conclude, I think some of the ideas in here are new and fresh, and gives some basic tips on flirting and how to keep them slightly interested in you, but I suggest you choose what information you want from it. Happy Reading tho.
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on 25 May 2012
I've now read about 20 books on pick up including this one, attended seminars, bought dvd's and I've even had private tuition on live infield day game. So I'm no longer a newbie at this. I actually bought this book a few years ago and read it for the second time last week.

I remember being quite impressed by this book the first time I read it but now I feel it's been left in the dust of the newer books out there. The System comprises pretty much of the authors system, his method for picking up women and you are taught what this is. It's very basic and the author even admits that it will work only on 1% of women, which he calls the "1% rule!" This ratio is disappointingly low and will involve having to try and make "eye contact" with 100 girls a day to get one to talk to you!

By reading anything by Richard La Ruina you can increase this percentage considerably. But before that you should read Destroy Approach Anxiety - Effortlessly Approach Women Without Fear which actually teaches you how to walk up to any girl without fear and start a conversation! I've found that to be the most helpful book on actually approaching a girl and get talking to her. Making the approach should be the first step you make and then you should read into the more advanced tactics to really help you out. That's when any book by La Ruina will come in handy for you!

But if you're curious you should still give this a look as you'll learn something at least!
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on 18 July 2004
I have been a relatively succesful player still relying on luck. This book eliminated the need for luck altogether. Being French and a world traveller since I am a kid, I know about good food, wines and cooking(One of the Roy's subjects in seducing women). Europeans/world travellers with refined interests who buy this book will become players wielding dangerous powers. Be warned. Women will fall hard for you, not even based on your looks, social status or wealth. They will fall because you used a simple step by step approach that Roy outlined in his book. Roy, thank you for writing this easy to read and spot on instruction manual.
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on 23 July 2004
I recieved this book and began reading it immediatley, I was travelling on the train in central London returning from work. I had read about half the book by now and decided to try out the techniques I had learnt, why wait - if the right girl was about the system would take care of the rest. Take into account that I dont normally try to chat up girls in normal everyday situations and I am quite shy, anyway: I saw a girl looking in my direction so I looked her in the eyes for a couple of seconds and looked away, I looked at her a second time for confirmation she was interested, she didn't smile which would have been nice but hey on the underground not many people can force a smile. I got off the train to change lines and she was getting the same train as me (ok this was a bit lucky but it was my first attempt). She sat down and I deliberatley stood next to her looking at the map pretending I didn't know where the train was going, I asked her if she knew which way the train was travelling and she told me (in depth) - showing me she wasn't against holding a conversation with me. I then sat next to her and she looked at me a couple of times playing with her hair then I began talking to her (about the journey etc..). We both got off at the same station but then we were going in different directions, I didn't know how to close the deal (I hadn't gotten that far in the book - man she was hot, damn what could I do), I got her phone number and and that was that. I called her a couple of days later and closed the deal, so what if it took a couple of days - maybe after some practice I will be able to get laid in minutes but in the meantime I'm just having fun playing the game.
Great book I highly recommend buying it although it would have been better if it had more conversation openers - although these are pretty much specific to each situation you find yourself in (unlike chat up lines which dont work and the same ones are used in any given situation) a few examples would have been nice.
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on 6 August 2004
Having just broken up with my girlfriend of year, I was looking for some tips and tricks to help me get out there and pull some birds.
Even if I found Roy's tone to be a little bit unsavoury towards females, what he is saying is extremely important, and by the end of the book i forgave him. He basically wants to give men the power to manipulate women the same way they manipulate men. He has come up with ways to 'play games' back at the women who have you over a barrel with the promise of some action. As i read the book I realised that in all of my successful encounters with women (ok, well most of them then!), I had behaved as he recommends in The System, right down to the body language. If you play hard to get, the woman has to work for your affections, to the point where she puts out to secure her man, and confirm his affection for her. He also talks about women not worth wasting time with; if you go after birds who aren't interested you're wasting your time money and effort, and denting your confidence at the same time. (this is the biggest revelation, so simple, yet so often overlooked)
If you are in a bit of a muddle, seem to be hopeless with women, then reading this book will inevitably help, if only by helping you identify who's interested in the first place. The main strength of the book is that it gives you a 'gameplan' which gives you confidence out on the town. Knowledge is power.
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on 21 February 2005
Until 2 years ago when I got divorced I never thought I needed a book like this. I forgot how hard it could be to get a girl to come home with you.
I think I tried everything until I got a copy of this book from my mate who always had girls following him around.
Anyway, I'm not trying to be a 'Master Player". I just wanted to find a girlfriend. I did date a few girls but am now getting serious with a beautiful girl that I'm sure I would never have met without what I learned from the System.
I recommend this book for any guy that need some help with meeting girls even if you're just trying to find a girlfriend instead of being a player.
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on 27 August 2006
Compare the following two scenarios. In the first one you go out somewhere hoping that you will be lucky enough even to start chatting with a girl. Surely you are concerned for being rejected and hurt. This antagonistic mixture of hope and fear will definitely reflect in "mixed" signals which girls intuitively detect. Of course, your chances of not being lucky again are great.

Now imagine a second scenario. You know where to go, what to look for AND do with a girl. Only this knowledge will immediately lead to greater confidence and this is definitely a major turn on for most girls. Then as an experienced player Valentine knows how much hurts to be rejected. That's why his entire "System" is based on a kind of "screening". You will not waste your time with girl(s) who score low during this screening. Instead you will know when a girl has a favorable attitude towards you without being necessary to show off with good looks, money, etc. Yes, it takes some time to find an appropriate girl but this is better than trying with every girl out there and being constantly rejected.

As you see Roy Valentine's book is a step-by-step presentation of his experience in seducing girls. Another book which will further and dramatically boost your knowledge and success is "Scientificlly guaranteed male multiple orgasms and ultimate sex" by scientist Ritz. Valentine outlines those important factors for prescreening, attracting and seducing a girl while Ritz reveals you all those crucial science-based factors for having great performance and massive steel hard on to drive them wild. They compliment each other very well.
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on 9 July 2011
most of the book offers fairly rudimentary and blindingly obvious pieces of advice. i thought it would give a list of good openers, ways to keep the conversation going etc.
it tells you v obvious stuff such as "women love guys to cook for them".

i would have to say it was disappointing overall. i dont think there is anything in this that any reasonably adjusted half intelligent male doesnt already know
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on 13 July 2004
Forget about dating, Valentine advises - just take her home the same time you meet her. Of course, i thought he was mad. But there he was saying exactly how to do it. He tells of Japanese girls, European Girls, American girls and other girls he pulls all over the world. He tells you what to do from the moment you see her to the moment you have her in bed. He presents a chart with the steps you need to take for every move. He even tells you what women are thinking when they see you in the pub or nightclub.
I started out skeptical but experience (after reading the book) has now made me a believer. Get this one lads - I wish I had it years ago.
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