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on 25 March 2004
This book is an essential for quilters at any stage. It covers the basics for beginners and has more than enough detail and illustrations for more advanced quilters. The techniques are clearly explained and Jinny's ways of working are described in a readable and enthusiastic way. It is a pleasure to read (this is really a quilting book to put some time aside for) and I was inspired to begin my own hand pieced and hand quilting project - as a machine enthusiast this is quite something !
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on 18 December 2006
I bought this book while on holiday in America and basically it is the book for quilters who prefer the traditional method. I found it very hard to put down. The instructions are very clear and the photo's are step by step. I have often referred to something when I am stuck but I haven't quite got the nerve to do it by eye yet, although it has given me enough confidence to piece much faster by hand than I used to. I also purchased this for my friend who is also a keen quilter, and she found it "spellbinding" - because she found it hard to put down too!
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on 12 August 2013
I can't praise this book highly enough. Books are not what they used to be and you have to go a long way to find a decent one these days. This one is fantastic and was like receiving a gift when it arrived. It is a heavy book made with excellent quality paper, so not only is it a pleasure to flick through but it will last a long time. This book seems to have been put together with the same care and attention with which the author would create a quilt. The photographs are excellent and detailed and are combined with step by step instructions to match the photographs. Even the fonts used add to the presentation. The information is very comprehensive, ranging from very basic matters that you won't find answers to on the Internet eg why is my first quilting stitch always bigger than the second and third on the needle, to much more complex matters like how to deal with curved piecing. There are also sections of historical information sprinkled in, and although I have never been interested in the history of quiltmaking before, I have quite enjoyed reading these. There are ten detailed patterns at the end of the book with detailed instructions and templates to copy. They start at beginner level and increase in complexity pattern by pattern. All the techniques needed are covered in detail earlier in the book. One customer was disappointed that the pattern on the front cover of the book is not included. Once I read Jinny's story of how this quilt came about, I totally understood why it wasn't included. I highly recommend this book for yourself, and it would also make an excellent gift. Well worth the money and I doubt you would want to return it once you receive it.
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on 17 January 2008
.... it saddens me that quiltmaking has become dominated by "The Machine"! In some newer 'How To Quilt.....' books the art of hand piecing and quilting isn't even mentioned. For those of us who love hand sewing and nurture a pride in producing something beautiful where every stitch was created by our own hand, this book is the Bible. She does rather dismiss my favoured English Paper Piecing method but everything else is sheer inspiration and overflowing with the joy of her craft.

A wonderful, wonderful gift for a sewing friend or a special present to yourself. The illustrations are sumptuous; the format accessible and the information mingled with anecdotes and hints so that you really feel you are sitting by Jinny's fireside chatting about a shared passion.

This is maybe not for the complete novice (unless you combine the gift with a class in hand piecing and quilting) but will inspire those looking to enhance their skills. For the more experienced it is a 'must have' on their shelf and will be used constantly. Also perfect for anyone doing a C&G or degree in textiles or needlework.
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on 30 March 2012
I agree wholeheartedly with the previous reviews, the writing and technical detail within this book are second to none. An excellent reference book that should be part of every quilters library.
So why only 4 stars? I made the mistake of assuming the stunning quilt (called 'Windows') pictured on the front cover, would be detailed within the book, which was my main reason for choosing this book.
It would have been more accurate to have used one of the 10 quilts detailed within the book for the front cover and not a quilt that is very briefly mentioned and the pattern of which is not available in the book or from Jinny Beyer's web site. To say it is mis-leading is an understatement.
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on 14 July 2011
This is the book I was looking for. I'm a quilter for years, but never had the courage to do a whole quilt by hand. Ofcourse I did some handpiecing and quilting, but it took too long, or didn't work out nicely. Now, Jinny Beyer shows me how to do it properly, accurately and fast. Beautiful patterns as well. This year I'll start a quilt by hand, promised, actually, I can't wait to start. First collect some beautiful fabrics!!!
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on 10 August 2010
As a complete beginner to hand-quilting, I bought loads of books to read up on the subject. As it turned out, I only needed this one. It is the most comprehensive, and enjoyable, book on hand-quilting in my opinion. Not only are step-by-instructions provided, detailed information is also given on what sort of paraphenalia one needs as well. I found the author's recommendations in this area to be invaluable, as someone who has previously owned only a simple sewing kit. There are also wonderful photos, anecdotes and historical information. I am not a fan of the autumnal colour palette the author seems to favour, or the use of border fabrics, but of course quilting leaves plenty of room for creativity, so this isn't a reason to not buy the book. I am now working on my first quilt and so far so good!
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on 31 August 2014
This veritable tome is an endless resource for those who are serious about quilting by hand. It isn't a book for those looking to pick up the needle and go however. With small type it is packed with content covering the history of this practical art form as well as personal anecdotes from a lifetime of work on the subject. Once you do reach the actual instructions they are clear and well thought out. Covering every aspect it is unlikely you would need another book on the subject and she covers techniques such as how to create patterns from the fabric design itself which I have yet to see covered elsewhere.
The palette favoured by Mrs Beyer is quite muted and not exactly contemporary but I feel this lends to it doubling as a coffee table piece, there is no doubt the spectacular quilts have been well photographed and it has an air of a classic already.
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on 29 April 2015
I was a little disappointed with this book. I do most of my quilting by hand, preferring the "old ways", but didn't feel that this taught me anything new. It also had a lot of historical information which I really didn't need. Also felt that some of the illustrations seemed to me to be very dark and not too clear. Personally I prefer "The Quilter's Bible", which although has machine techniques included, I have always found it perfectly possible to adapt to hand work.
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on 20 August 2015
lovely book I couldn't put it down, I am a new quilter and doing one with Jinny Beyer on craftsy, so this book has been very useful well worth the money.
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