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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars

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on 12 August 2011
Have you ever thought that the idea of a loving all merciful God was a great idea, but that the various religious doctrines turned you off? Have you thought that much of the contents of the Bible and Koran is just not up to scratch for today's world? And what about the other religions, Hindu, Taoism, Shinto, etc... If there were truly an omniscient, omnipresent Deity, then why would he/she put up with all the errors, and all the misguided and perverted religious prejudices that abound?

The answer is to read The Urantia Book. This is a work authored by a compilation of spiritual beings, angels if you will, who asked for and were given authorization to complete this tome of 1096 pages; a veritable feast for genuine Truth-Seekers everywhere. The exact techniques as to how these revelatory papers were commissioned and put into print has spawned another industry, but the positively overwhelming conclusion of most of those who have read and studied The Urantia Book, is that this book is an official communication from intelligent life outside our local solar system and from the planetary angels still here on Earth. Urantia is the local universe name of our planet, and Nebadon is the name of our local universe. Details of the creditable reason (i.e. The Lucifer Rebellion) are revealed as to why our world has been cut off from normal universe circuits of communication; and for how long we have been - and can further expect to remain - in quarantine.

To accept this book for what it claims to be, ie the Fifth Epochal Revelation, one has to consult one's conscience with a view to favoring the influence of the Spirit of Truth. If you are interested in historical truths about Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden and the evolution of Man, the Lucifer Rebellion and the downfall of Man; and if you are interested to learn more about the Universe and God's participation in his creation, then The Urantia Book will tickle you pink. "Your short sojourn on Urantia [Earth] - is only a single link, the very first in the long chain that is to stretch across universes and through the eternal ages." The Urantia Book, (39:4.13 )

After we die there is an eternal new adventure in store. The Urantia Book gives a preview of how you can expect your universal career to unfold as you progress ever upwards and inwards, as you traverse seven super-universes to the very center of creation and to Paradise, the infinite dwelling place of God the Father.

If you are interested in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, and would like to know what happened in the so-called "missing years"; if you have a love for the Master or just a fascination for his character; if you have a yearning to know exactly what he taught without the Bible misquotes due to the writer's memory lapses or inaccurate language translations, then read Part IV, the last part of the revelation. There you will find a wonderful account of Jesus of Nazareth which accurately surpasses any other in writing today.
Also The Urantia Book discloses the full narrative of Jesus' betrayal by Judas Iscariot, the real reason for his crucifixion and his traumatic death; and it dispels the accepted argument that he was 'sacrificed' and that his 'blood was shed for our redemption.'

"Though it is hardly proper to speak of Jesus as a sacrificer, a ransomer, or a redeemer, it is wholly correct to refer to him as a saviour. He forever made the way of salvation (survival) more clear and certain; he did better and more surely show the way of salvation for all mortals of all the worlds of the universe of Nebadon." p2017

Many Christians will balk at the number of revelations which directly contradict entrenched beliefs which stem from the Holy Bible, but as The Urantia Book states on page 1732, "You must cease to seek for the word of God only on the pages of the olden records of theologic authority. Those who are born of the spirit of God shall henceforth discern the word of God regardless of whence it appears to take origin. Divine truth must not be discounted because the channel of its bestowal is apparently human." Religion cannot be bestowed, received, loaned, learned, or lost. It is a personal experience which grows proportionally to the growing quest for final values.

The Urantia Book is destined to be found in every household on Earth one distant day in the future. It provides the documentary road map to bring the nations, the countries, the peoples and the families under one umbrella of the Love of God and Brotherhood of Man.
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on 30 January 2013
This book is a wonderful expansive view of the reality and world we live in, it answers many questions that you are left asking after reading the Bible and many other texts of this nature. The style is good, the language is strange at first but always uplifting; at times it become difficult to understand this is when you should rest and reflect on what you have read, do not try to read too much it is a big read the first time and this is where the audio CD that is with the book is a fantastic idea. Have you ever read a book and did not know how to say that or pronounce this, well you can read word for word as the CD plays on you computer mac or pc, walkman what ever, this CD will suit all. IT is a perfect well thought through experience and gives you so much more enjoyment and understanding of Urantia which at times is full of complex ideas and levels.

Chapter IV about the life and teachings of Jesus is the reason why I got this book. Being a Christian with an open mind has meant that the agnostic texts not included in the Bible were more interesting and revealing than the interpretations offered in study in the church scene and I began to wonder why that should be the case. Now after reading Urantia a can see why I was right to keep an open mind and to feel a little short changed when reading about the teachings and message of Jesus from just the Bible.
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on 16 March 2017
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on 6 November 2014
very interesting opens ones eyes x
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on 11 January 2011
The Uversa Press edition of The URANTIA Book is superior to the "alternative" ones because:

a) the text is laid out in two columns, making it easier to read.

b) the paragraphs are numbered, making it easier to locate or refer to a place in the text.

c) Index

d) the list of all changes compared to 1955 first edition. The only other edition that I know of which lists these changes is my son's "English Study Edition" but it is too expensive (in printed format) for an average reader.

e) DVD with the Audio recording (in mp3 format) of the entire Urantia Book in "one section per file" format, nicely laid out in a hierarchical directory tree of papers.

Overall, excellent work --- thank you, Uversa Press!
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on 23 December 2011
The book is a positively challanging read. As a bible reader I found the Urantia book delves deeper into explanations not readily available in the bible.
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on 19 February 2013
This is probably the only negative review I have ever written. This book is pretentious, rambling and quite honestly almost if not more incomprehensible as Finnegans Wake. There is a CD rom that comes with the book so that if you cant get passed a paragragh then you can settle down and listen to what sounds like an android voice whitter on about galactic this and cosmic that. It sounds like free association theology meets carl Sagan at a dadaist convention run by a fruit bowl. Be warned, smoke something first
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on 17 July 2015
How can I damn well read this so quick, It has a million pages ya dorks.
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on 25 November 2010
Whilst I quite agree with those reviews I have read that say that much of the early theological discussion in this book is somewhat dense and jargonesque, and that it does not make for light, or always particularly intellectually satisfying reading, nevertheless there is a long section in this book, giving a blow by blow, and very scientific, account of the early evolution of our planet, which would be enough to justify buying it in itself. The fact that it then goes on to give the fullest account of the life of Jesus ever written, and written in a scholarly and well-researched way to boot, truly does set this book apart. It is not at all like some of these Gnostic Gospels or some of the other New Age tomes we have had on the same subject. This one is clear, readable, and its manifest and useful content is not hidden behind a long stream of Victorian or Bible-esque language designed to give it a "feeling of genuineness" without revealing anything important or pertinent. This is not merely a good book. It is an historical work, and I can truly say that I can think of many people who would benefit from reading it.
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on 21 January 2012
Not sure at all about this book although I'm a little disappointed at the DONATE buttons and pro-marketing on the website.

It's printed along the same lines as the Bible and imo it is harder to read . . . .

However, before buying,why not log on to the website and read a little/lot of the book online. I was unaware that you could do this when I bought the book otherwise I would not have bought it but unfortunately I researched it AFTER I bought it. . But please log on to the link below and make up your own minds. . .

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