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on 17 September 2013
Pulsar astronomers have apparently ignored the extra- terrestrial hypothesis for too long. It would be a great shock to current scientific paradigms to have to acknowledge a galactic ET presence. Paul LaViolette reveals in this book the artificial and ordered message of pulsars. Pulsars produce focussed electro- magnetic beams which are aimed at Earth and it's environs apparently for the benefit of the human race. The book seems to raise more questions than provide answers. Is this an overly geocentric viewpoint? Is our planet this important to the galactic community? The signals from the pulsars take thousands of years to reach Earth, LaViolette speculates that ET has anticipated our technological development, millennia in advance. I feel that it is more likely that ET is farming and controlling the human race, releasing certain bits and pieces of information, by creating sequences of aetheric messages for scientists and thinkers. The pulsar beacons may contain more of these ET messages, which have yet to be deciphered.

There are many instances of ordering in nature, for example in the creation of DNA. It stands to reason that there are likely to be species in the galaxy who are technologically far in advance of humans. Are humans the creation of these superior reptilian beings? Are the pulsar beacons positioned to "put humanity in it's place" and indicate the boundaries of our prison? La Violette devotes a considerable number of pages to the enigmatic Crab Nebula and it's associated pulsar. LaVilolette has studied this nebula in detail, he believes that the entire nebula is artificial and provides a three dimensional map of the "superwave" originating in the centre of the galaxy, which almost destroyed the Earth and gave rise to Noah's flood. LaViolette suggests that there are many examples of intelligent design in the constellations, and that the constellations provide more information for humanity concerning these deadly cosmic ray emissions from the galaxy's centre. The final two chapters of the book reveal some of LaViolette's speculations regarding hidden technology, and possible ways in which a force field could be engineered to shield the solar system from the periodic superwaves.
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on 5 September 2014
A very interesting read, easy to follow for those interested in this field. However, the conclusions reached at the end may be based on a lack of understanding of the electrical nature of the universe. Despite this, Paul Laviolette lays out evidence which is usually side-stepped by the mainstream and rightly exposes much of the nonsense perpetuated by those in the scientific community, who appear to flap about like headless chickens when their theories are exposed as nonsensical gibberish, based on outdated and erroneous information. His galactic superwave theory is grounded in solid irrefutable evidence and once more he presents his case in a thorough and scientific manner. Although I am not always in agreement with the conclusions he draws, I am compelled to follow his research as there is no doubt that his predictions have proved accurate. After all, the nature of pulsars may still be unknown to us but Nasa's explanation verges on the ludicrous.

If one's theories are correct, one is able to make predictions based on them. Anything else is sheer conjecture.
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