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Becoming a vegetarian, eating certain foods, or fasting is not going to lead you instantly to enlightenment. Awakening the Kundalini, reaching enlightenment, examining ones spirituality are paths that can take lifetimes worth of work or can spontaneously occur through grace. With that said, there are certain things that you can do that can facilitate the process.

Spiritual Nutrition sets out six foundations that help purify the system and ease the natural progress of one's spirituality: nutrition, building prana (life force), service, spiritual guidance, silence, and Kundalini Awakening. Although each of our journeys are unique, the majority of seekers do some work in each of these areas throughout their lives. As expected the choices in each of these categories are quite varied. For instance, spiritual guidance can be received through reading scripture, through the assistance of a mentor, by experiencing sacred music, or by communing with nature. Likewise, silence can be attained through meditation, prayer, mantra, or chanting. The possibilities are virtually endless.

To most people on a spiritual path finding the appropriate way to express these different parts of the self seems pretty simple in theory if not in practice. Of the six foundations, nutrition is probably the most difficult to comprehend. Fully understanding how different foods interact with your body, learning how much food your body requires, and discovering ways to reduce the toxins that you take in is quite an overwhelming prospect. For this reason, Spiritual Nutrition goes into a good deal of detail for this category. The purpose isn't really to subscribe to one particular diet set out by the author. Instead, the author seeks to educate the reader and give him or her a place to start his or her own explorations. I appreciate that.
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on 2 March 2016
Gabriel Cousens is an accomplished spiritual master and nutritionalist. He is, however, a terrible writer. My 2 star rating applies to the book and not to Gabriel himself.

-The book could have been much much shorter as Gabriel repeats himself. It feels more like Gabriel's ramblings than an attempt to guide the reader along an understandable path.
-The chapters have very little organizational structure. There is no attempt to define key terms (e.g. crystal, holographic, or resonance) when introducing a new topic. This leaves the reader trying to understand what Gabriel means as the chapter progresses, which means the reader only gets an ambiguous understanding of key concepts
-Many of the quotations cited could be used to substantiate highly contrasting points, i.e. selective interpretation. E.g. his attempt to use the Bible to promote veganism or to prove that people lived to be over 700 years seems a bit far-fetched
-Meaningless use of words. Here is an example: "The important thing about all the minerals is that they are frequencies of consciousness, frequencies of Light, and frequencies of information, which are all needed for spiritual life" (473). What on earth does this mean? At numerous points, Gabriel fulfills the New Age cliché of vague empty optimism: that we are all one and love is light and light is love.
-Very arrogant writing style, e.g. referring to himself in the 3rd person e.g. "this one" "the author"

-Gabriel takes into account numerous perspectives on nutrition and the body: Western/medical as well as esoteric/spiritual. He is a trained doctor with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Western medical paradigm, and he uses science to support spirituality
-The message: that a vegan organic low-glycemic diet is the best for the spiritual aspirant.
-The chapter on fasting was particularly interesting, and makes sense
-Gabriel walks the talk and he and the success of his retreat centers are living proof of his beliefs
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on 20 September 2010
If you are interested in this book, first I feel you must have an open mind and a deep interest in health and nutrition. This is by the though by the far, the best book I have read on nutrition and I have read a lot of different books on the subject. Well worth reading, I highly recommend it!
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on 14 July 2011
I am just reading this book . Its epic in size but I am being patient with it !! It is an amazing book
especially if you have experienced the Kundalini ! Fascinating read great for your soul. Would recommend
people to read this just to get some idea of how amazing some humans are!!
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on 19 June 2014
This is an incredible book. It incorporates very personal experiences and devotional poetry from the author's own spiritual journey with scientific and nutritional info on what's needed to succeed with a raw and living foods lifestyle. Cousens applies Ayurvedic knowledge and theory to the raw foods approach, as well as setting out lots of information about the different nutrients needed and from which foods sources these may be obtained. Readers are encouraged to consider which Ayurvedic dosha they are and how this may affect their body's needs. Also dealt with is a fascinating and comprehensive look at the kundalini awakening process and the body's subtle energy centres, the chakras. Gabriel's recommended approach to spiritual life 'The Six Foundations' is set forth to guide the reader into considering a balanced, holistic approach to spiritual living. This is a book that has taught me lots as I've encountered kundalini experiences on my own journey and answers many questions. Gabriel's spirit of devotion and service to others is truly awe inspiring. A book I wouldn't want to be without, one I keep returning to again and again... a spiritual guide book for life.
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on 31 October 1998
Having initially borrowed this book several years ago, I was captivated with its pragmatic approach to embracing a wholistic food philosophy. By happy chance I found another copy, years later. Entranced once again with its well-reasoned (& as I feel - a vegan with scientific mindset) common sense explanation and advice... it was the perfect gift for another sprouting, '110%' friend. So I have no reservation in buying another copy - extending the positive encouragement that started with V. Kulvinaskas' 'Living into the C21st'. And giving 'Grist to the Mill' ('Flesh on the Bone' if you must) to help humanity evolve & survive. This review is GMO free.
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on 1 July 2015
Fast service. Book as described but real heavy going.
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on 4 November 2014
Very happy with the book! Thank you!
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