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on 7 July 2013
I loved the cover of this book - the gun pointing at the piggy bank symbolises the real threat capital gains tax can be to your savings, unless of course, you know how to make the system work for you. It's important to remember that the law on taxation is there to protect the country against tax abuse, but this guide is all about how to make sure the rules governing how much tax you should pay are used to ensure you pay as little as legally possible.

And this is not just tax avoidance; after all, who wants to give up their hard earned cash to the Inland Revenue if it can possibly be avoided? This book explains in great detail how to minimise your liability. Lee Hadnum, an experienced legal and chartered accountant explains how to go about just that. Starting with a discussion about the main exemptions, he then goes on in more detail to cover such topics as moving abroad, annual exemptions, and even offshore trusts. I think it would be difficult to find another reference source so well written and so straightforward to understand. CGT is a complex topic, but Hadnum takes the sting out of understanding the detail. The actual calculation of liability is easy enough to make, but the allowances and possible exemptions are numerous, and whilst there's probably no substitute for good professional advice for each individual case, knowing a bit about the law never does any harm.
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on 11 July 2013
I recently sold a house, and discovered that I'm liable to pay a substantial proportion of income from the sale as capital gains tax. I'm not overly wealthy, so I didn't hesitate to search for up-to-date, UK-centric information on how to ameliorate this problem. I've used Lee Hadnum's books before, so his catalogue on Amazon was my first port of call; as expected, the book I'm reviewing proved to be useful and complete.

Capital gains tax, like most taxes, is calculated according to a complex formula. It's based on disposal proceeds, acquisition cost, deductible expenses, entrepreneurs' relief and an annual exemption, all of which are separately explained by Lee Hadnum. Which parts of this calculus apply to a given person isn't obvious, but should become clear after reading the details in a book like this one. The main way in which the burden of capital gains tax can be avoided, so I discovered, is by maximising one's claims to relief, and I've put this advice into practice. It's going to save me a lot more than the price of the book.
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on 11 August 2013
Undoubtedly unless you're in the field of accounting or financing, dealing with taxes is often at best arduous and at worst mind numbing, but the reality remains that in the world of today even the average person needs a basic grasp of the fundamentals of tax evaluation if they wish to avoid nasty tax-related surprises somewhere down the line.

In this outstanding book author Lee Hadnum in an easy-to-follow manner as well as step-by-step approach clearly illustrates how the average individual can equally benefit from tax reliefs and exemptions previously considered to be the sole province of the rich and well-to-do. Hadnum subtracts the mysteries surrounding the various relief packages involved in Capital Gains Tax such as: Entrepreneurs Relief; Rollover Relief; Gift relief; and EIS Relief. By so doing the author imparts invaluable knowledge to the reader on how best to maximise their claims to relief and thus ultimately minimise their tax liability and exposure.

Lee Hadnum has written an excellent guide that manages to simplify and clarify a somewhat complex and arguably boring topic into a straightforward and often entertaining read that neither bogs down the reader in a quagmire of hard-to-comprehend detail or confusion from subject-matter related particulars only understood by people in the field.
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on 13 July 2013
This is perhaps the definitive guide to minimising capital gains tax. Furthermore, since this book is about UK tax law in 2013/2014, as of now the reader needn't worry about recent changes to tax law, which happen frequently and tend to make books like this obsolete after a few years.

If you've recently sold an asset, such as property or shares, capital gains tax is going to be a major concern. It's important to pay legally mandated taxes, of course, but within the letter of the law there's a lot of leeway to make use of good tax advice. In particular, one can creatively manage one's finances in order to obtain all of the available reliefs. The reliefs tend not to be obvious or self-explanatory. I had already read about Entrepreneurs' Relief before I picked up this book, but not Gift Relief, EIS Relief or Rollover Relief. Now, not only do I understand the technical details of these forms of relief, but I know how to maximise my advantages within the law.

Apart from dealing with reliefs, there are abstruse techniques such as 'bed and spousing' that make it possible to maximise the capital gains tax exemption, which is worth up to several thousand pounds per annum.

Lee Hadnum's book is great: just the right length, very detailed, and clearly explained. I would recommend it to anyone who has to deal with a heavy capital gains tax.
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on 7 July 2013
The offshore trust way of reducing your liability was very interesting, and that's saying something about the skill of the author in making what might be regarded as a very dry subject come to life. The different places one might consider for such a trust were fascinating to learn more about, but so was the law governing Capital Gains Tax and the possible exemptions you can claim. I think everyone has the misguided impression that CGT is something only the rich and famous need to worry about, but with increasing numbers of people owning second properties and even multiple units following the buy to let boom of the nineties, it's a tax which is becoming all too much a consideration for many more people than might have been the case a few short years ago.

This book is well written, and very well ordered, taking the reader on a stage by stage journey through all the rules and regulations, as well as the possible ways of lessening or avoiding liability for taxation. For the casual reader wanting to know more about CGT, it's a worthwhile investment, and for the accounting professional ,it's a useful on-shelf reference book full of useful reminders and advice. Respect to Mr Hadnum for achieving such a wide spread of potential readers with his writing style.
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on 17 July 2013
No one wants to pay taxes and most of all we don't want to pay more than our fair share of taxes and Capital Gains tax can be a very difficult water to navigate. Not so with the help of Hadnum, author.

In a very easily read and a well laid out book. You can learn everything you need to know to prepare yourself for your own capital gains taxes and keep the most money in your pocket possible, in a completely legal manner. There is no grey area, or illegal areas in this book, it is all up to date information that you can really use. As they say knowledge is power and armed with the knowledge that Hadnum provides you need not worry about having to hand over everything to the tax man.

The cover is just icing on the cake. Doesn't it just feel like your having your piggy bank robbed when it comes tax time? Make it less painful a robbery by preparing yourself in advance with "How To Avoid Capital Gains Tax in 2013/2014"
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on 29 August 2013
I recently completed one of Hadnum's other guides, World's Best Tax Havens. As was the case with that book, How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax 2013/2014 is very informative and provides many useful tax avoidance strategies for the lay person. It's easy to follow and you don't need to have graduated from law school to understand it. Some of the topics include reliefs, offshore trusts and non-resident planning.

The information contained within in no way replaces professional advice specific to your own personal situation, but it certainly provides a good introduction to the possibilities of reducing your tax liability. If you're serious about comprehensive tax planning, that is a great start on the topic of capital gains tax.
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on 29 August 2013
I'm a novice investor and I am always looking for a leg up and seeking opportunities to educate myself about tax planning. Hadnum's How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax 2013/2014 was another great reference book for me. To educate those like me who are not well-versed on the topic, he starts with a simple calculation and uses it as a foundation for introducing more complex elements.

In reality, although many of the strategies were above and beyond what I might choose to implement for myself, the book certainly provided options I never would have thought of. If you've read any other guides by Hadnum, you know that they are comprehensive and well-written. This title was no exception.
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on 14 August 2013
With tax laws constantly changing due to people who evade taxes and abuse the system, knowing more about those changes is important. You could end up paying more taxes than you have to. Knowing about which exemptions you are passing will help to save your money. This book lays out comprehensive details about CGT changes and how to make the tax system work for you instead of against you. This book lays out many exemptions and shows you how to see if you qualify. Hadnum makes a normally complicated and confusing subject simple and to the point. This is perfect for those who want to take the time and gain more understanding about how to stop taxes from bleeding you.
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on 20 August 2013
Every year it seems new rules and regulations come out and not staying on top of them can be utter disaster for your pocketbook and piece of mind. If you really want to ensure you get the most of your tax returns and know the ins and outs of it, you need to pick up this book. If you feel the government already gets more than their fair cut of your hard earned money pick this up so you know how best and legally to avoid capital gains taxes this tax year.
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