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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

on 14 July 2014
Along with other fans of Lucinda Hare’s fantastic Dragonsdome fantasy series, I waited for this latest installment with bated breathe. What would happen with Rufus, Quenelda and Root? Would Too Gulps Too Many ever stop eating like a little piggy? Would Hugo be unmasked as the traitor he is and would he be caught? Would Quester survive? What ever would become of Root’s people? All of this, and much more, is explored in this new book. Yet again, the author takes you on a breakneck, exciting journey around the Seven Kingdoms, following the heroes in their endeavors. I loved the breaks from “Tradition” that are starting to take place around court, with Armelia providing some very good character development to move the story forward and open new avenues to explore. The queen is really starting to become more three dimensional as she is bought deeper in to the plot line and you find yourself loving her as much as Quenelda, Tagnost or Too Gulps. There is so much love and care taken over these stories, such emotion in the scenes between friends and family, that you almost feel that they are a part of you. You care deeply for the brave people of this story. You even feel for Darcy, in his confusion and turmoil!
I saw somebody compare these books to Harry Potter recently, but to me, these books are so much better than anything that Rowling puts out. Lucinda is so much better, don’t miss out!
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on 9 March 2018
Having read the first three books, couldn’t wait to read this fourth book. Absolutely brilliant. The characters are great, good storyline that makes one want to keep reading to the end. The end of that book arrived and now await the next book, not too long I hope. Well done to the author she knows how to grab people’s attention and keep it from the first word to the last word.
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on 30 July 2014
If you haven't yet met Quenelda and her dragon, you are missing a treat!

This series was good from the start, but with each book it has got better - filled with adventure, friendships and rivalries, magic, humans,dwarves, gnomes ... and dragons! Huge Imperial dragons (about the size of an Airbus, I imagine) able to carry numerous smaller battle dragons and soldiers and mages ...

Detailed descriptions of battle plans and surroundings never make the book drag - on the contrary, the chapters are generally short and snappy, switching between the two main sets of protagonists and thereby cleverly keeping the reader's attention while allowing him or her the chance to draw breath when the tension rises unbearably!

Children of many ages will enjoy the book - my husband and I are hoping that Lucinda will bring out the next instalment SOON!
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on 10 September 2014
The action and adventure are building up in Book Four. There is a big war coming and every man, woman and child (and dragons big and small) in the Seven Kingdoms must stand up against the ruthless WarLock and his hordes of hobgoblins.
The SDS were brutally defeated and many of the brimstone mines are now under enemy control. There is no way they could hold up their defences against the imminent Maelstrom attacks. However, the Dragon Lords have a few cards of their own up their sleeves.

Despite their youth, Quenelda, Root and their peers have to push themselves to the limit as disciplined new recruits for the SDS. The accelerated training is certainly no walk in the park, and many of them have to learn to leave old habits, weaknesses and prejudices behind. Quenelda has to also grapple with her growing powers and find ways to channel her abilities and knowledge to help those around her. More importantly, can the budding Dragon Whisperer find a way to control the lovable and hilarious Two Gulps Too Many's insatiable appetite?

I commend Lucinda Hare for using a strong heroine and she develops other female characters in the book to be strong and capable in their own right. The list of main characters at the start along with the Prologue was very helpful to enable the reader to pick up where the last book stopped.

I hope we won't have to wait too long for Dark Dragon Dreams.
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on 10 August 2014
How does she do it? The standard of Lucinda's books keep escalating, chilling, thrilling and down right brilliant! Definitely the best yet! If you haven't read the first books, read them. All of the books are must reads for dragon lovers. Quenelda and Root change so much. I love books like this where, you know most of what's happening but no-one else in the book does which makes the story. One fault i would give is that Lucinda is cruel when she leaves chapters on cliff hangers so you have to read on, lost a lot of sleep there. At the end of this book i had to abandon my real life for a little i was so into it, so gripping. Amazing!!!
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on 20 August 2014
Wow.....just wow is all I can say to the book.The plot is amazingly thought out and the detail put in to every character is incredible the story is about a young girl called Qenelda dewinter daughter of the earl Rufus dewinter who is a girl of just 13 summers who has a natural gift with dragons she can talk to them!!.The military is called the SDS (stealth dragon services) and is a very clever idea.It uses standard military practices but incorporates magic and dragons into it for the example the way they bring other dragons into battle is with imperials which are huge black dragons and I suppose they are kind of like cargo planes. I COULD NOT put this book down every chance I had I read it to the very end I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book but if you are going to read it I also recommend that you read book one first its called The Dragon Whisperer it will explain everything also this book is for all ages as Lucinda hare herself has commonly put it its for ages 9 - 99 so anyone can read it so what are you waiting for go down to water stones or wherever you get you books and BUY THIS BOOK

submitted by Cameron age:15
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on 9 July 2014
Having read all four (so far) in this wonderful series I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves dragons and adventure.....irrespective of their age! I have become very fond of Quenelda, and her friends & dragons, and it was great to read more of their adventures and character development. These books have lots of action, an evil sorcerer, heroes and villains, wars and weddings....they are gripping...I defy you to put them down once started....and they make me laugh and cry!
The best books that I have read since the Harry Potter series....and I read a lot and don't say that lightly!
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on 24 June 2014
Firstly the character list was very useful and this, along with the prologue meant I was straight back in Dragonsdome. I am a very quick reader but am unable to read books if they don’t grab my attention within the first couple of pages. No worries here, in fact I found it very hard to put the book down which resulted in a few very late nights.
As I don’t want to ruin the plot, I will just say I found the continuation of Quenelda and Root’s training fascinating and thoroughly enjoyed the problems encountered by The Lord Protector. This story of battlemages, a wedding, lots of fighting and of course many dragons is gripping and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes this genre.
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on 16 May 2015
Wow! The thrill of the story continent, ever faster in it fight for justice. The Dark Lord don't know what's in store for him. I can't wait for the next book barely only my breath cause I know it will be explosive. The fight is on, let get ready!
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on 9 June 2015
Another fabulous book in the dragons dome chronicles. The characters are developing and growing. Not a dull moment to be found. I shall now wait eagerly for the next book. Not too long I hope!!
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