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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars

on 31 May 2015
I'm reading this on and off. One quote states that the 'influential Feminist Simone de Beauvoir greatly admired the Soviet Union because it promised that 'women would be trained and raised exactly like men.' So Feminism is not about liberating women from the patriarchy to become fully realised, autonomous women, it's about becoming 'exactly like men.' If women want to become 'exactly like men' this implies that they don't want to be women. So does this mean that Feminists don't like being women or women generally? Feminists seem to hate women rather than men. Who's responsible? Men: Dead white European males, the patriarchy which over time has resulted in women having a low opinion of themselves. This justifies the misandry of women subjected to the hegemony of patriarchy! So it's all men's fault. But I already know that, living in England, working for the NHS.
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on 12 September 2014
Overall this book is worth reading, since it does contain facts about modern Britain that are important be aware of, but it really does come with a health warning! The book is essentially about society in modern Britain and the book's essential position is that in all areas of officialdom, be it government, the media, law, or education, our society is heavily biased against men. I bought the book based on the positive reviews and because I already sensed that British society now heavily favours women, so I was sympathetic to the author's position before I started. However, I cannot be complimentary about what the author has produced. In his preface the author says that it is an "angry" book, and that is absolutely spot-on. This book is not a carefull and thoughtfull criticism of British society; it is simply an angry rant from beginning to end, and most of it is little more than idiotic trash. It is repeatative to the point of being neurotic. The mantra "Britain hates men" is repeated on almost every page. Quite often a single quotation is repeated multiple times. The author seems to think that simply by repeating a mantra often enough will make it a fact. Most of the "evidence" offered takes the form of newspaper clippings, and the author is given to makeing sweeping assertions which are not supported by any genuine facts. In addition the book is full of typographical errors (there is one on virtually every page). The book is so madeningly repeatative that by the time I got to section 3 I was ready to throw it out of the window. However I persevered, and by the time I got to part 4 "The Feminist Fraud" it improved a little, since at long last the author started to offer some genuine facts in the form of statistics and quotes from genuine sociological studies to support his assertions. Overall the book is at the intellectual level of the Sun newspaper. Even the books mantra that "Britain hates men" is arguably not true. It is certainly true that in many ways men are discriminated against, but I think that women could also with some justification claim that Britain is a woman-hating society. Witness the recent celebrety sexual scandals (Jimmy Savall etc),. All of this is a great pity because the author has clearly studied the subject in some depth and if he had only cooled down a bit before starting to write he may have produced a book that was much better thought out, and a little less neurotic.
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on 26 November 2012
In this comprehensive and thoroughly researched book Swayne O'Pie exposes how in the UK (and throughout western society) the issue of women's rights has been hijacked by feminist extremists and unscrupulous politicians.

Feminism has become, not a movement which seeks equality of opportunity, but one that seeks increasingly greater privileges for women at the expense of men.

It does this by creating false issues and false statistics (e.g. the gender wage gap) in order to attract tax-payer and other funding to organizations and initiatives for the exclusive benefit of women and girls, while using the vilification of men and boys to justify their exclusion.

Feminism has become an ideology which destroys lives, families and creates and exploits divisions in society.

A timely and important book.
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on 29 July 2013
... that I purchased this book primarily for my husband because, for many years now, he has been lamenting the situation in this country concerning the way men are treated and portrayed, especially in the media. I never really thought too much about it (one doesn't, really, does one ?) even though I respected his views and could see - to an extent - what he meant.

After having had three girls I had a son a few years ago and, as he has grown, I have started to see things differently. And so after my husband read this book (and I had to endure cries of "Yes !", "At last !", "It's SO true !" and the like) I felt I owed it to him ... and to my son ... and to myself to read what all the fuss has been about.

Apparently I am "betraying my sex" by writing this review. This book is EXTRAORDINARY. The author has laid out - very clearly and in an easy-to-read format - EVERYTHING one could ever want to know about feminism. The chapters on domestic violence and rape were particularly illuminating and I can see just how successfully we have ALL been brainwashed. The writer uses quotes from a considerable number of other authors and academics and it is apparent that much work has gone into this publication.

Could I find myself disagreeing with what he writes ? Well, quite simply, no. I tried so very hard to remain objective and, although I imagined that my gender would interfere with this aim, I discovered that it made no difference whatsoever and I found it virtually impossible to argue - to any logical degree - with what I read, to any extent that could render the author's points invalid. I truly don't think it can be done.

And then, yesterday, (and what prompted me to write this review), I had a (lesbian) friend round to visit and she saw the book next to the bed. When I asked her if she wanted to borrow it she replied, "No, I would burn it." Shocking. Upsetting and disappointing. On questioning her further she explained that she had not heard of the book, knew nothing about it and responded solely on the basis of what was written on the cover. (She hadn't even read the more emotive back page.) And it was then that the author's point really hit home - especially his chapter on lesbian feminism - and I realised that this is a book that NEEDED TO BE WRITTEN and, completely and utterly, NEEDS TO BE READ. In fact, and I know it could never happen (and I know that with even more certainty after reading how feminist teachings have infiltrated the very heart of our education system), this book should be required reading in every school in the country.

You see, I know now that my husband has been right all along. The pendulum has swung far too far in Britain (and elsewhere) and I despair for the future of my son (and my daughters also, but less so). Men are becoming weak, sterile and impotent and much of that is down to how the last thirty years of Ideological Feminism (and the author explains the difference between that and Equality Feminism - with which he has NO issue - very clearly) have eaten away at masculinity. We are slowly eroding what it means to be a (proper) man. "Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi sed saepe cadendo."

And how hugely sad that is ...


P.S. Right, I KNOW that the ONLY people who will disagree with this review will be feminists and weak, brainwashed males both of which groups need to take very long, hard and honest looks inside their own souls. You are directly and indirectly responsible for an awful lot of society's ills. You can insult me and click on "No" as much as you want - it won't change my views and it won't 'unpublish' this book.
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on 30 July 2013
Excellent book exposing the less than altruistic motivations of britains feminist movement. Very succinctly dispels 30 years of feminist dogma/conditioning.
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on 9 February 2012
Swayne O'Pie's book is by far and away the most remarkable and most forensically detailed exposure of the negative and destructuive agenda of militant feminism I have read. The equality feminist versus the militant feminist is examined in depth and highlights the scale of distortions , exaggerations and lies that the militant feminists espouse to achieve their goals at the expense of all males and any female who disagrees or has an opposing view of their goals.This book should be read by all parents of young men and girls because the future of a society lead by the sort of women that Mr O'Pie identifies is truly horifying. Mr O'Pie identifies how the militant feminsits use "shaming tactics to crush any and all dissent by men or women who have the temerity to challenge them by shouting mysoginist or sexist or worse and their ire is significantly more pronounced if you happen to be one of the majority of women who do not agree with their misandric agenda that negitavely affects men and boys. This book should be read by all Politicians, CEO's of corporate and SME organisations along with Acedemia and the media who will be shocked by the sheer scale of underhand, devious and dishonest tactics militant feminists uee to undermine and belittle men and poison the minds of women and girls that have been indentified by Mr O'Pie.

This is a 5 * book and only militant feminists will not like it because it challenges the whole validity of their misandric bigotry. If they disagree with any or all of the contents of this book the militant feminists should ask Mr O'Pie for a prime time TV debate or newspaper ineterview to put their view on condidtion that they engage in adult debate without the usual "shaming tactics" and defensive or dismissive posturing that they use to stifle debate.
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on 29 December 2011
There can be few people better qualified to critique the state of Feminism in modern-day Britain than Swayne O'Pie. A former socialist already holding two bachelor degrees, in 1995/6 he took a Masters in Gender and Social Policy. Later studying for a second Masters in Gender and Education, he was elected student Equal Opportunities Officer for 2004/5.

In this book O'Pie convincingly shows that Feminism in Britain today (`Ideological Feminism') bears little relation to the `Equality Feminism' of the past. Its primary objective is to give special advantage and employment to `Professional Feminists'. Feminism has become a lucrative industry employing many thousands of these people (mainly but not invariably women) who continually strive to justify their existence into the indefinite future - hence O'Pie's term `Forever Feminism'. Their `Grievance Gravy Trains' must keep rolling, otherwise they have no jobs.

O'Pie explains that spreading misandry (the hatred of men) lies at the heart of the Feminist project, as is blaming, demonising and punishing men. Feminists deliberately induce fear and loathing of men in women, and especially in young women, the next generation of `gender warriors'. Women are taught that everything with which they are unhappy in society, and in their own lives, stem from the influence of men, directly or indirectly, individually or collectively.

Misandry is spread in many ways including by misandric comediennes and writers. If the type of language they regularly ascribe to men were applied to other groups (e.g. gays, blacks, disabled people, Jews and other religious adherents, women...) there would be an outcry. In some cases they would be illegal `hate crimes'.

O'Pie shows that misandry is now deeply embedded in the worlds of politics, the public and private sectors, the law, media, culture... at one point he states that despite the huge influence of Feminism on modern-day Britain, he's never encountered an in-depth critique of the movement on the radio or television. Nor have I. This might help account for the almost universal unawareness of the dire impact of Feminism in modern-day Britain - what O'Pie terms the `Quiet Revolution'.

O'Pie points out many of the double standards used by Feminists to keep women's anger on the boil. If a man doesn't rise to the level in an organisation which he deems appropriate, he has only himself to blame. A woman facing exactly the same scenario can blame the `glass ceiling' and will be encouraged to do so. If she lands a senior position despite the glass ceiling, but then fails in the position, the failure is due to the `glass cliff' created by men. In this and countless other ways women are infantilised by Feminist thinking, and taught that Feminism protects them, and promotes their interests. It's a cynical fraud.

The replacement of the commendable (and meritocratic) objective of `equality of opportunity' has been replaced in British law by the odious (and totalitarian) objective of `equality of outcome'. It's a good example of `Forever Feminism' and will advantage only the small proportion of women who are highly competitive and ambitious in the workplace, among whom Feminists themselves are disproportionately represented. What a surprise.

O'Pie describes in detail Feminist academics' inventions and exaggerations of information and data to support their cause, and omissions of information and data which don't support their cause. It's conclusively demonstrated that almost all `feminist research' is unsound. Numerous examples of feminist academics admitting the political objectives of their `research' are provided.

O'Pie shows great courage in addressing controversial areas of interest to anyone seeking to understand the true nature of the Feminist mission. The areas include Lesbian Feminism (the book outlines how lesbians, many of them misandric, have played a key role in the `women's movement' since the Suffragettes), as well as Feminist lies and distortions concerning rape, domestic violence, pornography, prostitution, single motherhood, paternal access to children following divorce, men's and women's choices relating to employment, the gender pay gap, the `glass ceiling', and many others.

Virtually the only groups informing British governments on `gender issues' are Feminist groups, often staffed with Ideologues who graduated from university Gender Studies / Women's Studies courses. Along with other people who have studied social sciences, they are almost universally left-wing. In a 2004 survey of sociology professors, 90% reported their personal political convictions as left-wing, only 3% reported themselves to be Conservative voters.

We'd expect Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians to be broadly supportive of Feminism, but O'Pie points out that the current leadership of the Conservative party is actively supportive too, and prime minister David Cameron in particular. One of the coalition government's first actions after assuming power in May 2010 was the enactment of the Equality Bill (2010), despite the gender-related aspects of the Bill having been drafted by the dismal Feminists of the previous Labour administration.

We've waited many years for a book to start a backlash against the scourge of modern Feminism. This book may be the one that does so, and I hope it is. It certainly deserves to be. It's a `must read' for anyone wanting to understand the origins and influence of Feminism in the modern era.
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on 5 January 2012
one wonders if the author is living on the same planet as the rest of us as he appears to believe men have no political or cultural representation in Britain and that a virulent form of man-hating Feminism (a narrow-minded reductive view of what Fenminism means)has taken over...? The front cover is the most alluring feature of this book - at least that depicts somebody grasping at something concrete and real.
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on 2 March 2012
Just a plain awful book. Full of logical fallacies, completely cherry picks certain bits of information and complete distortion of the truth through out. I've also had the pleasure of seeing O'Pie involved in a debate on this subject and he came off as just as obnoxious and misinformed as he does in his book.
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