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on 3 August 2014
Very well written. Good book. I remember seeing Alan Gilzean play for Dundee v Forres Mechanics at Mosset Park, Forres. Great player. Don't have the same gentlemen players nowadays, all these prima donna stars want nowadays is money and more money, Gillie would have run rings round them in his heyday.
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on 22 October 2014
excellent product,very pleased
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on 26 May 2015
Great Book
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on 24 October 2010
Great read about a great player who I didn't know a lot about. I enjoyed the Dundee years, but it was the Spurs stuff that really interested me. In that context, I have to take issue with Phillips Alun David. To say the writer was given short shrift by "all the Spurs stars" he attempted to interview is plain wrong. One of my favourite parts was the joint interview with Cliff Jones, Alan Mullery and Phil Beal which, if memory serves me, actually takes place at White Hart Lane on a match day. Then there was the warm testimonies of Jimmy Greaves, Eddie Bailey and countless others. I'll agree with one thing, though. Perryman emerges as a true gent. I hope this book brings Gillie's name to a new generation of fans.
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on 23 October 2010
To review a book about one of my early football heroes is a pleasure. Alan Gilzean was a local Angus lad who gained fame in the excellent Dundee FC team in the early 60s. I missed their winning the league title for the only time (having as a school boy fan followed the earlier team of 1948/49 who narrowly lost the league title to Rangers by a last day defeat by Falkirk)but on leave from Nigeria I saw some of their games in the European Cup when they reached the semi final. After that economics took over and the team broke up with Gilzean being sold to Spurs, Ure to Arsenal and Gordon Smith retiring.
Good to read of those days and to hear about Gilzean - a modest and rare type of footballer, not showy but a team man to the core.
I enjoyed the search for him and it was a real trip down memory lane for me - thanks to the author James Morgan - and to Alan Gilzean, a modest, under-rated giant of the game.
Jeff McLachlan
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on 21 October 2010
As a life long supporter of Dundee, I was very sad last week when the Club went into administration for a second time within seven years and therefore decided to buy James Morgan's book to remind me of happier days. The book is excellent and captures the true essence of this very modest man who was simply one of the best players ever to wear the Dark Blue jersey.It is not a normal football biography and is exceptionally well researched and written.

Morgan only had a couple of hours with the legend but was able to capture the true character and enigma of Alan Gilzean by talking to old school friends and past playing colleagues at both Dundee and Spurs. Gilzean's comment (said before this week's breaking news) that "Rooney is a good player but not a great player" just shows how sharp and intelligent the man still is. Players of Alan Gilzean's stature played with pride and passion for their clubs in stark contrast to today's modern mercenaries.This book is highly recommended not only to supporters of Dundee and Spurs but to all true football fans.
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on 30 September 2010
When you see all the books on or by footballers on the shelves these days, players who have done quiet well for 50 games, you wonder where the books of the legends are. The players that did it year in, year out. The players that played for the jersey, and actually cared for the teams they represented. Alan Gilzean is one of those legends, and this is one of those books.

Crafted with care and consideration, James Morgan's mission to get Gillie his rightful place in the Scottish Football Association's Hall of Fame tells the tale of a bygone era, and of a man happy to leave the football hooha behind when he retired.

An exception read, for Dundee, Tottenham and Scotland fans especially, but also for anyone who wants to know what happened to 70's players who didn't want to manage or run a pub. Marvellous.
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on 28 September 2010
This is a must have book for any Spurs fan young or old. Gillie is the forgotten man of days gone by but he was a true legend. Older fans who saw him play will be reminded of the great man's service to Spurs and for younger fans who have only heard of Gillie from fathers and grandfathers will now be aware of why he is held in such esteem by Spurs fans.
Easy to read, I couldn't put the book down it was so compelling. Painstakingly researched it is full of interesting facts of his time at Dundee and Spurs, interviews with former Spurs greats and fellow professionals. Great credit to James Morgan for bringing back the memories of Gillie.
Buy this book and you won't regret it.
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on 12 April 2011
I bought this book because of a loose link to the author (i work with his wife) rather than any connection to either Dundee or Spurs, that said I don't think that biased me in anyway to what I felt was a genuinely wonderful book.

It is crafted well, the painstaking research undertaken is evident throughout the book as his passion for Spurs, it feels as this is a legacy to a forgotten idol and indeed to Morgan's father who he mentions several times as his inspiration for the book and catalyst for being a long time Spurs fan/sufferer. Morgan's real (ie not tabloid) journalistic credentials come through on every page as does a genuine humanity.

I take on board other reviewers comments about the book never really completing it's search as such, but in someways that adds to its beauty, we live in a time where our thirst for information and its availability means that noone thrust into the public domain can escape it, but maybe some should! What Morgan achieves is a beautifully written account of a sports legend who many of us didn't even know as one without ever feeling like that search demanded scandals.

I achieved more than killing a few train journeys with this book, I learned, not only about Gilzean, but a lot of other players (many of whom resonated as legends with me much quicker than Gilzean) and football from a different world.

Gilzean to a degree remains an enigma, but I personally feel thats how it should be, its what he wanted, ultimately Morgans goal was to have Gilzean inducted in the SFA hall of fame, that he achieved, if his other goal was to write a wonderfully crafted book about a wonderful master of his craft, I feel he achieved that too.

This is an elegant book about football from a more elegant (well at least less superficial time). If you are looking for a warts an all account of a footballers life, pick a scouser in his mid 20s and type his name in the search box, Amazon will stock a ghost written Porsches and all account of half a career. If you are looking to get lost reminiscing or indeed discovering a sport wholly different from todays i would absolutely say throw a few quid at this book.
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on 11 October 2010
A brilliant book, well researched and something for all fans not just those of Scotland, Dundee and Spurs. The player had a touch of class and so does this book. A cracking read. Thank you James Morgan for your effort you must be very proud of the finished product.
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