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on 6 December 2013
If you do then it is probable that this book will annoy you greatly. It lays bare the inconsistencies, contradictions, and downright lies contained in the Bible. This invented god has a flair for evil, hate and wonton destruction. He loves you so much that he wants you to burn in hell for eternity.

God Hates is an amusingly written romp through each part of the book on which Christians and Jews rely for their faith. See how the vengeful, spiteful god destroys nations, civilisations, and people with glee. Discover the lies told about gentle Jesus, meek and mild, condemning those non believers to an eternity of torture. Your hopes for heaven are dashed when you discover the less than lottery jackpot chances of making it past the pearly gates. Friends and loved ones gone before to heaven? No way. Just now, heaven is empty; the Bible says so.

Mr. Werleman tells the tale with open eyes; do you have the courage to read this book?
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on 24 December 2013
I have just finished this book. I liked the style in which it is written, and the way in which each part is chronologically analysed and systematically compared with the hundreds, perhaps thousands of ridiculous contradictions and idiotic things said within. I found it to be very informative in an entertaining way and feel that I have learned a lot from it. My only criticism would be that I struggled at bit towards the end and also felt that the author did also. Additionally, I am not a prude, but at times I felt that some of the crudity on his behalf was not necessary and lowered to tone of what is a book to be proud of. The last chapter on the book of Revelations, just shows, yet again, just what a load of rubbish the whole thing is (all religion) and illustrates that those who believe it to be true must either be crackpots, or they have never actually read it. Even Harry Potter seems sensible in comparison.
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on 26 February 2014
The simple premise of a "description" of the contents of the "good book" beautifully illustrates the outdated, irrelevant and dangerous message contained therein.
The actual bible is practically and intellectually unreadable, this book brings home the simple truth that it is meant to be this way. You can,t argue against allegory and absence of substance.
As we drift into the next century we can only hope (and not pray) that more people get the message. Without it, our new `evil` is religion itself.
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on 11 July 2012
I'm afraid I only got as far as 30% on my kindle with this book. Werleman is a very witty writer and it was only his commentary that enabled me to make as far. Unfortunately, instead of making his points and selecting passages from the Old Testament to illustrate them, he ploughs stolidly from Genesis onwards, through to the bitter end and doggedly faithful to the order laid down by the OT. I had forgotten what turgid and desultory reading the OT makes for and by The Book of Judges I had had enough. This would have been a much more effective book for being somewhat truncated and decidedly more selective. I have to agree with the sentiments expressed, but then I before I started reading that I would. `The End of Faith' by Sam Harris is a much better read if you want a serious critique of organised religion. I cannot recommend it enough.
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on 9 February 2015
What can I say? A clear, concise no-bones depiction of the absurdities in and of the bible. Written with wit and humour - sometimes hilariously - this book still manages to clarify a great many misconceptions and you find yourself actually learning and remembering things that made no sense when reading the actual book itself. I have nothing but praise for the author who certainly did his research. If you have any doubts about the bible, read this and learn.
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on 18 May 2011
If, like me, you are an atheist or agnostic who has an interest in religion (in this case specifically of the Judeo-Christian brand) this book is an absolute riot. Taking a delight in picking apart scripture, often with a carefree blasphemy that is refreshing for a religion oriented book, this is a superbly entertaining read. Whilst this may not have the gravitas of a Hitchen or Dawkings offering, it nonetheless offers an easy to read introduction to the absurdities of scripture. Whilst perhaps a little too irreverent for those with deeply held religious beliefs, though they could doubtless learn a thing or two about those beliefs if they availed themselves of a copy, this is a thoroughly recommended read for the rest of us.
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on 15 February 2015
This was a good read. As a christian, it was interesting to see someone's perspective who clearly does not understand God. I would encourage all Christians to read this. He is so wrong in some of his comments. The editors were correct when they said that we would split our sides from laughing, because it is very amusing that he has absolutely no idea what the Bible means.
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on 23 June 2014
A fascinating romp through the 'book of book's. Frankly, this is the sort of book that we should encourage being taught as part of religious education.

It gets you to think about the texts in the Bible and, when you do, you get decidedly worried about anyone who is believes what it has to say to us.

God, it seems, is a decidedly nasty piece of work.
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on 26 February 2010
I tried to read the bible when i was about 13...it was extremely difficult to read,and all it did was to give me one hell of a headache! since then ive read many books by sam harris,ac grayling,and christoper hitchens...and have built up a general picture of the bible...but had never really felt that I had gone into any depth on the subject...so when this book was recommended to me,I bought it immediately...its an excellent book,and makes the bible much more accessible, and also goes into enough depth to argue points of theology with people who claim to be Christian,yet seem to know very little about scripture itself.
I look forward to a similar book on the koran!
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on 27 November 2014
A lot better than I thought it would be and such incredibly good value - got mine on Kindle. I actually studied when I was young and as the years have gone by I have questioned the rubbish that I worked so hard to remember. This guy really knows his stuff and the book is most definitely worth buying it clears up quite a few things.
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