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on 6 January 2010
There are two ways of looking at this book. One is as a fan of this great radiostation and one from a literary point of view. Lets start with the second.

This is a poorly written piece of work. The writer is clearly not used to this sort of literature. The narrative is disjointed and mixed, grammar is questionable. Time-lines are impossible to follow and from one paragraph to the next you can jump several years and back again. This makes the experience quite hard at times and you really already have to have a good knowledge of the presenters and history of the station to fully cope with this flow. There are a few facts I would dispute and there is a remarkable bias to one particular presenter (which is fine as he is iconic but also frustrating.) With the history not flowing well it is hard at times to appreciate how the station evolved. Whilst the breakfast show is well charted (excessively so) the mid-morning show is almost lost. Mike Dickin for example barely gets a mention until quite late which I feel is an insult to his memory. H&J don't seem to figure much either. I find it also frustrating that "Talkradio" is not covered strongly as I have fond memories of that and do feel its history is tightly woven into Talksport.

But lets off-set this with the first point. Talksport is by its nature chaotic and, lets face it, only avid talksport listeners will want to read this so it is easier to cope with the potted history. There are lots of great tales within this (even if it hard to work out their timeframe.) Finally I know how the mose was named and the truth behind Brazil's disappearance. I never appreciated how off the wall Rodney Marsh was either until I read this. Some of the early sports event coverage is remarkable to read. haven't got to the Gaunty bit yet but I hope they have not censor red his exit. (I do think there has been some doctoring of history in this book.)

Overall despite the struggle to "read" this book a true Talksport fan will still get enjoyment from this and would make a worthy present for him. At 50% off as well I certainly did not complain. Only thing is it wont stay on the shelf once finished. Sorry.

Unforgivable though how Mike D seemed to be glossed over along with all the less sport-orientated shows. That is the one big failing and is really a shameful one. Mike - RIP - your health is still not in question.
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on 15 October 2009
I couldn't believe some of the things I was reading about at that place. The actual fights between presenters during the radio breaks are unbelievable.

The stories from the station's beginnnings really made me laugh- presenters pretending to commentate live from football matches while really watching the games on a little telly in a hotel room are just hilarious. Brilliant stories (Russell Brand guest presenting is a winner) and would thoroughly recommend.
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on 24 December 2009
I'd be inclined to agree that some of the more 'positive' reviewers are just planted.

Some of the stories need to be well salted before digestion. That said, some of them are quite amusing, although not generally rip roaringly funny.

The book is going to be notorious more for what has been left out than for what has been included (and exaggerated...?) Lots of Talksport personalities excluded or brushed over, and a rather selective view of what has gone on at the station over the years.

There is a decent book somewhere waiting to be written about this radio station - perhaps one day someone will get around to doing it.

In the meantime, file this under 'mildly amusing entertainment'. Because that is ALL it is.
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on 6 March 2010
I have been a TalkSPORT listener since the station hit the airwaves, so this was a purchase I was always going to make. The book gives an insight into the goings on behind the scenes and there are some hilarious incidents. Unfortunately I have to say that the quality of the writing is patchy, it's almost written as if it is a bunch of magazine articles put together. This comes as no surprise as the authour is also heavily involved in the talkSPORT online magazine.

The book is a must for fans of the station but I doubt anyone else would find it interesting and any chance that they might is destroyed by the poor quality of writing.
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on 21 October 2009
I've been a big fan of talksport for years so decided to pick this book up - it's hilarious! whether u know the station or not, the stories in here are brilliant... u wouldnt believe some of the stuff that's gone on behind the scenes.... the stories about alan Brazil crack me up every time! I recommend it!
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on 31 January 2010
A good fun read which seem's to be taken too seriously by some of the reviews i have read here. If you listen to Talk Sport you'll get the idea of how it's going to run. It has a serious backbone to it on how the station started and delves into the lives of some of the bigger characters on the show. Many fun stories and giggles along the way.If you want a serious book about broadcasting and radio stations then a book on the bbc will probably be your thing.
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on 24 February 2010
I brought this for a Birthday Present for my boyfriend and he really enjoyed it!
Not reading it myself, I can't complain, although I was surprised at the size of the book. It wasn't very thick and from the looks of things the writting wasn't exactly small so that is why I haven't given it a 5 star.
I'm sure my partner would have.
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on 3 January 2010
This is a good book, its an easy read and is very interesting. However, I dont personally think that unless you are a talksport listener you will enjoy this book as you wont be able to relate to the back stage antics of certain presenters.

Its a decent read though, and ia amusing in places, a good holiday book i would say.
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on 9 January 2010
I can't believe the reviews here, and must agree with the person who said they seem 'planted'.

I hasten to add that I'm a massive fan of talkSPORT radio, and have it on all the time, and it is only my familiarity with the people covered in the book that kept me reading to the end.

Why is it so bad? It's very badly written. It's as simple as that. Sometimes the english grammar and punctuation is so bad it's almost unreadable and you need multiple efforts to make sense of it. It flits from subject to subject... sometimes within the same paragraph, and it trots out the same phrases time and again. It also mentions the same events over and over, flitting back and forth in time. I wonder if the author just wrote what he thought at the time, and then forgot what he had penned because it was so banal.

There are some interesting facts and jolly japes. But it's so badly presented and written it's embarrassing. It's also very very blinkered (Galloway apparently gained fans and respect after his stint in 'Big Brother'!!). So blinkered you wonder if any of it is actually written objectively at all. A real disappointment for me, I'm afraid, as I was really looking forward to it.
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on 31 December 2009
It is a very enjoyable book and very funny however, there is no depth to it. It is like reading a copy of The Sun newspaper, a page turner and a 'must read'. It is a 'light' read. I would recommend this book especially if you are a fan of Talk Sport Radio Station
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