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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2010
Non-duality is a difficult subject to write about as it is so intangible. The vocabulary required is sophisticated yet totally subjective, which often makes it hard for the reader to grasp. Greg Goode deals with the argument from a practical standpoint and thus attempts to avoid the airiness of many writers. In itself that is excellent. He makes many points fairly simple to understand provided you take the time to read (and reread) carefully. His arguments are logical, structured and progressive, which facilitates comprehension and gave me the feeling I was making progress myself.
The reason I cannot give a fifth star is that I feel the book has not been prepared thoroughly enough. There are passages where questions that I feel are of major importance need to be answered, yet are blithely passed over, and at times I found I was unnecessarily confused by a poor choice of vocabulary. The book seems not to have had a rigorous editor and a subject as abstruse as consciousness surely needs it. Maybe others won't want to ask the same questions as I do, but they will undoubtedly have their own.
If you find your comprehension of non-duality frustrated by the insubstantiality of the subject in books by other authors, try Standing as Awareness: it will give you the basic building block you require to find sense in the subject.
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on 14 October 2009
Greg Goode's 'Standing In Awareness'is a major contribution in the field of nonduality.Greg explains in a practical,as well as philosophical way,the true meaning of nonduality.With his background in the study of Western philosophy and Eastern traditions,he also brings to the table a profound knowledge of the 'Direct Path'teachings of Atmananda Krishna Menon.He is an acknowledged authority on Atmananda.
The first three chapters of this work are as clear a description of nonduality and its 'practical'application,(together with Rupert Spira's 'The Transparency of Things'),that I have seen.
From chapter 1.' Awareness sees what arises.Whatever appears,appears to awareness.In order for form,thought,feeling,sensation,time,space,unity and multiplicity to appear to awareness,awareness itself cannot be limited or be defined by these factors.Awareness is the single subject of all objects.It is the formless which sees all form.It is the unseen seer.'
From chapter 3.'There is no difference between seer and seen,and no rising objects.Your experience as pure consciousness is unbroken in every way.Pure consciousness is full,radiant presence.Pure consciousness shines in its own glory.It is the being of you and the world.'
This book takes you straight to the heart of the matter and is a must read.
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on 11 January 2010
Greg's book made its way from the UK here today and as I'm already deeply immersed in it-a big Bravo!

Written with such clarity shining through every page, and a down-to-earth language that gets right to the core of Truth, it gently deconstructs every overlay on Awareness one might have previously identified with.

Dropping one concept after another, a clear, yet utterly profound practice, elegant in its simplicity and never betraying what is true and available right now, right here, timeless, unlike so many progressive paths that suggest a fall from grace, yet at the same time ignore what is.

Cutting deep through all layers of solid objects, mind, world, this jewel establishes consciousness as immanent and our only reality, no more separation/duality is seen or felt, the overlay gently collapses into True Self as one turns each page.

Truly a masterpiece and must-read, couldn't agree more with the previous fellow reviewer!
Many thanks, dear Greg, for this immense gift!
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on 22 March 2013
I found this a very clear and simple read, more so than many other books on the subject.
The fifth star had been left off because of the inevitably misleading word in the title of the book "direct path" even though the author clearly explains that there is no seperate self. This use of words is probably unavoidable as words by their nature are dualistic and in the end it doesn't really matter as there is nobody there to mislead or not mislead in any case.

Although I am far from an expert on this subject I would highly recommend this to "anyone" who is fascinated with what we really are as I am and enjoyed reading it so much that I want to read Gregg's other books too.
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on 28 February 2017
Standing as awareness the direct path by Greg Goode is the best book I have read on non - dualism.
It's clear concise and as the title suggests Direct.
The subject is written about in such a way that anyone familiar with non dual can have more of an understanding
Of the subtle abstract nature of Ourselves as witnessing awareness.
The simple experiments exploring perception directly one can do, help to lift the vail of illusion.
It is very exciting to finally find a guide that "works"
Seeing is awareness and very quickly one is seeing the world very differently indeed.
Reading this book has led me on to discover Jean Kline and Francis Lucille (already reading Rupert Spira )
I can't recommend this book highly enough. Wonderful.
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on 29 December 2013
On the subject of the true inseparable nature of the Self, I have never read anything clearer. Greg is a brilliant exploder of myths and misguided beliefs on this subject and leaves only the Truth brilliantly, shiningly revealed. It was a real 'page-turner' ( unusually for many books on the subject of awareness,)
In short, authentic, wonderful, excellent and an absolute delight. I cannot wait to read his next book which I am about to open : 'book ' The Direct Path'. Thank you Greg. Mandi Solk
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on 3 January 2011
I came across Greg Goode on the wonderful Urban Guru Cafe free podcast site, which is a great resource on this topic and there is little I can add to the other reviews written, other than to heartily agree with all (including the poor editing and also a few breezed over areas).

This book really is a gem, very short but not a-quick-read-and-on-to-the-next. It really does explore non-duality in depth whilst remaining clear, precise, simple, practical and blissfully free of contradictions and inconsitancies.

A fantastic exploration, suitable as a first introduction right through to readers who have read more books on non-duality than they'd care to admit to! For myself 'I' was stuck in the dualistic limbo land of knowing I am not what appears to awareness, but seeing everything (including body, thoughts of me, experiences etc etc etc) as not me. Many hefty reads later, Greg Goode's modest book cleanly stripped away the illusory partition between awareness and aware-of.

If this booked has found you, you are blessed indeed! Take your time with it, short but meaty - Enjoy!
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on 13 July 2014
Great read, one of the few non-duality books that gets the reader to look in detail at direct experience by suggesting interesting experiments. I am now reading this book for a second time as I enjoyed it so much and got so much from it the first time around.
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on 8 September 2014
Simple and effective awakening moments.
Inquiry for the western mind

Would be a good starter book for non dual teachings
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on 21 June 2016
Perhaps the clearest and most complete modern treatment of the spiritual quest.
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